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[QLD] Ekka Brisbane Tickets Adult $28.35 (Thursday and Sunday) Was $35


Claim back as much money as you can before you get ripped off at Ekka Brisbane (RNA showgrounds).

I missed out on the RACQ 30% and 25% promos and bought my tickets from Klook ($30pp Adult - don't forget shopback's cashback) which is cheapest for Wednesday 14/8, Friday 16/8, Saturday 17/8

Saw a better deal on Instagram ad which offers you a 10% discount + additional 10% valid only on Thursday 15 and Sunday 18 with promo code GATE2019

Other tips:
- Free Newspaper guide after entry has vouchers that include 2 for 1 rides (Freakout, Super Jets Aeroplane Ride), free sunnies (Racq clubhouse), 20c ice cream cone (Welcome to Bowen Hills) and many more
- All carnival games are rigged against you winning but no. 19 in the water gun competition (against other players) has the highest chance of winning as the thing doesn't spin and may have slightly higher water pressure but the most important is getting the first shot on target to win. Other ones that won often were no 5. Basketball rings are smaller sizes to normal ones so you got to go for the swish. Death hang is possible if you are a rock climber (holding on for 2 mins and the bar rolls). Plate throw one is possible if you have skill throwing on target as it stops for a second to move again (remember the spot it stops by using references on the wall).
- Woolies pavilion has some free samplers so go there for morning or afternoon tea
- Novelty toys you can buy from Aliexpress for cheaper
- Bang for buck showbags here
- Bring lunch and drinks before you go as every store there is trying to rip you off
- Free entry at some of the gates after 8:30pm no one staffing them.. if you want to sneak in for showbags
- Get to fireworks early as there is a monster truck show and a mediocre motocross stunt show with the highlight being a front flip (only 5 in the world do it live according to them) most important is getting a seat not in one the stands
- Try not to catch the flu by washing your hands often

If you have more tips post in comments and I'll add them here

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  • This is incredible, and a little bit scary.

  • It's the time of the year where people spread love

  • Not sure if I want to go today. It's pretty expensive and I'll be surrounded by children! What does it cost for a beer there?

  • When you go you can always get tickets for $15 for a return ticket at the information desk and these can be used any day.

    There's no id checks or anything for this btw, so no reason you couldn't get one from someone already going.

  • Does anybody know what time it closes and entry is free? we just want to get a few show bags.

    We usually go each yr but no one wants to go this yr.

  • Good discount but pity I dont think I am going this year.
    Ekka has become so expensive, not just the ticket, but the food, drinks and rides.
    Not to mention the time spent on queues…

    The quality is not that special either
    Plus it has been really cold in the last few days, with some bonus drizzle of rain…

  • FYI don't know if it has changed this year but Sunday used to be same price and doesn't have night show / fireworks. Plus side is that you can often get discounts on show bags and products in some pavilions
    Cheese toastie in Woolworths pavilion is cheap eat, but also highly recommend the burgers at the CWA kitchen

  • What is there to actually do after 8:30pm at the Ekka, ONLY showbags?