out of stock [eBay Plus] Gigabyte AMD X570 AORUS MASTER Motherboard (Was $629) $534.65 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


This motherboard has had stellar reviews and is packed full of features for the price.

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    Any B450 deals?

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    $500 for a motherboard jesus


    Regular price of this board in us is 360 usd. That is 532 aud

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      plus GST plus import tax plus shipping so more like $700 unless you're flying to the states and stuffing one in your luggage

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    It looks like this coupon also applies to the other X570 AORUS models being sold by Wireless1:

    Those seem like good prices for a solid X570 motherboard.

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      Coupon is across all of their items I thought… but hopefully I can find something which isn't pricejacked (unlikely given the GPU pricing there).

      For those looking for X570 motherboards with the 15% off coupon though, here they are on one page > https://www.ebay.com.au/e/coupon-offers/15-off-tech-plus-exc...

      I think the Aorus Elite board for $339.15 isn't too bad given normal price at other places is circa $370, but the other boards don't appear to be great deals.

      I was almost about to buy https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-AMD-X570-AORUS-PRO-WIFI... as I've been looking for a 3 m.2 x570 board but upon closer inspection, there's a typo in the seller's description vs official specs for this (it's only 2x m.2). Dangerous.


    AMD really screwed up the Ryzen 3 launch on the motherboard front.

    Unless you want to LN2 overclock for the lulz, you're better off with a B450 now or waiting for B550 (early next year from memory).

    Don't get me started on chipset fans…


      Most B450 boards need an old CPU to upgrade so most people will need to get a shop to do it. You could go for one of a few MSI boards with BIOS flashback feature, but they do cost a bit more. Furthermore, MSI do lag behind to BIOS upgrades. Even B450 Tomahawk Max (which supports Ryzen 3xxx series CPU out of the box) is yet to receive the latest ComboPI update.

      Also, B450 boards with 2 m.2 slots means the second PCIe x16 slot (which runs at x4) is disabled when the second m.2 slot is being used. Some boards, despite having 2 PCIe x1 slots, only allows 1 to be used. So, let's say you put intel AX200 Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5 card, then you will have no more usable PCIe x1 slot.

      That's my current situation with my B450 board, both m.2 slots used up, all SATA ports used up, PCIe x1 slot used for intel AX200. No more expansion possible.

      Most people don't need X570 and if you do go for X570, do checkout reviews on VRM. X570 - the whole situation is different yet again (hint: avoid MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi).


        If you're buying a CPU/MB any store should do the bios upgrade for free. Also I think some MSI boards post without a CPU (might be Gigabyte, research this as I'm going off memory).

        As for the lane problem, go x470. X570 still isn't worth it unless you require PCIe4 storage xfer speeds (probably nobody at home unless they work at home and move large amounts of data around alot).

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          MSI and only some of them. The cheaper/cheapest MSI ones don't. Um, stores - some don't do BIOS upgrades for free. MSY refused to do it for free when I asked (even if I buy CPU and M/B from the store). The odd thing is different MSY stores quoted different prices. One store quoted $40, another one quoted $20. Not sure whether they will upgrade BIOS without charging extra if you purchase the whole system.

          Yeah, PCIe x4 4.0 m.2 SSD is overkill and too expensive.

          X470 - still have the BIOS upgrade issue, also at that price range, might as well spend a bit more and get a decent low end X570.


            @netsurfer: Most of the MSI B450 boards including the cheaper ones have USB Flashback. The ASUS ones only have it on the expensive boards.


            • MSI B450 Gaming Plus ($165)
            • MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC ($228)
            • MSI B450 Tomahawk ($180)
            • MSI B450-A Pro ($140)
            • MSI B450M Bazooka Plus ($139)
            • MSI B450M Gaming Plus ($128)
            • MSI B450M Mortar ($145)
            • MSI B450M Mortar Titanium ($149)


            • ASUS Crosshair VI Extreme
            • ASUS Crosshair VI Hero
            • ASUS Crosshair VI Hero (Wi-Fi AC)
            • ASUS Crosshair VII Hero
            • ASUS Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi)

      i still have spare chipset fans from 12 years ago because they stop working after a while.


        From memory 2 years were as long as I got out of the couple of boards I had before the fan died in the 2000's. Tho these fans should be much better. But I would still be expecting to have a nightmare getting the suppliers to meet their legal requirements and provide spare parts in the form of replacement fans, for these expensive boards.