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Caterpillar Colorado Boot Black or Honey Colours $51.99 (Was $209.99) @ CAT Workwear


Part of the 20% off offer today so not sure if it's a misprice but a really stonkingly good deal for a classic boot. Multiple sizes available. Free delivery over $100.

The iconic 6” Colorado men’s boot is the foundation of the Cat brand. Rugged, durable and built to last, it features Goodyear welded construction for lasting strength and durability, and padded collar and hex eyelets for all-day comfort.

Other sale items: https://www.catworkwear.com.au/sale/view-all

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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  • +18

    CAT10 promo code at checkout for $56.79 shipped ($61.99 without code shipped).

    Thanks OP

    • Also with shipster worked out to $46.79 shipped.

      • is shipster still working?

        • Don't think so. Not from 1 Aug as I remember

          • @DisabledUser27274: Thanks for being a part of the Shipster journey
            We are now closed for business.

        • +1

          They closed down, but I've now placed Harvey Norman and CAT orders this month and both have still given me free shipping due to Shipster.

        • Worked for me… after several hours ;-)
          Hooray - my second Shipster order!

  • +1

    Seems legit

  • +17

    Nice looking, shame they are not steel cap.

  • These vs timberland?
    What do ppl prefer?

    • +2

      Timberlands are more fashionable, but 2-3 times the price on average. Caterpillar shoes are more comfortable for wider feet and their safety range are far superior to the Timberland PRO. It comes down to personal choice, I prefer CAT.

  • What's with boots and dress shoes with such high heels? I swear they are getting bigger. So uncomfortable for a tall guy.

    • +2

      Because people wear them as fashion items these days..

      • +2

        it’s because they want to be taller

    • Not that I am tall, but I notice it with my Redback boots that I get for work - the heel on them makes me feel a foot taller.

  • +2

    Is anyone else finding the website really sluggish?

    • Super slow, I'm waiting 5mins per action

  • +16

    Calm down guys gals, U r killing the website.. let me buy 1 first. Thank u

    • +1

      That I cannot do…

  • Dumb question, but would these be good for lots of walking? Hiking?

    • +1

      Not a dumb question, they'd be quite heavy compared to specific hiking boots, but would be very durable

    • +1

      They wouldn't be terrible, but hiking boots would have other specific features like being lighter, more breathable, perhaps more ankle support, more cushioning, etc.

      • Thanks guys, might give these a miss and pick up some proper hiking boots from BCF with the AMEX deal!

    • i think no, more urban wear, that is, around town.

      You can pick up a pair of proper mountain/hiking boots for 150$. Perfect for the casual hiker.

  • Website crashed…

  • Website sucks and is crashing

  • +1

    Got a pair thanks OP - I got free shipping with Shipster plus 10% off with CAT10 (thanks eyzonme)

  • Site is getting smashed. :-)

  • Not even Cloudflare can save them

    • Cloudflare only works for static assets.

  • +1

    Can't add to cart

    • cant… check… out….

  • Is this steel capped?

  • Damn no more size 9's……in beige…

    • It’s honey!! Get your fact right pls…

      • +1

        Sorry. :(

        It's also all over, no beige, no black and no bloody honey…..

        • No money no honey

  • +1

    Their Web Site is getting Bargained

  • Unable to check out… I give up. Thanks OP anyway.

  • Site crashed lol…

  • Did anyone manage to get a pair? Cant proceed in the checkout

  • Checkout loop. Damn!

  • +3

    Yeah I keep getting booted after shipping options…

  • The major barrier is "Find Postcode/Suburb*"

    • +2

      It just takes a while to index, if you type something in the text field and be patient it does pop up :)

    • +1

      I get past that every time. Put your postcode in and wait about 30 seconds for the suburb choices to drop down. I'm getting looped back to the cart view when I try and select a payment option.

    • how do you overcome that?

  • The website is getting smashed! Cannot check out. have been trying for about an hour now..

  • Website is cooked!

  • +4

    I've been trying for half an hour and managed to get through all the way.

    Every time I hit a gateway error I just kept refreshing until the page tried to load. I wound up back at the Cart page several times but kept pushing through.

    I can confirm only one transaction on my credit card statement despite multiple refreshes.

    I can confirm a total of $46.79 after CAT10 code and Shipster.

    • +3

      So it was you crashing the site..

  • Damn, can't even get past the email stage

  • This site is dodgy …, cant even load the processing step

  • Can anyone comment on sizing? I'm a fat footed us 9.5 and they don't do half sizes.

    • +13

      dont worry, you wont be able to buy it anyway

      • you are so mean. LOL

        • I think they're talking about the site, not ozbjunkie haha.

    • Measure the length of your foot and compare it with the size guide. I'm usually US size 12 but with these, I'd have to drop almost 2 sizes down.

  • Site's crashed.

  • lol too many OZB

  • Would these be any good for the snow?

    • Don't think about it, seems unobtainable bargain.
      Don't believe try buying it.

    • Winter is going….

  • +3

    Can everyone just stay off the website for 5 minutes thanksssss

    • Agreed. Just 5 minutes ppl!

  • +1

    I just got a size 9 yellow. Be patient. You can finally get there. I set up my account and address first. then add boot to cart, view cart, apply CAT10, checkout, refresh,checkout,,,,,

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip. Managed to place an order after 2 hrs and 357 attempts.

  • Are these non-slip?

  • How’s the sizing. Are they a true size, or go bigger or smaller?

  • Are they waterproof? And do sizes run large (like timberlands?).

  • +3

    At least this will help me recognise OzBargainers on the street now.

    • +6

      And the ladies will recognise them with pink condoms on with expiry date 31 August 2019 and a distinct Intense smell from Hugo Boss.

      • +4

        … with pockets full of eneloops.

        • +3

          … whilst lined up at AusPost carefully cutting out special commemorative minisheet nature stamps

  • Error 502 lol

  • 10 and 11 sold out :(

  • +3

    6000 clicks to 71 upvotes. Too many lurkers IMHO.

    • I agree. But what would you suggest? Make links invisible to lurkers?

  • +1

    I actually got to the last step and then got put back to proceed in cart LOL

    • +1

      And I finally almost get there and the honey 9s are out of stock :(

    • Yeah, me too. Irritating af.

      • +1

        I am putting in a oz-bargain complaint to CATWORKGEAR. They wont get away with this

  • +2

    Website getting smashed… Ozbargain curse.

  • +1

    site is still caned

    • Edit: oops wrong reply

  • Seems most sizes are sold out, you just don't realise until getting to the end.

  • Is this that good deal comparing to Timberland's

  • Had a pair in my cart… Got to shipping info stage three goddamn times. Then gateway error. Now out of stock….

  • +1

    ffs, after having the boots in my cart for 40 minutes while continuously trying to check out and failing, I'm now told OOS!!!
    Not happy.

  • site doesn't work, dont bother guys

  • +1

    Holy crap. Hour and a half of constant trying and I finally got all the way to completion.


  • Just have to get lucky to get through, I know what I'm doing on my lunch break fml

  • +4

    Well that was a bigggg waste of time. Lucky my time is virtually worthless

  • Made it….

  • -2

    SUCCESS!! It can be done fellow oZbargainers.

    The key you ask? Patience and persistence :)

  • damnit I forgot cashback - thanks OP!

    • +2

      You’re lucky you even got the shoes to begin with

  • And all sizes out of stock…

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