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[Back-Order] 80W Mbeat Gorilla 5-Port USB-C Charger (USB Type-C PD) QC 3.0 Charger $63.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


[Back-Order] Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.

One of the best charger that I had used in past year.

Confirmed the PD (60w) charge well on the 13" MBP and 2018 12" iPad Pro.

Cheapest price showing on camel:


Don't forget Cashback on CW and SB.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good price for those who missed it when Kogan sold the kogan-branded version for $49! For some reason there aren't many 60W PD + QC chargers around.

    • I have and regularly use the Kogan branded one for my laptop, phone, and Switch, and it works great. Definitely a solid purchase

  • If you don't need 5 ports the kogan 75w might do the trick
    Might be worth it to wait for those GaN chargers..

    • The gan chargers seem to be a hell of a lot smaller! Not cheaper for a good while I expect. But they look like they're going to be a nice compact offering. Not sure when we'll start to see them in aus en masse however.

      • Only a few companies using GaN atm and most of them in US at the moment.

  • I have this for over a year (purchased from catch.com.au), it has been a solid charger and have used it at many locations worldwide with no issue. Charges my laptop, phone, tablet and can supply to switch dock. All in 1.
    If there's a 2 USB C model I'd be all over but definitely won't be at these prices anytime soon.

  • Does this charger use a standard IEC-C7 cable? It's unclear from the product description.

    • Based on YouTube Reviews, it appears to be using the Figure 8 (IEC-C7) Cable.

      EDIT: Image for reference

  • Same price on Catch, if you have Club Catch Membership.

  • Paid full price for one of these a few years ago (needed something in a hurry). Do not regret it one bit. Very good quality although I wish it had one more USB-C connector.

  • Confirmed the PD (60w) charge well on the 13" MBP and 2018 12" iPad Pro.

    This charger can output up to 45W (20V/2.25A) on USB-C port in PD mode, while MBP 13" can negotiate up to 60W (20V/3A). I'd say it charges OK, but not as fast as some 20V/3V chargers.

    • Under highlight features it states "Supports USB-C PD charge up to +20V/3A…".

        • The text description says "Supports USB-C PD charge up to +20V/3A". Being an 80W charger I'd probably believe the text more than the image. The 60W multi chargers are usually the ones that will only do 45W PD.

  • How is this compared to the anker?

  • Anyone know what plug(s) this comes with? Pity it isn't figure 8

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      Do you mean the power socket on the back? It is figure 8.

      • Does it say anywhere? I can't find an image to suggest so.

        • Did you check the link I provided? There's a link to a photo in that comment.

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