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Alfawise Handheld Mini Electric Vacuum Pump Compressor US $30.66 (~AU $45.12) Delivered @ GearBest


I recently got one of these and it’s been great. It’s made from aluminium, has performed well and hasn’t missed a beat.

Being compact it’s great when travelling to extract air from luggage vacuum bags. Also works well with vacuum sealed food storage bags/containers such as the ones from the recent Coles giveaway.

Can also be used to pump up balls/inflatables and if you have a Xiaomi Powerbank can be used anywhere. One of the reviews mentions it also works well inflating air mattresses.

The all-metal electric air pump is compact and sturdy, with no excessive noise during operation. The inflation and extraction of air are very smooth and quiet. It can create a vacuum for packing away clothes / quilts easily. At the same time, it is also a great air pump that can inflate balls, beach toys, etc.

Main Features:
● Automatic, easy to extract the air from the bag, ball, swim ring, etc., to save more space in the baggage
● To automatically inflate a ball, swim ring, floating mat and so on
●Great food preservation method, to perfectly extract the air from bowl, food package to keep the food fresh and extend the storage time
●Ultra mini, a must-have compressor for the travel, vacation, or journey
●Note: not contain the battery and requires a USB cable for power supply, plug and play
Tip: Only basketball, swim ring, air bed, etc. can be inflated, instead of car tires.

Air in pressure: 145Kpa = 21psi = 1.45bar
Air out pressure: 65Kpa = 9.425psi = 0.65bar
Material: aluminum
Power input: 5V / 2A ( Micro USB )

Price in title inclusive of GST - Don't forget Cashback to get it even cheaper.

Update: Rep was kind enough to provide a coupon GBSZ4901 to reduce the price by $4.85

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  • +1

    Can I use this as compressed air spray duster? To clean motherboard etc from dusts. If not, what you guys recommended?

    • You would need some kinds of AIR holding tanks.

      I guess you can make one from water bottle with air fiting.

    • Buy an air compressor off SuperCheap Auto next time they are half price.

  • +1

    I use a leaf blower. I tape down all the cords, fans and/or shove disposable chopsticks to chock the fan fins then let it rip.

  • +2

    Too weak for bicycle tyres. This gets to 21 psi. Want about double that for bicycles.

    • Thanks, have removed it from the OP. Thought I saw it mentioned in the product description.

    • It's even less than that for inflation:

      Air in pressure: 145Kpa = 21psi = 1.45bar
      Air out pressure: 65Kpa = 9.425psi = 0.65bar

      For comparison, a basketball is 8psi.

      • +1

        Works well inflating a basketball, did mine easily.

  • +6

    This is such a great example of this site. I have basically zero uses for this. And yet I'm having to fight the urge to buy it just because it could come in handy, and looks cool. And is all aluminium.

    • +1


      I do some suitcase travelling. Is this the push I need to take up vacuum packing my clothes?

      This could be a good fit for me, or it could be yet another unused gadget in my house. Argh!

      Are there good deals on vacuum sealed bags for this right now? If there are, then I might give this thing a go.

    • It does look handy. $45 a little high for me though, around $30 prob the most I'd go.

  • Great gadget. But a bit pricey. Might wait till price comes down

  • If it did pushy tyres I'd be all over this

    • +1

      There are others with inbuilt battery (I think Xiaomi has their name on one) that claim will do car tyres.
      Can't remember what price they were.

  • Roll the dice with Gearbest!
    I have purchased 2 items in the past year and neither appeared!
    I was then required to visit the two nearest Post offices and asked them personally if they had seen my item.
    Only after two months had passed did I receive less than half my money back as a goodwill gesture.
    There are much better ways to purchase online than GearBest.
    They'll be not getting any more of my money!

    • That's unfortunate, did you pay with PayPal? You're entitled to a full refund for an item not received.

      Also nearly all the Chinese online retailers use that same tactic. You just have to call their bluff and say you will only accept a full refund, if not you will open a PayPal case.

  • Will be handy to pump the inflatable pillow used on the flight,
    inflatable bed and swim ring for my little one during travel

  • can you use this to suck air out of a zip lock bag when preparing food for sous vide?

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