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Boost Prepaid - 12 Months | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk/Text $140 (Was $150) @ Big W (in Store Only)


From the upcoming Big W catalogue starting 29/08. Maybe can pay with WISH gift cards to get another 5% off. Update: Comments suggest it's not possible.

Cheaper than direct from Boost.

  • UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations
  • Stream Apple Music Data Free

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  • Best plan on the market.

    • 100% can't find any other better plan atm that has international calls.

      • +1 vote

        Can't find - in another sense - is also right…

        No $2 cards near at hand (larger City in Outback AU)

        Their way of selling this deal is wise:

        • Activate a $2 SIM (ie, IF you can find one), &
        • Recharge it with your $150 payment, online

        Guess what you'll have to do, if you Can't find a $2 SIM…
        (My guess: Buy a larger SIM kit… Making deal less Great)

        PS We used to pay Skype Au$ 149 / year for unlimited O'seas
        +unlimited Landline + STD; some lands incl mobiles (Not AU)

    • Price wise yes, but reception in many parts of central sydney is rubbish IME

      • I don’t think you’re going to find better reception in central Australia with Vodafone or Optus…

      • I was surprised when I picked up one of these Boost deals and now I get worse indoor reception than before with cheap optus resellers(and even vodafone).
        Recently upgraded to a new phone with Band 28 and it's still the same.
        Slower download speeds too.

        • 3G/4G in the house is so 2016. Any reason you don't use VoWiFi? Solves this issue for anyone with a compatible phone.

          • -2 votes

            @Dolphin Trainer: So, does one pay for VoWiFi data

            One "worst case" scenario:

            You're ~1 byte -short- of completing your data quota
            You make a VoWiFi call, that (of course) uses >1 byte
            Your mobile provider charges you $10 for an extra 1GB

            And… all you wanted to say, on that call was:
            "Honey, I'll be late tonight" to a wating loved-one…

            • +3 votes


              You make a VoWiFi call, that (of course) uses >1 byte
              Your mobile provider charges you $10 for an extra 1GB

              You realise it’s Voice Over WiFi i.e. you’re home/work/Internet cafe ISP, not over mobile data?

        • I have found that Telstra mobile data speed has gone down hill last few year. Especially on the train journey from west into city you get several drop outs now when you did not. Probabaly because there is a lot more people on the network due to the heavy discount promotions in the last few years.

          Don’t get me wrong I still think it’s above the rest but just not as good as it used to be.

          • @mikedenoob: I agree, same I n the north shore line, , telstra has gone down hill over last few years, I have so any spots without internet.

            • @maite: South coast line is also poor on Boost. I was with Kogan (vodafone) before and will be switching back when my 12 months is up.

      • Sometimes you can't beat physics

    • Does it just get shaped to 1.5mbps after the 80gb is used? And is that 80gb per month, or total over 12 months?

      • No. It charges extra for data.

        • +1 vote

          Optus-reseller - Jeenee.org.au -
          lets you turn Off

          Is that the norm, now…?

          Or is this Social-Enterprise telco
          Leading-the-Way to Practical Wisdom..?

      • Does it just get shaped to 1.5mbps after the 80gb is used?

        No. Data connection just stops.

        And is that 80gb per month, or total over 12 months?

        What seems more likely, 80GB for $150 usage over 12 months, or 960GB for $150 usage over 12 months?

      • username checks out. no wonder you were not able to go with your senses or researches here.

    • Excluding sim hopping it does seem pretty good.

      I still have a heap of Voda $30 starter kits from when they were $10 with bonus $20 netflix credit.

      • I have bought lots of $40 Voda Starter Packs hoping that their bonus 25g data continues, but I have just found out that Voda has discontinued their bonus data from their website. Damn!!!! when will they bring back bonus data. At the moment $40 starter sim comes with just 20g data. Who would jump onto Voda if that is ongoing. with bonus data I normally get 45g of data per 35 days.

      • Same XD

      • I activated the $30 starter kit last month and it's due for renewal in a couple of days. Does anyone know how to renew using another $30 starter kit?

        According to Vodafone support, I have to activate the new starter kit and then port my number across? Does it sound right as it seems very convoluted?

        • No you have to port out to another provider and then back to Vodafone to keep your number. I am currently in a nightmare doing so with Telstra. I ported on Wednesday morning only to be told they are upgrading their system and it could take up to 72hrs, not the usual 5 - 20 mins I've been used it. It eventually ported this morning 50hrs later. I immediately ported back to Vodafone but am now being held up by Telstra again currently 4hrs post porting back where I imagine I won't be back 'til Sunday or possibly Monday.

    • Wow international call includes Sri Lanka! Telstra removed Sri Lanka recently from their international add on and with Optus I had to pay an extra $10 to get Sri Lanka calls for my wife’s phone.

      • +3 votes

        Yes, i was thinking of trading my wife in. I need one on the included call list

  • Can u pay with gift cards?

  • any clue how long the voucher is valid for?

  • can this be bought now and activated 6 months later?

  • For those wondering about the voucher's validity, the voucher (and the sim card) from the recent Coles deal was valid till 1/2021, so this might be similar

  • What happens when you run out of data on these plans? Simple top up?

    • I'd like to know too.
      I probably wont run out of data, but if I do, are there data packs?

    • Best paired with a dual SIM phone and substitute with cheap monthly prepaids

    • Looks like you can buy data top ups for $5 per GB.

    • Once you top up you loose the remainder of the 12 month period and commence the new top up period.

      • Not with the $5 or $15 topups you don't. They're sold as "add-ons" primarily to provide you with a minuscule amount of credit for roaming usage. The extra 1GB (or 3GB if you do $15) is effectively a domestic data bonus and sits on top of your usual recharge. From experience, you'll use the 1GB/3GB first, then go back to your normal data. There is no impact to your recharge period.

  • bought one for my son when it was $135 from Coles and got my friend to buy 3 for his family at that time
    bought another one for my aunt when it was $140 from Coles a few weeks back
    My Lebara finishes on 1 Sep. Good time to buy this OP. Thanks

  • Can I apply this to an existing Boost Prepaid account?

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