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PU Leather Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11/12.9 2018 - $54.95 - $61.95 Delivered (10% off) @ TEGAL Amazon Australia


10% Off for PU Leather Magnetic Smart Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Apple Pencil Holder (iPad Pro 11/12.9 2018 Only)

  • This sleek designed iPad Pro 2018 case is with high quality PU leather cover and soft, microfiber-lined interior providing full protection for your tablet.
  • With full size multi-functional keyboard, this can turn your iPad Pro to a powerful lightweight office portable station.
  • Orders will be shipped via AUPOST parcel delivery with tracking code. Use the code above in the check-out page to get the limited-time discount.
  • Promotion lasts till stock is all gone or this Sunday.

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  • +2 votes

    Wow.. what. GL

    • -5 votes

      Frankly speaking I got one for myself. Pretty handy. Would be much more useful after the iPad new OS published tho.

  • "the RRP is over $100 in Australian retail"
    Really? For plastic?
    Try a market where people think this is anything like leather..

  • +4 votes

    Uh sorry, exactly where does this retail for over $100? Absolute BS.

  • Pu = pee-ew

  • For anyone considering a keyboard case, take special note of the weight. This for example is 450g for the 11inch case which is about as heavy as the iPad itself.

    The total weight of 900g is close to many Ultrabook laptops, which I find defeats the purpose of getting an iPad in the first place. You also have to always carry the dead weight even if you are not using the keyboard since it's attached to your case.

    I bought the Logitech slim folio which weights 550g and found it way too heavy and way too bulky.

    It might be better to get a separate portable Bluetooth keyboard.

  • "RRP is over $100" In which universe!!

  • Bought one of these for around $45 and even though it worked well enough as a keyboard, it was too heavy, needed recharging every so often, and the accidental pressing of the keys when you folded it back to use as a tablet was a hassle.

    I ended up forking for the Apple Slim Folio at nearly 5 times the price just for the "luxury" of having an accessory which was a bit more integrated.

  • Similar from AliExpress $33 - not a comparison of quality but just making the point that at double the price it doesn't seem like a bargain…

    • Very much doubt OP’s is twice as good to justify charging double… likely both come out of the same factory

  • Retail for over $100????

  • Cheap for Plutonium leather!
    This deal will radiate across the globe.