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30-50% off Wordpress Themes @ Envato


Envato is having a 30-50% off sale. If anyone needs a website or WordPress theme, this is the time to get it!

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  • Bridge themes still going strong for me after 3 years. Highly recommend their wordpress themes.

  • A good marketplace for themes and code modules.
    I only found out recently they are Australian.

  • Best website for themes!

  • Can anyone recommend a theme for a design or photography portfolio?

    • Just use Adobe Portfolio, it's free if you have a subscription already and works great.

    • I use the theme called photography currently and tripod before that.
      Can be customised a number of ways.
      The content builder in the photography theme is fantastic.

    • Probably the best way for you to decide what theme is a good fit for you is to preview the live templates each theme has built.
      You can do this by doing the following….

      • Select the link provided
      • Select the 'Wordpress' filter option
      • Select any theme you think you might like (should stick to the ones labelled 'creative')
      • Select the 'Live Preview' button

      It should redirect you to a page that shows you heaps of pre-built templates they offer. Like this.
      Once on that page you can click each demo, redirecting you to that template you could use. Like this.
      The theme I've just linked above is included in the sale, it's called 'Kallyas'.

      If you need help with installing the wordpress theme, building it etc. the after sales support is always pretty good.

      But if you're looking to do less work, Squarespace is a much simpler process. Cheap first year, killer expensive the second.

    • If you just want to display photos then try Elementor page builder or Visual Composer. It's practically just like InDesign if you just want textbooks and photos.

  • Also applies to select plugins..

  • OP, sale isn't website wide. Only on items in the link provided :)

  • Nice homegrown company, HQ in the heart of Melbourne.

  • A quick Google search of envato shows a lot of negative feedback. I guess that's in part to be expected with just about anything these days. Anyone used them?

    • I recommend them, use them both for work and private use. They are like the itunes/google app store for web developers, they are only a facility for web developers to sell their content(Themes, plugins, media, etc…) to the masses and get a cut out of it.

      Good thing about them is that they have strict guidelines so you can be assured that the stuff they sell are safe, they will remove any authors who they find have malicious code in their products. And unlike other providers, once you purchase a theme, you have access to future updates that the authors release for the theme.

      What you need to be careful of it which theme or from which Authors you buy from. Also another quirky thing with them is that if you have a credit balance with them, it eventually expire with minimal warning.

      • Oh and another word of warning, take the live previews of the theme as a guide and don't expect your site to look like that unless you install the demo content and replace it for something that has an exact match in dimensions.

      • Agreed, they seem to treat your account balance as if it is a gift voucher and pocket any unused amount if you haven't utilised it within a given amount of time. Definitely have an issue with the ethics of this.

      • They might make sure there's no malicious code (which isn't saying much), but this shouldn't be confused with quality control.
        - The quality varies wildly.
        - NONE of the reviews on site are from unhappy customers that got refunds, bcoz, i.e. whatever item didn't work. So only reviews from buyers that were happy enough to use &/or never use and not seek a refund (vast majority). Which completely defeats the purpose of a review system. I've made noise about this, but they seem happy to leave as is (by design).
        - They also don't make it easy to find the refund links, and you're likely only to get a refund if the seller agrees. So, if the seller isn't honest, you are kinda screwed.

        I've used them for a long time, but have stopped for the above reasons.

    • We have purchased numerous plugins and themes, some good some bad, always check the version history to make sure what you're buying is actively maintained, also free updates to new versions are by default usually for 6 months but I think you can pay extra for a longer support period.

  • Wow. Yes please! Thank you!

  • If I were to create my own blog, whats tbe best option to use? Is it expensive to create/maintain your webpages? Is this deal useful in this scenario?

    • Apart from the professional themes selling on Envato, there are free WordPress themes as well. If you just want to make a personal blog with normal features, I would say go free.
      There are other things to consider beside creating a website, like Web hosting, domain and email hosting…etc.

      This deal is great if you don't have coding experiences and want to use pre-built theme/templates

    • WordPress itself comes with a number of free Themes to start you off. Therefore, for a beginner, there's no need to buy extra WordPress Themes.

      If you are willing to "do it yourself", just buy some Web Hosting. Every Web Hosts provides tools like cPanel which makes installation of WordPress a breeze.

      If you are happy to pay more money to have someone do the grunt work of maintaining a website then Square Space seems to be a good alternative.

    • For a blog (not a business) you're better off just using a page builder like Wix.

  • Any pointers to which is the best for creating professional services website?

  • My experience with wordpress themes is make sure you get one that is well supported, check each one for regular updates and recent reviews.

    Some theme authors are absolutely amazing with how they support their products, others just pump out as many as possible and abandon them.

  • I'm an independent consultant - I've researched a few templates (envato and non-envato) and I can't seem to find anything great.

    Would anyone kindly suggest one they're aware of?

    Just after something simple

  • Hi envato

    Give us a sale on Shopify themes pls

  • Any joomla themes ?

  • Any suggestions for a website that will sell downloadable assets? (kind of ironic). Or would you need a shopify theme? (I am coming from a wix/squarespace background)

    I am a motion graphics designer and I want to have a website similar to Pond5, Envato, Shutterstock just to display and sell my work. thank you in advance.

  • Woo hoo my first post is a success.

  • I can't find Enfold theme there.

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