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10% off Event/Village Cinemas, Virgin Australia, Good Food, Kogan or Kathmandu Gift Cards @ Woolworths (5% Price Beat @ OW)


Also Good Food Gift Cards.

All denominations. No limits. Can’t be purchased with Wish/Woolworths gift cards for stacking.

However, thanks to doweyy, you might be able to price beat at Officeworks for another 5% discount if they don’t adjust their prices Wednesday morning on Cinema gift cards and Virgin gift cards. Officeworks has not updated their prices yet so you’ve got a chance to price beat for a further 5% off. KayDat has done it!

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  • Can't stack with gift cards but might be able to get a further 5% off @ Officeworks with their price beat policy if they don't price match for a while on Wednesday morning.

    They've got Event, Village and Virgin.

  • Never been back to event cinemas since hoyts upgraded their standard ones to recliner seats.

  • Make sure you note what date you bought the Virgin gift card, as you'll need the expiry date for it when using it to make a purchase.

  • Can’t be purchased with Wish/Woolworths gift cards for stacking

    Can you still purchase a physical Woolworths gift card with e Wish card?

  • I bought a $100 gold class gift card from Woolies yesterday :(

  • Thanks might get a Kogan GC. Some good deals from them on here that I could use it on, like the air fryer that I bought.

  • No issues using multiple virgin gift cards to book online (rather than over the phone)?

    • Have done before. Call 13 15 16

      • As in, you can't use multiple cards for one booking. You could use one card for each booking. Unless you use the call center (which may look to charge you an additional fee for using the call center or may waive it at their discretion)

  • I want to buy Kogan's gift card, but all Wooly's store in Melbourne do not sell Kogan gift card anymore and Melbourne 3000 catalogue does not have kogan gift card on special. Is there anyone know if I can order it online or from some other stores around Melbourne? Thanks

  • Kogan gift card would be sweet, thank you!

  • Need to get event gift card for the family to watch starwars end of the year.

  • Stacks with any cinema offers such as telstra thanks?

    • Pretty sure you can use the gift cards online. Telstra thanks just passes an authenticated link through to the regular Village checkout, so cant see why you couldn’t stack it with the $12.50 tickets (and discounted food!)

    • Yep. I’ve done it before.

  • You can't stack with WW gc but you can stack with HSBC payWave to get extra 2% ;)

  • Can I use good food gift card together with an entertainment book?

  • Can I order these online?

  • Got OW Elizabeth St Melb to price match several Village cards this morning. Grabbed a physical Woolies catalogue to show the staff, the front counter told me to check with their tech guy. He spent several minutes trying to see if the GCs were on the Woolies website (they aren't), before giving me the go ahead.


  • I checked a few woolies and they didn't even have the virgin gift cards. Might only be available at some locations…

  • I went to my local OW this morning at 7am in case they jumped on it, the guys weren’t keen on giving it to me. Despite seeing it in the catalog online, they said because there wasn’t a price point they couldn’t match it.. I don’t think they liked doing a little maths to work out what 10% off $100 was. Thankfully the store manager walked passed and they asked his opinion, he said why wouldn’t we match it - it was pretty clear it was 10% off any face value card. Thankfully some sense!

    Got a few physical Village gift cards, that sorts a couple of Xmas presents nice and early.

    Good they have 3 years validity on them.

    • So you have 3 years to activate and once you do activate, it's 1 year expiry right?

      • 3 years expiry from purchase, activation process begins on checkout at the store which T&C on card states takes two days. I'm still waiting for mine to activate.

      • Yep the store activates, so 3 years from purchase

        • Card just activated this morning, so took ~26h. Expiry states 9/1/2022, so actually closer to 2⅓y. 🤷🏻‍♀️

          • @KayDat: Could it be the 1st of September and they're displaying it the American way for some reason? That would make it three years rounded up to the start of the next month.

    • @Saywhaaaat - did you get 10% off or 15% in total ?

    • Yeah I was worried the staff might be uncooperative which was why I grabbed a physical copy of the Woolies catalogue just in case.

      • Smart move. Was wondering if I needed to go take a photo in store. They didn’t like the online catalogue even though it was on the woolies web site.

    • Did the same with Virgin, staff didn't know if she could do it on gift cards and neither did the store manager. They rang someone then put it through straight away, was done in 6 minutes.

  • In case someone is interested:
    ALDI has 15% off RedBalloon $100 Gift Cards and The Restaurant Choice $50 and $100 Gift Cards until Tue 27/8/19, while stocks last. Excludes Casual Dining Gift Card powered by The Restaurant Choice. Refer to individual gift card terms and conditions.

  • For those who has got HSBC's Everyday Global 2% cashback offer, that's extra 2%!

    Oops, just realised samehada already mentioned it above =)

    • You have to split many times if buy many cards in one transaction. One time Paywave and PIN will not be qualified for 2% cashback.

      • Indeed. I guess going to OW at a quieter time would be good. Otherwise, Woolworths self check-out should be no issues.

  • WARNING about Virgin gift cards , you can only use one gift card when booking online , if you want to use multiple cards you need to book by phone using Virgin Holidays. BUT here is the problem , you will not be allowed to use any discount codes when booking via phone …..

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