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KEF Q150 (White) Bookshelf Speaker $673.37 Delivered @ Amazon AU


KEF Q150 (White) Bookshelf Speaker $673.37 free delivery
Usually around AU$795.00

Great speaker in the absence of Elac UB5's availability in Australia.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How would these compare to the Q acoustic 3020i? What floor standing speakers do these pair with?

    • 550, 750 and 950.

      350 is the bigger Bookshelf too.

      • Negged for mentioning the other models as he asked? Wtf?

        • Upvoted to balance… but model and make would help newbies like myself!

          • +1

            @megadeth: Thanks. Those are the models? :) obviously Kef too.

    • Q150 are better in every way going by reviews but I haven't heard either of them

  • Good deal, wish they sold them individually as well so I could get 3 of them for LCR setup.

  • +3

    Product listing on Amazon is completely off.

    KEF Bookshelf Speaker (Q150 White)

    • As one of the world's thinnest speakers at just 1.5 inches thin, the T301 satellite speaker combines several landmark innovative driver technologies inside a stylish enclosure.
    • T301 is designed to be mounted on the wall (hardware included), on their included desk stands, or on the T Series floor stands.
    • The ultra-thin T301 includes two 4.5 inch double-layered mid-frequency drivers and a 1 inch aluminum tweeter.

    Image Brightness — lumens (They can be used as lamps)
    Power Source — AC/DC (Feed them poisonous DC to kill the cones)
    Frequency — 2500 hertz (I hope you enjoy 2500Hz sound waves)

    • Well T301 is over $1000
      So if you get it for that price
      Good on ya

  • Bought these pair of speakers over the weekend. Remember to use Shopback for 4.5% cashback.

  • They've always been this price on Amazon… well at least since June.

  • Is it for a pair

    Edit. Obvs it’s a pair ignore me

  • How do these compare with the q350s? Worth it if only 100 more?

    • The difference is Q150 = 4.5-inch mid-woofer / Q350 = 6.5-inch mid-woofer.
      Q350 would fill a room better. Q150 may be better suited to a small room, or desk use.

      Here is a YouTube video review on the Q150 I came across in the past.

      • I just double checked specs @ KEF official, and the driver size is wrong in my comment.
        The Amazon AU description is wrong, Q150 has 5.25-inch mid-bass driver.

  • The price could be lower overall.
    I would say these are equivalent to KEF LSX as they have the same driver dimensions (4.5 inch mid-woofer) and therefore may struggle to fill a large room.

    The larger Q350 is a more direct comparison to the UB5 as OP’s comparison mentioned in description.

    Disclaimer: I have never listened to or owned the Elac UB5 or KEF Q350.

    • The LSX is daylight ahead of these. They are phenomenal speakers. Priced well considering too.

      • Yes it is apples and oranges, just thought since the driver is very similar, and the price of Q150 pair + decent stereo amp is close to LSX on sale they are similar in reach (just looked it up LSX is more expensive than I thought).

        I did read reviews saying LSX can struggle to fill a room though, where the LS50 / LS50W does so with ease.

        • I heard them for the first time this week, was surprised how small they were. Tbh I think the reviews are a little harsh, it's still 100rms and it both pairs I heard were in large rooms, more than adequate volume. To the contrary they suggested enclosed areas on a desk just didn't sound as nice, which I was contemplating.

  • I just got mine
    Been testing it for an hour or so

    It sounds great

    Compare to UB5s I'd say UB5s suits my taste better

    Quick comparison

    -Q150 sounds brighter than UB5

    -Mid range is about the same

    -A bit more definition on Q150

    -A bit more bass on UB5 (with good Amp)

    -Q150 has better build

    -Q150 has better imaging

    Both excellent products
    Personally UB5 is slightly better in my opinion.

    • UB5’s cost a lot as well in AU if I remember correctly.

      Edit: also concentric driver of KEF should theoretically provide larger sweet-spot.

      • Yes in Australia UB5s are going for AU$1000 which is just nuts.

        At that price just get LS50

        Last black friday UB5s were something ridiculous like US$350 which is AUD$520

        I had them imported mine through eBay for around AU$650 back when AUD was stronger in 2017.

        UB5s have concentric driver + woofer

        I don't know how KEF manages to beat everyone with one driver on LS50 but yeah you pay for it.

        • +1

          Have the LS50 and the Wireless, just my favourite all round. Size, wife appeal, sound, look… Perfect speakers.

          • @DisabledUser139667: Lucky you
            I'm not too sold on the looks though, personally.

            Q150s look amazing

          • @DisabledUser139667: Hi, just thought of mentioning: LS50 vs LS50W.
            I remember your comment in a previous thread saying you preferred the LS50W.
            I am aware that the passive LS50’s require good amounts of power to drive, and are very sensitive to room placement.

            My theory as to how the LS50W sounds better is due to the internal amp + DAC + DSP being optimised specifically for the speakers.
            I understand there is an App with which you can fine tune the DSP to compensate for room placement (desk / stand / distance from wall) & room acoustics (lively / damped room).
            This together with other benefits from DSP (improving low-end extension at lower volume levels etc) likely give the LS50W their full potential which is more difficult to achieve with the passive LS50’s.

            KEF speaker’s are still more than I am willing to currently spend on speakers, but I think you should hold onto the LS50’s as they still really are a great speaker.

            • @thebadmachine: Dw definitely hanging onto them, they've actually been relegated to bedroom lol

              Kef really needs to put me on their payroll… Got LS50, LS50W, Kef Egg Active, q150s, Kef Q7, Q9C, Q1, PSW2500, 3005s as surrounds and atmos and 2005s as Atmos in another.. Oh and the Porsche Headphones lol had the normal ones… And sold Q700s

              • @DisabledUser139667: I see you are a long term customer (a lot of older models in there).

                The KEF egg is definitely weird looking. Some of their older models look a bit weird too. LS50 design however is gorgeous.

        • Forgot about the UB5’s concentric tweeter-midrange, they must be much closer than with the size of sweetspot.

          KEF LS50 is a unique speaker IMO. It is tuned very well and when driven with lots of power (Like 2x big Mono-block amplifiers) it sounds big (like a much larger speaker), while being very compact in size & flexible in placement (I think this is what KEF was going for).
          Of course placement and other things help just as well as lots of power, but KEF cornered part of the market which is Wife Acceptance Factor + HiFi sound (by being compact and well designed).

          • @thebadmachine: Yeah towers are just obnoxious
            You can only get it when you divorce but then you will be broke…

            • +1

              @nurbsenvi: I switched from Q700 to LS50w. Wouldn't have it any other way. Top end bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer are infinitely nicer.

    • Do you reckon the q150s have enough bass without sub, must have sub to sound decent?

      • You will need a sub if you are watching movies or need to fill a big room

        UB5s with decent amp is just enough to get away without a sub.

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