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Sydney to Paris $787, London $927, Melbourne to London $913 Return with Air China via Trip.com


Under $1000 return to London and Paris on full service airline.

To promote their worldwide flight network connecting Australia, Trip.com have partnered with Air China to offer this exclusive flight sale.

Get up to $100 off when you book any eligible flight to China, North Asia or Europe.

CA network wide sale targeting the following destinations from Sydney and Melbourne:



Various dates available for travel from now until December 2019.

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  • Royal Brunei is doing sub-$1000 to London return from Melbourne as well (via Aunt Betty). Would much rather fly with RB than Air China.

  • Is Paris safe to go?

    • +9 votes

      nope I wouldn't recommend it. Plenty of aggressive baguettes and croissant will make you fat in 3 days only.

    • Yes, you'll be fine if you're not a (profanity). It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

    • Paris is relatively safe. I went last year and err on the side of caution with how i research trips and consume news to stay informed. It's more theft and scams you need to be wary of (as is the case in many European cities). Otherwise just be mindful of your surroundings and personal space, stay in tourist areas, if taking trains outside the inner city be very careful as depending on the line they can go through some pretty unsavory areas. But in reality as a tourist its unlikely you would. In all probability the biggest irritant you'll have will be lines and the occasional africans trying to sell you stuff.

    • Paris is fine, went in June and been a number of times before. We prefer to stay near Les Halles.

    • Parc de Princes is fine

    • Travelled there with my 11 year old in May. Rode the metro everyday. People lovely and helpful, no issues.

    • +1 vote

      Is Paris safe to go?

      I've met >10 French people lately and I'm still alive 😆
      Bring them cheese if you want to make friends. Can't believe the frequency they're into their cheese. Every place we stopped, they would bring out cheese for a snack .

      Is Australia safe to go ? 🤔

    • have you ever left your state?

  • I found Qatar flights were a good few hours shorter for me earlier this year. The promo price then was good too.

  • In case anyone wants feedback, our family with 2 little kids just flew Air China and it was fine all the way. Very nice air hostesses and no big delays or problems.

  • Prices have gone down a little since this was posted:

    Sydney to Paris $757
    Melbourne to London $887
    Sydney to London $900

    Travel dates are for about two or three weeks in November, but can sometimes be adjusted by a few days (or even a few weeks) to increase or decrease the trip duration (and keep the same price).

    But sometimes even small changes in travel dates can roughly double the price, it all depends on the departure and return dates.

    Most importantly - these are NOT necessarily the cheapest flights!

    As I've mentioned earlier, changing the travel dates can make a huge difference in total price.

    For example, take the return flight to Tokyo (shown on the deal page, but not listed here by the OP).

    Extending this trip by one more day (returning on the 14th instead of the 13th) reduces the price from $745 to $574.

    So that's a rip off, and I don't know why the OP would have chosen those dates and that price, other than to make us think that is the cheapest (or one of the cheapest) prices available, and hope we would just select it, without researching prices ourselves.

    As you can see from the link I provided, 27 other booking sites have cheaper prices for the same flight, but returning on the 14th (one day later).

    The cheapest price of those 27 booking sites is in fact the same company that the OP linked (trip.com).

    So I'm not sure if this was due to just poor attention to detail, laziness, or an intentional attempt to rip customers off.

    • … continued:

      I guess it's possible that the price of flights to Tokyo has dropped since the OP posted the deal 6 days ago, but I doubt it - the drop just seems too big to happen in such a short period of time.

      Of course I'm not blaming the OP for this, but whoever chose those particular dates (with the higher price) on the website itself.