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Samsung Galaxy A20 - $159 (Vodafone Prepaid and Includes $30 Prepaid Starter Pack) @ BIG W


Vodafone Prepaid Samsung A20 handset.
Includes Vodafone $30 Starter pack
Handset is locked to the Vodafone network.
$50 to unlock via
Good price compared buying $276 unlocked at Officeworks

Display - Large 6.4" HD+ Super AMOLED Display
Dual Rear Camera (13MP+5MP)
8MP Front Camera
4000 mAh battery

Advertised in the BigW catalogue page 7

Update: 23-Aug-2019 Some stores are showing stock again

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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  • +6

    The phone is great, but I will never go back to Vodafone again…

  • +14

    Might be able to stack with Coupon Code 'PINEAPPLES' on Thursday if they still have stock in their eBay store

    • Price has dropped to $159 but no Stock in their eBay Store.

      • looks like a few were sold today then oos.
        Hope they reload

  • +1

    It may be possible to get this then transfer onto $35 plan then unlock for free? Then cancel the plan during the first month?

    Just a thought

    • It costs $50 to unlock doesn't it?

      • Vodafone website says free to unlock if in a plan.

  • very good phone, got one as spare and could not believe it beats my Sony XZ2's camera for night shoots lol

    • +1

      Thats impossible.

      • +1

        indeed it is, Sony should have let their camera and mobile teams work together, such a waste

    • +3

      That's the old catalogue. You need to check the catalogue that starts 15 August which probably arrived in your letterbox today.

    • +3

      That's not the droids we're looking for

  • I can not find a kink to the catalog that has this phone advertised for price mentioned by OP. Is it just me?

    • OP can you upload a picture of the physical catalog?

    • +2

      It's not on their website yet. The catalogue turned up in the letterbox today.

    • Kink op…kink..

  • +2

    Sucks that it's locked. Are there any cheaper options to unlock? I was looking for something around that price point to send to family overseas.

    • depending on which country?

    • +3

      If you can root the phone, you'll be able to unlock it.

    • +2

      This. And then $13 to unlock

      • -2

        isn't it free unlock after 6 months of usage?

    • +1

      Anybody know or tried this with Kogan sim which is also vodafone, would it work?

      • +3

        Yes it will work fine.

    • +4

      Umidigi official store on eBay, Umidigi Power would be a better bet than this phone here.

      Otherwise the A5 pro. Though the Power is a better all-arounder with better specs.

      • Nothing against Umidigi, but it's not the same price point so it doesn't compare.

        • +2

          It's unlocked though, and this isn't, so….

      • +1

        Good price for A5 pro but it doesn’t have NFC though.

        • Umidigi Power does, and the eBay codes atm help drop the price.

          • @Bamboozle: I've tried few codes but none of them worked :(

            • +1

              @urluv4u: Did you check all the running codes atm on ozbargain? They're listed at the top of an eBay Australia search.

    • +2

      Was able to unlock it myself at home. I have instructions in comments towards the end (currently at the bottom of page 2) of this thread.

  • +1

    Can anyone price match ?

    • Looks like BigW has hardly any stock. Anyone price match?

  • +1

    is A20 > SGS6 ?

  • +3

    So $209 unlocked if you don't care about the plan

    • If you want it unlocked before 6 months, yes.

  • +2

    Found this on Ebay . unlocking fee $39/-

    Not sure how reliable though

    • +2

      It is associated with eBay plus and should be able to return in case it didn’t work

      • +2

        That is great , also 5% savings on ebay plus buy

        • +1

          I thought unlocking codes were banned on Looks like their not always lol.

        • 5% saving with which code?

  • +1

    same screen similar specs and price , better performance

    • both cameras are better on samsung tho

  • -1

    Similar specs and performance, but more ram and 1080p screen

    • No B28: no NFC: smaller battery.

    • +7

      No Band 28, No NFC, MediaTek Processor (8xA53 vs 2xA73 & 6xA53 cores), 5.4 LCD vs 6.4 SuperAMOLED, Micro vs C, 4000 mah vs 3000 mah, No NFC vs NFC.

      There are nowhere near the same. The 1080p res is the only thing the Play has on the A20.

  • +1

    I bought it at office works a few weeks ago to use as a spare phone for guests and it's actually a great phone.

  • Didn't somebody with some knowledge of unlocking say that most unofficial unlocks on the newer phones required getting the phone in the hands of the unlocker? No more DIY with supplied code by the unlocker you found on ebay. I may have read it wrong but that was my impression.

  • +3

    Bought this phone and it’s a fantastic phone for the price. Only downside I can notice compared to my wife’s s8 is the camera which is obviously not as good as a $1000 phone but does the job. Can also confirmed this worked with Kogan without unlocking.

    • Should also notice a huge difference in the screen quality, the A20 is really low resolution so you will see a lot of blocky pixels on it

      • +1

        720x1560 pixels is hardly low screen resolution.

        You cannot expect flagship res from a budget priced phone…

        • +6

          actually, it's great for battery life.

          • +1

            @fchis: And still Amoled too, also good for battery life.

        • I would agree if the phone was 5" (~343ppi) but the screen on the A20 is 6.4 inches giving it a ~268 ppi density, the iPhone 4 was 640 x 960 pixels but with a 3.5" screen gave it ~330 ppi density, Samsung has worse screen than a phone from 2010. For comparison this phones big bro the Samsung A30 has the same screen size but 1080 x 2340 pixels giving it a ~403 ppi density which is 1.5x the density of the A30. They definitely cut a lot of corners with the A20. Because the screen is AMOLED (pentile display) you want to ideally get at least 450ppi to avoid things looking really blocky but with budget phones you have to compromise so the A30 has a decent display for what you pay.

          • +1

            @Agret: I disagree, for under $200 the screen looks amazing to me. I do not see blocky pixels either. The A30 will drain the battery faster and for what it costs, its not even in budget phone category anymore. If I'm looking at the A30, I'm comparing it to $350+ phones anyway.

            • @Arcticfox: How’s the battery life on A20 (hrs of SOT)?

              • @hawkeye93: I have not had a chance to use it for regular daily use as if it was my own phone. The one I had I purchased for my mother and although I was able to play with it for a few days before giving it to her, the time I had was definitely not the same as my regular use with my own mobile.

                I have one on order though, so will be able to give a better opinion when it arrives.

  • Does “I’m going oversease” work to get free unlocking?

    • Only for a short period, I guess

      • I don't think this trick works anymore. You are buying the phone cheaply because it is locked to Vodafone (i.e. they hope to recoup $50 worth of revenue from you by using their services).

        Kinda tempted to pick one of these up just to see what it's like… have absolutely no need for it!

        • +4

          Or u can use Kogan sim for 6 months and after that get it unlocked for $25.

        • Probably cheaper to go into a Voda/Telstra/JB store and check out their live demo?

  • I am going overseas in a month and want to take it as a gift for someone. Will Vodafone unlock it?

    • +5

      Get one. Try it out and let us know.

    • -1

      So did Vodafone unlock it for you for free?

  • +3

    I just found my new MP3 player

  • +2

    Can someone confirm if Vodafone, since switching the bands they use, no longer cripple the bands (e.g. now they should have both 850 and 900 and let any bonus bands be)?

    Locked Australian phones should work with at least all of the Australian spectrum if the networks are allowed to pickup and drop bands as they choose. Sign my non-existent petition here:

    • That is a good question.

  • Which is better? This or Nokia 5.1?

  • +1

    Do Telstra Blue Tick phones have good reception because of the hardware or something Telstra does to the software? The Telstra A20 is Blue Tick but does that mean all A20s will have good reception?

    According to this Telstra video they do not modify Blue Tick phones, only test them. So all A20s including this one should have the same reception.

  • +2

    Will these work on Lebara mobile? My understanding is that Lebara is a Vodafone reseller.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • -1

      Surely it does.

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