expired DC Master Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3000W Nominal 6000W Max 12V→230V $237.50 Delivered @Sunyee Trading eBay


$237.50 for a 12V→230V pure sine wave inverter.

3000W nominal 6000W maximum (standard house outlets are 2400W), with a free pair of battery cables, a digital power output display and a fan cooled enclosure.

5% off with code PATPAT.

Free delivery.

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    Up until 6/8 it was sold for $239.95. Price adjusted to $249.95 on 7/8. On 8/8 this eBay 5% deal starts. Coincidence no?


      Those a…holes


          Nevermind, I found one for around $50 with same power output (looks flimsy though with it's aluminium case). Almost too cheap to be true too. :D

          I'll post it tomorrow if it's still there (selling fast).


            @BooYa: I can't imagine that it meets it's claimed specs for that price - nor for how long it will operate before disappearing in a puff of smoke…


              @seb: Exactly.

              I used to build electronic kits when I was younger, then worked at a custom PCB manufacturer building, testing, and even operated plastic injection moulding of the custom made cables' power points.

              So I know that below a certain price the products are not worth selling, so they're usually either poorly made or are a flat out scam.

              Too bad though about this ^ deal, it looks like the real thing, which could do the job.

              Ps. I'm not posting the other deal because of a relatively low 97% positive rating and only about 6k sales, they accumulated too many negative ratings to be taken as a 'reliable'supplier.

              To make things worse - they (the other deal is,) liststed that the item was shipped from Australia, but whenbI was looking at their feedback etc I noticed that they also listed their location as being in Hong Kong!


      On the face of it this appears to be a breach of the eBay contract for this promotion (which I can't share due to NDA) and a breach of ACL.


      Now, where's Jack when u need him?.. Oh yeah, right there, lol.. :)


    What BS… That piss weak cable wouldn't carry 250A

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