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SKINS Mens Tights - Variety of Sizes - Digital Military Camo Colour - $29.99 + Postage


1st post, so please be kind! Found this deal while trawling the deal sites at work today. Snapped me up some, despite the colour!

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1-Day, One Day Three Deals

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    is it just me or these ugly as hell

    • +2

      You won't be worried about whether they're ugly or not if they save you from a VC bullet.

    • agree!!!!!

      • +5

        One can truly go commando in these.

    • That's why they're cheap :P

  • yucky colour

  • +17

    if you shat your pants, no one would even notice

    • They'd never even see you, let alone your shitty pants.

    • +2

      this has a deodorizer as well? Shit(pardon the pun), if you can confirm I'm buying these

    • +1

      Lmao. Yeah, the promo should read…
      Whether you’re an elite athlete or just shat your pants,

    • +2

      can you imagine the Shamwow doing a ad on this
      Hi and I just shat my pants, but you didn't notice.
      You can shit anywhere,the house,the car, the boat, the RV
      These skins hold ten times their weight in liquid

      • +4

        I remember reading this science article, which mentioned how intelligent the arse hole actually is. For instance, it can hold liquid and solid in, while letting out gas.

        Truly amazing

      • +1

        epic… i was reading this while i was on the bogger
        and i crapped myself laughing (literally)

        • you ozbargain on the toilet? cooool
          i really need to get a smart phone.

    • they might smell you down wind however :)

  • Who cares about the colour? I'd be worried if men were wandering the streets just in tights regardless of the colour.

    • but with these ones, you won't even see them because of the camo

    • Hey thats a bit harsh. What about male Ballerinas? Or AFL players for that matter.

    • i believe they call it 12th century retro

  • RRP $150? OUCH!

  • +1

    Ugly as fuck but still a good price for skins, thx!

  • +1

    Yes the colour is a little bit off putting. But $30.00 for genuine skins aint so bad….

  • I bought this the last time 1-day sold it.. same price.. I must admit, i thought it was pretty cool when I bought it and when I tried it at home. Then I saw my friend (who bought it together with me) wearing it on the field.. Then I realise its actually quite pretty ugly.

    BUT the fit is really2 nice. :)

    • +2

      THEN you realise they're ugly ?????

      • yeahh! but the camouflage effect is quite good though… ;)

        • +3

          Which leaves me wondering how you saw your friend.

      • +1

        it was a mirror

  • +8

    Perfect for those cold nights playing Modern Warfare 2.

  • +1

    Men in tights…

    • Tight tights!

  • You can get skins from big w for a similar price and oh yes they don't SCREAM "I love Kylie minogue"

    • sauce?

      • Bbq thanks

        Target and big w sell slazenger skins that are on sale regularly for $30

  • If you chose to get these get two sizes to small

  • +1

    if i wear these playing wii fit, my boner wont be so noticible.
    im going to market these to the wii community as ishats.

    • +2

      boner alert!

    • boner machine.

  • +1

    Brilliant deal. Great training set of SKINS and one for those long flights :) thanks (the colour would certainly put me off wearing them in any competition though). Together with Linebreak and BSc deals I have now got 5 new pairs of long compression garments for about $300 RRP would have been nearer the $800 mark. Big thanks to all Ozbargainers for posting these deals.

    Slazenger do not rate a mention when compared to BSc, SKINS, 2XU and Linebreak for compression quality. Stick with the reputable brands for real gradiated compression.

    • I got four pairs in the 2xu deal

  • this deal might offset the MoS paintball "deal" going around. And you could wear these for extra camouflage

  • Technically, they're not very good camouflage. If you want camo done properly, you need to buy a tent from TinyDeal.


    • camouflage against what? a rainbow? =P

    • +1

      yeah, but would this tent make my butt look big?

      • I like big butts and I can not lie
        You other brothers can't deny

  • Men + tights = Criminal offence.

    • Wasn't it the norm to wear these things back in 1985?
      I think they will accentuate my muscular legs and bulging genitals, so women will find me even more attractive.

  • Are there dress-to-the-left and dress-to-the-right versions?

  • FYI, these camo tights look just like a body tattoo when you are wearing them — never fails to get everyone to stare at you when you go running.

  • This is one of the funniest posts and comment - just awesome

  • 2xu have last seasons compression pants and tri shorts for $70 & $50

    Aldi also have compression this week (Thursday) for $19 - not sure how good they are, but people buy them in te trolley full *literally filled trolleys