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Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse $178 @ Harvey Norman


Original price $249 on Logitech Australia (Sold out, on backorder) https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-mice/pro-wir...

Current Prices:
$249 @ JB HIFI https://www.jbhifi.com.au/gaming-mouse/logitech-g-pro-wirele...
$199 @ Umart (Restock at 1/9/2019) https://www.umart.com.au/Logitech-G-Pro-Wireless-Gaming-Mous...

This is also not the cheapest price ever, it was previously posted by someone else at $165 by Harvey Norman about 4 months ago.

Not too sure if I should risk the QC issues and go for it, only 1 out of 5 branch seems to have stock as of today. Appreciate all inputs from past purchasers that got it from Harvey Norman. Thank you ozbargainers.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • I'm still contemplating on whether or not I get this, a Model O, or a G304/305 wireless. Decisions!

    • Get the 304/305 and save the extra $100…

      • I've been leaning on that option. Thanks!

        • I've been using the G102 for a couple years now, love that mouse. Would replace with a G305 if it broke 100%, even though the G102 cable is light enough that I never notice it unlike the others like the G403 with the braided cable.

      • I tried the original g pro which is same shape as the 305 and found it way too small even with my small-medium hands. I switch between GPW and fk2. If you have medium'ish hands i'd go gpw.
        That or if you want ultralight get a model o- or razer viper.

  • I have one and while I think it's great, I wouldn't recommend it for people that are use to a weighted mouse, as it's extremely light and almost takes the 'premium' feel away from it.

    Other then that, great price and can't fault it in the short time that I've owned it.

  • Love this mouse, great battery life and lightweight. The only issue I have was that all previous mice I have used for gaming had left and right middle mouse wheel clicks, this one unfortunately does not.

    • That was my issue as well as I have those bound. I ended up going for the G502 Lightspeed instead because of this reason.

      • Leaning towards a G502 Lightspeed now, since it's on offer as well. Was supposed to get the GPW half an hour ago, spent all my time researching G502 vs the G Pro Wireless.

        • They're two very different mice. G502 is much bigger and heavier. If you have a claw grip and want a light weight mouse I'd choose GPW or G305.

          • @Knightelf: Got the GPW as it seems to fit most 18x10.5 grip styles. Considered G502 as I really like the additional buttons and the unique scrollwheel for improved efficiency.

  • I own the wired version & it's really great for both work & gaming. Feels really smooth & responsive & the LED colours look really nice.

  • Is this very loud?
    I'm trying to find a relatively quite gaming mouse, any suggestions?

    • Yes it is, it's pretty much the only thing I don't like about it. A very 'clicky' click

    • There are VERY few mice that have quiet switches and non that have top tier sensors good enough for gaming.

      • Thanks, I don't do high end FPS gaming, just casual, and I don't expect it to be all silent, just quieter than average.

        All the quite mouses I find are cheap built, trying to find one with good quality, such as this one.

        Any one have experience with G703?

        • im your guy…

          i spend a lot on mice… i used to game, in 1999 UT CTF, sniper, would use the MS intellimouse.

          im a dev by trade, i tried the logitec master mx, its too clunky and middle button too hard.

          i paid $79 for the 703, its PERFECT the best mouse so much so im not tempted to upgrade to the pro. smooth as butter best ergonomics and also wirless.. it can lag every few hours a for second if you have high cpu on your pc,.. but meh its a wieless mouse what do you expect..

          i also have the new wired inteli mouse from MS, its pretty good to but not wirless,,, so id recommend them

  • I'm rocking G502 with hero sensor, huge fan

  • Seems like the rate of increase in price is vastly outpacing the rate of increase in tech.

    • Mice sensors are all insanely good that they're improving other factors of mice like Battery Life, Shape, and Weight
      Logitech own designed HERO sensor present in this mice and others allows it to have very good battery life combined with a light weight design means this is the lightest Wireless mouse of it's size at 80g without compromising on battery life or performance in any way.

      • They've already put the Hero sensor in the rest of their lineup though.

        This is just a grossly overpriced mouse.

        • Not really.

          For the people that want a wireless mouse, without the weight + top tier sensor and switches (not to mention exceptional battery life) this is one of the only choices.

          • @fatal: G305 Hero comes extremely close, and there'll be a bunch of affordable honeycomb wireless mice soon enough (Glorious are already working on one).

            Logitech are full of crap when it comes to their wireless tech.

          • @fatal: Yep. Got one awesome mouse. The other thing people are forgetting is the near lagless experience. Its running wireless but hardly any input lag at all. Its as good as a wired mouse for fps games.

  • I picked this up during the last deal. I think the biggest selling point is the power efficiency of the new sensor which gives it a great battery life. As a heavy user I only need to charge this mouse every 3-4 weeks. Hyperglides aren't available however you still can get aftermarket virgin grade pfte from Tiger skates and corepads. Harveynorman also has a 7 day price match guarantee to protect your ozbargain badge. And you can easily do it over livechat unlike the credit card ones gated behind t&cs.

    • Haven't done much research into Hyperglides, but I came across a thread on Reddit mentioning it. Hope it helps? https://www.reddit.com/r/MouseReview/comments/cmul5h/gpw_hyp...

      • Hope it helps?

        In theory the reason to use mouse skates is to avoid the slight change in friction that occurs when the existing skates wear out. eSports competitors typically replace their mice every six months for this reason.

        That level of wear is extraordinary given these are people playing games for 8 hours or more per day, everyday, where they constantly make large sweeping movements.

        In reality most of them still use wired mouse as well which has far more effect on movement than skates slowly wearing down.

    • Damn I used to have a box full of "mouse skates" back in the day for CS that I got for free and I wish I had them now, seeing they'll cost me about $40'ish for some nowadays.

  • I've got the g603 it's a bit heavier takes 2 AA batteries but who doesn't have a few eneloops laying around, running with one battery as 2 was too heavy. hero sensor. Had it roughly two months and haven't had to change the battery yet. Picked up the g613 keyboard because I was so impressed with the mouse (also on sale at Harvey's but not best price it's been).

    • I've got a G703 (Not HERO laser model) and also think it's great. Has a perfect weight to it for my preference. As well as the G613 keyboard.

      The G703 has an inbuilt battery that you just have to plug into a Micro USB cable to charge. It seems to last a few weeks between charge without RGB on, even better is you could leave the cable plugged in while charging and continue to use it as a "wired" mouse for a while.

      • Ahh. Would've went for it if it had the 2 right side buttons.

      • I've got a G703 (Not HERO laser model)

        There's no such thing as a laser version thank god,l laser sensors are terrible there's a reason they are not used anymore.

        • Sorry, laser was the wrong word. HERO sensor. There's 2 different models for the G703, one with and one without the HERO sensor. Apparently the updated model with the HERO sensor gets slightly better battery life too.

    • Tip, for mice get lithium batteries instead of your beloved Eneloops, they weigh a noticeable amountless.

  • Just an advice, consider the measurements of your hand before purchasing this. I tried this out and it felt way too small for me, I was better off with the G603 and reducing the weight by only using 1 lithium battery

  • For that price I was expecting it to come with one of those wireless charging mousepads. Seems like a bit of a rip off.

  • I have the G203 (prodigy), it has a great sensor up to 8k for the fraction of the price. It also has a rubber cable, which I like more than the pro's braided one. I just got a bungee from china a few dollars and was set.

    • That's a wired mouse, this is wireless, so not really comparable.

      • It is very comparable. Same brand, similar sensor, the bungee solves the cable issue…
        If you still want the wireless mouse, then perhaps you need to leave your bargain card at home.

        • It is very comparable.

          It's really not, as people shopping specifically for a wireless mouse wouldn't consider a wired alternative, and vice versa.

          If you still want the wireless mouse, then perhaps you need to leave your bargain card at home.

          I'm sorry, what are you saying?

  • Damn, you know we've reached peak commercialism when a $178 computer mouse makes it to the front page of a bargain website…

    • This is currently considered the best wireless gaming mouse by many.

    • Have to agree.
      The fact this retails for $200+ blows my mind, but maybe I'm getting old.

      Back when I was mad for CS 1.6, I think the most I spent was about €80 on a G15 keyboard!

      Would love to try out a high end wireless mouse to replace my G502, but I'll have to wait for these to drop a little more or I'll be sleeping on the couch.

    • Oi, I've been munching on Maggi's since last FY till now, saving a little over 50 cents a day just so I could afford this. Least you could do is upvote my first ever post on OzBargain!

  • I have a G305 and couldn't justify paying $250 for a mouse. The shape won't suit everyone so make sure you try it before you buy

  • I got this mouse 2 months back from JB and as others have said you need to get used the light weight otherwise it is excellent

  • Is input lag still an issue for gaming with a wireless mouse? It's been a while since I looked. I'd love a wireless mouse for gaming but the lag has always put me off.

    • Not really, most of them are pretty good these days.
      The wireless tech logitech uses anyway is basically identical to wired in terms of performance.

    • Logitech wireless is about 1ms.

  • Great mouse but middle wheel button is useless. Doesn't register half or .. 75% of the time. If you use it a lot in games, you'll have to remap it to mouse4 or 5 like I did because you CANT use it.

    • faulty? I had similar problem with Razer before (middle or either right/left clicks aren't registering/feeling like the others). I always find inconsistent quality in the mice I've bought during the past few years whether it's a Logitech or Razer.

      • I've had a few Razer mice and literally always ran into issues with them.
        The worst to date was the MS/Razer bastard child, the "Habu".

        If someone farted in the room next door, it would register that as a mouse click - absolute garbage.

  • Holy crap $200 for a mouse? Is it really worth it

    I just use the MX ergo I got on sale for like 70

    Trackball all the way don't even need a mouse pad

    • Only upgraded cause I felt like I was developing carpal tunnel with my $5 mouse. Will report back in 10 years time.

  • Still rocking the original Logitech G700 - can't seem to find anything that compares in terms of ergonomics and inputs; dreading the day this bad boy finally dies after 10+ years.

  • I still prefer my G3

  • No Band 28.

  • Edit: Some useful information for those who are interested in buying.
    The staff at JB Hi-fi was happy to price match, he did however managed to chuck in a sneaky "JB Hi-Fi Extended Care Warranty" which costs me nothing, but shows $22 on the receipt. I assumed he did a switcheroo by applying a staff discount on the item and then added on the insurance to balance the bill for whatever(KPI?) reason. You might be able to talk your way into getting one.

    His words was "On top of the Logitech 1 year warranty, here's another 2 years extra from JB Hi-Fi."
    I did not have time to go through the scammy looking yellow PDS booklet, but if someone's keen on the extra "warranty" it's here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/Documents/Consumer%20Warranties%20...

    P/S: MSY, Scorptec and EB Games offers' a discount on the Logitech Powerplay Wireless at $149 (RRP $198). Harvey Norman AFAIK had the lowest price for the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless at $178 (RRP $249).

    Sorry for the thesis, have been a lurker here for years, grateful to the community.

    TLDR: Instructions on how to be a cheapo while buying excessively priced items.

  • How does this compare to the G900 Chaos Spectrum?
    It's an older mouse, but still does pretty good.

  • Needs more buttons.

    I wish Logitech would release a successor to the G700.

  • Personally this is the best mouse Ive used. Im a gamer, but I dont do the whole competitive scene and thus it is probsbly considered overkill for my needs.

    However it is a joy to use in everyday use and in games alike. Battery life is amazing and being a left handed user the modular ambidextrous design is a godsend.

    Couldnt recommend it enough.

  • Apparently Logitech are stuffing cheap and nasty switches in the G Pro Wireless that have a tendency to die quite quickly. I've seen far too many users on /r/MouseReviews having to replace theirs over and over again.

    Buyer beware.

  • No comment :)))

  • Thanks OP, bought one at JB with price matching immediately after leaving office and working fine for me.

  • Great mouse, I have one at home, very light good software but a bit pricey though, good to the price coming down, at work I prefer the MX Master I & II better weighted mouse and feels more premium.

  • Is this mouse good for Mspaint?

  • made the horrible mistake of writing down the wrong suburb for my delivery address. Already contacted support to have it changed but so far no amended notifications yet.

    I'm screweddddd.

  • Do you think PLE can price match? Completely out of stock here in Perth apart from them.

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