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[Pre-Order] Sega Mega Drive Mini $120.79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Item releases on September 19, 2019.

The iconic SEGA Mega Drive console that defined a generation of gaming returns in a slick, miniaturised unit.

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini console is loaded with 42 legendary games including: Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Space Harrier 2, Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Toe Jam & Earl, Comix Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes and many more…

This is the 100% official SEGA product, made by SEGA not a third party release like the horrendous AtGames models.

This is actually SEGA’s first official hardware since the SEGA Dreamcast.

Preorder for $139.95 at JB’s, Target, Big W and EB Games.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • +10

      Read my description-

      This is the 100% official SEGA product, made by SEGA not a third party release like the horrendous AtGames models.

      • +9

        So was the Playstation Classic though and that flopped.

        • +4

          SEGA != Sony.

          • -6

            @ssquid: yeh SEGA went bankrupt. Sony didn't.

            • +5


              SEGA went bankrupt

              Citation needed.

              • @ssquid: Sega didn’t go bankrupt LOL

                They merged with Sammy, a pachinko maker.


                • @msjb: yes. it didnt go bankrupt because Isao Okawa forgave the debt sega owed him. if not, sega is bankrupt.

              • -6

                @ssquid: Sega effectively went bankrupt after the dreamcast flopped. everyone knows this its why they stopped making consoles.

                • @ubcool: obviously a lot of sega fans who think Sega just chose to stop making consoles and to massively downsize lol

        • +2

          I don't think this will use open source emulation and sub oar ROMs like the PS classic did. Hopefully Sony taught Sega that lesson with the PS Classic

          • +2

            @mrjaytee: Nothing inherently wrong with open source emulation if done right.

            • @Zorlin: Absolutely not at all. Sony should have just done better with optimisation etc

        • +2

          If you want to do a bit of research you'll find out why people feel confident about the Mega Drive mini.

          • @Dream-cast: everyone was confident about the sony classic too :/

            • @ubcool: I don't know which forums you've been hanging out at but the general feeling i got was hope rather than confidence.

              Most people I know waited for initial reviews rather than preorder. I know I did… And bought when it was $39 instead.

            • @ubcool: Sega partnered with M2 to do the emulation. They also broke ties with AT Games who WERE going to produce the Mega Drive Mini. Sega is actively making sure they dont have another disaster like the previous MD releases and the PS Classic. This is why people are confident.

      • +7

        Yup, this. Being handled by Sega M2 whom have made some great games and ports. Might not be stellar but definitely going to be better than those earlier efforts

      • +1

        SEGA gave the thumbs up for those models don't forget, it is not as if they were ripoffs.

    • +9

      Also the price will nose dive in a few months for the patient ones.

    • +2

      You'd be dumb to not do your research.

    • +1

      I agree, SEGA authorised those ATGames pieces of junk. SEGA shouldn't be given a free pass since they made money from selling the license.

  • +11

    no NBA Jam, no deal

    • +4

      This guy knows Saega

    • +2

      Boom shakalaka.

      • +3

        He's on fire…..

        • +3

          From downtown!

    • No OutRun, no (profanity) interest.

    • Never found the console versions as good as the arcade

  • +9

    I want a master system classic!

  • +5

    Lets hope it can be hacked like ps classic and snes editions ;)

    • +2

      I mean, I guess, but like, damn near anything can play the Mega Drive with pretty well perfect emulation. I understand the appeal of having an original looking miniature version of the console loaded with the full romset, I do, but if you've been waiting for this console to play your ROMs, you've been missing out.

      • Can the Xbox 1?

        • +1

          Yeah, go to from the built in browser and it can run Game Boy, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, and probably a few other things in full screen with perfect performance and it's all free without ads. It loads up your games from your One Drive (maybe you can do USB / local too, idk, but I'm happy with One Drive) and boom, they're there. Because the games are so small, the loading is basically instant even on the shittiest of connections.

          If you want something a bit more fully featured, you can pickup Xbrowser for 15 bucks that runs on standard retail units with no mod required, and that will let you play ROMs off a USB of Game Boy / Color, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, PS1, and more, again, in full screen with perfect emulation.

  • Hmmm might have to get ebgames to price match my preorder when it’s released unless this is a preorder price only meaning it’s gonna go up in price

    • EB haven't matched console prices in a good while now.

      Though technically this could be classed as "loot" in their system. I did get a guy to match Big W on the PS Classic sale a couple months back so you might be alright.

      • Hmmmm ok thanks

        • I remember they wouldn't match a 3DS deal for me when my old one got lost or nicked (I have zero idea what happened to it, benefits of not using it much since Switch came out) and he told me they hadn't matched console deals for a few months at that point (probs getting close to a year or so ago now).

          I'm gonna be spewing if they don't match console deals come next gen and someone has something good. Getting 70% extra trade value is great and all when it's toward a new console, but if the new console costs 20 odd percent more than Big Dub, that's gonna suck ass.

          Anyway, give them a call anyway, you should be right since it's classed as "loot", I'd just bang on about that and kick up a fuss if they don't wanna honor it. Worst case, they get none of your money instead of 120 of it, right?

  • Why are all these mini versions? why cant they make a 1:1 copy but use roms instead.

  • +4

    Can’t wait for this to hit $30! Wake me up when comes out.

    • +2

      lol, me too. You be crazy to pay this price, hand in your OzBargain rights insta!

    • +1

      Yeah, let me know when it hits $31.74.

  • +1


  • +3

    Hopefully we'll get the Mega CD and 32x addons. Great additions for the fans.

  • +1

    Streets of rage on the list?

  • +2

    My fav console, such good memories

  • +2

    Assume this will end up like the SNES mini and someone will figure out a way to mod it to load any ROMS you want

  • Will wait until well under 100

  • Note to self… dont keep pressing post comment when hanging in browser else i will post same comment

  • +1

    Good quality product it's going to be i assume. But i'm not willing to put $120 down for it.

  • No golden axe pass

  • If the games are reproduced in HD I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  • +3

    Don't forget you can get the mega drive collection for PC for $70 cheaper ($90 cheaper if you wait for a sale) if you just want to play the games again.

    • Includes more games: 59, including Golden Axe 1-3
    • online play
    • the ability to use wireless controllers with more than 3 buttons (good luck playing streetfighter, yikes)
    • and even VR mode! (LOL Apparently you play in a retro-themed bedroom with a CRT TV).

    • +2

      Also the Mega Drive collection on PS3/360 is great and includes the beloved Sonic 3 & Knuckles that is missing from subsequent versions (though I believe you can get on PC), or the Mega Drive collection on PS4, Xbone, and Switch that is around 30 bucks most of the time, or the older Mega Drive clone consoles that sure, aren't perfect, but get the job done for 96% of us. Or you could download a good bunch of classic Sega games like Sonic 1&2, Vectorman 1&2, Alex Kidd, and more, for free on iOS/Android (w/ ads), etc.

      Point being, there's a shitload of ways to play these games that are cheaper, and available now. Not to mention if you go further back, you've got the MD collection on PSP, various PS2 collections, that little 4 pack they had on GBA, and so on. There's a shitload of ways to play most of these games.

      And yet, for some bullshit arse reason, OutRun is still NEVER included. Any of them. There's only like 349 different OutRun games in the day. Not (profanity) one. And don't give me rights issues bullshit because I bought it on 3DS a few years ago and on Switch back in Dec/Jan when it released, they have the rights, it's just never god damn included for some reason and I hate it. Give me OutRun, you cowards. Give me OutRun 3, give me old OutRun, I don't care, just give me more damn OutRun.

    • +1

      I have this collection, while I like it, I found the delays between button pressing and response too much. Playing Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic I thought I've just got old and that is why I'm crap, but I got myself an original piece of hardware, tried those two games and nailed it. Tried RetroArch and the timing on that is brilliant too.

      That PC version does have that as a genuine issue, even if it is small.

  • +1

    man, why bother? just downloads an emulator and rom?

    • +7

      why travel the world when you can just google street view it.

      • -2


    • Too hard for normies, sorry.

  • +1

    would have been better if I could use the original cartridges.

    • +1

      They have something for that already.
      It’s called the Sega Megadrive. :P

  • +4

    For all those who haven't been keeping up with the previews of this, it's been given the thumbs up by various gaming review sites following E3 so it's not expected to drop in price like the Playstation Classic. It'll likely retain its value like the SNES mini has. The only gripe seems to be the inclusion of the 3 button controllers instead of the 6 button ones but this will mainly affect Street Fighter 2 Special Edition and Eternal Champions but then those games really demand an arcade stick to do them justice.

    Cheers to OP for posting the cheapest price I've seen thus far. Will be getting EB to price match.

    • +2

      it's not expected to drop in price like the Playstation Classic. It'll likely retain its value like the SNES mini has

      More likely somewhere between the two, but closer to the PS classic.


      1. The mega drive games are widely available on PC and other systems for cheap. Many of the NES and SNES games were very pricey AND restricted to either original cartridge only, or Nintendo online stores many people don't have access to.

      2. Nintendo made fewer of the NES and SNES classics than people wanted, needlessly inflating their value (artificial scarcity)

      • +1

        I dont think your second point is correct. I think they did produce a limited amount to test demand and probably to ensure production ability and quality.

        • Nah, Nintendo has a pretty long and extensive record of creating artificial scarcity by under-producing units.

    • +1

      I paid $59 for my NES Classic and $79 for the SNES Classic.

      Also with the 2 previous ATGames releases Sega would have already lost alot of the impulse nostalgia buyers. These are the buyers who buy these consoles, play for 5min then dump them on gumtree.

      With the history of all mini consoles dropping in price the smarter consumers will be waiting for the inevitable price drop before they buy.

  • -1

    I am ready to be hurt again.


  • +1

    I need rock n roll racing.

    • +1

      We need Daytona, Jet Grind Radio, Shenmue, Sonic Adventure, SoulCalibur, Crazy Taxi, Tony Hawk 2…wait, wrong Sega generation.

  • +2

    I grew up calling it See-Ga.
    Then I ended up at an international school with Americans who pronounced it Say-Ga.

    (I'll always call it See-Ga)

  • +2

    Personally keen for the mini pc engine

  • +1

    I have the SNES mini and currently emulating PS1 and Sega mega drive games amongst other console games on it. Even got a wireless controller.

    Got an SD card connected to the thing and 1000s of games.

    I don't feel the need to buy multiple "mini consoles". I heard you can get similar replacement controllers to make it more authentic for each console too.

    Something to consider anyway.

    Still prefer my Pocketboy

  • I would strongly suggest using a credit card with price protection (I use 28 degrees) for this. The worldwide asset bubble is well and truly over!

  • Man I feel stupid just throwing out my old Sega Mega Drive, all those years ago.

    The days of Space Harrier and Asterix and Obelix are gone now :(

    • My bro still has our MD2 plus games and battlestation 2 arcade controller. Not giving that away after we gave our cousins our Master System collection and they threw away the 30 games in original boxes plus manuals.

  • +2

    Where are any one of these games?:
    - Virtua Racing
    - Daytona
    - OutRun

    • My (profanity) boy right here!

    • Beside Outrun the other two was never released on Megadrive. Only on 32X.

      Edit. Actually Virtual Racing did get a Megadrive released but not Daytona.

    • +1

      These are from three different generations of arcade hardware.
      I’d personally love to see a home console collection of Sega Model 1 and 2 games. Back when Sega rules the arcades.

  • +2

    Lol Sega are smoking crack of they think they can get away pricing it at this much. Watch prices tumble when no buys this.

  • +2

    It seems odd that they would include the three button controllers rather than the six.

  • +2

    Ah, Ecco the Dolphin.

    Classic, everyone remembers it, nobody beat it because the difficulty was actually absurd.

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