Kogan Mobile Medium (365 Days | 13GB Per 30 Days) Recharge $205.60 @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Hi everyone, my Kogan mobile plan was coming to an end and I started looking for a better price but from a convenience point of view I preferred to simply recharge with Kogan.

I could see that the price had jumped significantly and if I allowed it to auto recharge on my medium plan the price would be $299 for a year. So I started looking through Kogan's website to no avail only finding the 2 for 1 90 day plans. I thought maybe dick smith would have something since Kogan bought them but struck out there too. So I had one last crack and googled "dick smith cheap kogan mobile plan" the third link down was the jackpot.

But I have included the direct link in this post.

So instead of $299 you can get the same thing 13 gb (medium plan) 365 days for $205.60 instead of $299.90. Strangely enough $205.60 is exactly what I paid in early 2018 as well. I checked the T&Cs and the voucher you will get is valid until 31/01/2020 and only for recharges, meaning if you are due to expire before then you can hold it until your ready or since its a saving recharge a little early.

Kogan Link

40GB/month $315.20

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