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Hong Kong Return from $369 Melbourne Flying Cebu Pacific @ Flight Scout


Just scouted these sale fares to Hong Kong from $369 return flying Cebu Pacific, with discounted dates in Nov 2019.

Cebu is a low-cost airline so luggage and meals are extra. All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes.

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  • I totally want to have a holiday there with what's going on right now! Sweet deal!

    • Good thing it's for november

    • -1 vote

      I totally want to have a holiday there with what's going on right now!


    • you won't be able to get in or out of the airport..

      on the other hand
      you may be able to witness Tienanmen Square 2.0
      since Chinese gov has sent their army over to hong kong

      • since Chinese gov has sent their army over to hong kong

        No they haven't.

        • https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/13/hong-kong-protests-china-med...

          you think the chinese gov are gonna just let this shit continue?
          chinese gov don't like these protests since they fear it causes a movement within china itself..

          • @pinkybrain: Posting the same link again and again to further your false claims doesn't work. Especially when you clearly failed to read that article yourself as it clearly states "as military assembles nearby" and mentions nothing of China actually rolling into Hong Kong.

            • @Tacooo: whilst I made a mistake in my comment that they already sent the army in hong kong
              I willing to accept that error..since I misheard the news report..

              dude, just cos they haven't does not mean they can't or they won't..

              how long you think they gonna let this shit continue?

              also why would they need to assemble the military on the border
              if they aren't planning to come over.

              you think having the military on the border is going scare the protesters?
              as seen from the airport protests, they still don't give a shit

              • @pinkybrain:

                how long you think they gonna let this shit continue?

                As long as international eyes are on them and Tiananmen Square is the top thought on everyone's mind.

                also why would they need to assemble the military on the border
                if they aren't planning to come over.

                Show of force. Very effective at quashing rebellions before they get very far. Not so much in this case but it certainly has the international community worried.

                • @Tacooo: just look at the current protests at the airport + more protests to come

                  you think those protesters don't know that the chinese military is on the border?

                  those protesters don't give a shit about the "show of force"
                  They don't even give a shit about their own police show of force + actual force as seen in the current airport protest and violence outbreak

                  they will only run off when someone actually pulls out a gun like what happen when that hong kong police did when he was getting beaten…
                  or when the the chinese military is actually in hong kong, enforcing martial law and takes over from the police

              • @pinkybrain: That's a slippery slope argument that caused the entire debacle in the first place.

          • @pinkybrain: One common misunderstanding is that the fear for turbulence in China giving the state in HK.

      • Actually, quite interesting…as I was reading some insight views from mainland China. Guess what, Chinese gov will actually keep waiting, and let HK people to deal with it as long as the riot won't spread out… looks like they have reinforced border cities around HK, and more like take HK as a can of worms, seal it and leave it, let it be.

        Very interesting part of this is that, it is the first time that Chinese gov is telling the local people and local government that your mess, you pay for it, you suck up and you wipe your own ass lol.

        • so what is the point of bringing the military to the border
          if they aren't gonna bring them over to hong kong?

          you think this just a way of saying to hong kong gov
          -You solve this or we will?

          if it is a message
          they could've just done a phone call to Carrie Lam..
          No need to amass their military on the border

          • @pinkybrain: Military is not only used for war purposes. They also help in civil reconstruction and can act as legal representation or law enforcement. The Chinese military has been called many times to all different regions of China to help out with everything from disaster relief to political stability.

            • @bchliu: so the chinese military in this current event is gonna
              help out by telling them nicely to the protesters to "please stop protesting"?

              whilst they do those other stuff
              the main function is always to prepare for war and be deployed for war at anytime..
              those other stuff are mainly handled by their own agencies e.g. police handle law enforcement..
              when military comes in, they usually enforce martial law, which is a lot different to the usual law enforcement.

              They are also used in events where police cannot handle the situation like this case..

              there's no point for china to move the Military to the border for what other purpose in this case?
              please tell me..

              You should read up on what the chinese gov has done to dissidents, falun gong, kidnapping critics of chinese government ..

              That's how this protesting all started..
              cos they didn't want to the law changed that let the chinese government easily extradite people of hong kong into the chinese mainland puppet courts/law.

              • @pinkybrain: Lol.. You're changing history.
                Fact: Taiwanese murderer ran loose in HK. The cops caught him and wanted to extradite him back to Taiwan for a full sentence. HK Government wanted to add Taiwan and China into the extradition law. People were upset, proposal was changed to require a full pre-trial in HK first AND has to be criminally based, non-political.

                Media mogul "Murdoch wannabe" Jimmy Lai works with the HK democrats and National Endowment for Democracy (NED) on spinning the story with slippery slope arguments to say "the Chinese Communist Party will come get you" and "No freedom of speech" when the law clearly does not indict political based "crimes"

                Add fuel of 30th Anniversary of Tienanmen Square. Light the match with bunch of heroic seeking dreamers from university. Coordinate the riots with orchestrated weapons like batons, lasers, reinforced clothing and headgear. Ring around town and offer $3000-$500 HKD a day for them to come out and cause trouble.

                • @bchliu: LOL, not changing anything, I am just quoting what those protesters have said on the news

                  i already know that fact you stated as the so called "reason" for the changed in the law
                  but you think it not a nice "reason" to to give so that Chinese gov can have even more power control of the hong kong gov and their people?

                  There's many examples in history
                  where governments used some called event as an excuse to create laws that further enroach on people's freedom or privacy..

                  Just look at something like 9/11
                  where the US government used that event to fight Iraq to take out Saddam for "Weapons of mass destruction" which was never found..

                  Or terrorists acts used as a reason to create new laws that take away people's privacy
                  and allow mass surveillance as being acceptable…
                  when in fact terrorist acts and the deaths is small in comparison to deaths from most of other causes e.g. car accidents..

                  or even shootings (as is the case in USA) which kills more people than any terrorist acts in USA e.g. 9/11..
                  yet no laws have been created to curb guns control…
                  but laws have been created just cause of the 9/11 event..

                  so if you easily believe that governments create a law just cos of that specific event or reason
                  then you are living under a rock.

                  • @pinkybrain: "Quoting those protestors have said on the news" - Wow! That gives you a LOT of unbiased facts huh?

                    China did not demand the law to be changed. Hong Kong law makers did out of necessity for a major murder case and other potential criminals that can use Hong Kong as a safe haven.

                    The Extradition bill does not weaken the stance of Hong Kong in any way. You have to have committed a major crime in China first of a non-political nature with a pre-trial that determined you are guilty before you taken back to China. China won't extradite all 8 million Hong Kong citizens to China because they wrote or shared something stupid on Facebook.

                    Everything should require evidence.

                    All your examples are conspiracy theories. I'm quite surprised you didn't mention Aliens did the 9/11 as an inside job for Dubya Bush.

                    Stop fear mongering. Go and learn the facts rather than hearsay and "the protestors said this".. BS.

                    • @bchliu: At least you beat some sense in these ignorants. You forgot to mention the airport assault of the 2 ppl from China.

                      These young and stupid rioters using the extradition bill just as an excuse for "democracy" yet they assault those with different support with them. The HK police is way to soft compare to US and even here.

                      If those mobs hitting police and besiege a police station here they will learn it the much harder way.

                      Many fake news spread on FB in HK, for example the police take out the gun in the airport, they conveniently use that photo to damage police image yet forgot to mention they have attacked him in the first place in numbers.

                      • @samehada: this has been an ongoing issue with the people of hong kong protesting about them losing their freedom and autonomy as promised by Chinese Gov after the handover
                        -the umbrella movement protest
                        -disappearance of booksellers protest


                        even the general population + hong kong business is supporting the protesters
                        so what fake news are you talking about?

                        you are the one that is ignorant.

                        • @pinkybrain: That doesn't give you the right to assault others that have different view.

                          • @samehada: And did you read about the chinese government actually implanting their agents in the among to the protesters
                            to incite the violence

                            this is giving them nice excuse to label the protests as a terrorist
                            act and so they put their military in hong kong

                            Also one of the person beaten up was found to be working for the chinese newspaper..

                            never said they had the right to assault anyone
                            we weren't there to know how some of the assaults happen..

                            you also seem to forget about the police brutality on the protesters
                            I am sure both sides are in on the violence…with the police starting it first in many of the other protests prior to the airport beating incidents

                    • @bchliu: you sound like you are one of those secret chinese government agents living in australia

                      no worries

    • The HK airport has been closed, and riot is the main theme at moment. I cannot think of risking lives to have a holiday is like… Good luck and wish you a safe trip if you even make it back…

  • +22 votes

    Hong Kong Return from $369

    Do you get to land or is it just a fly over ???

  • +25 votes

    I'm going to bring my milk crate.

  • lay over at Singapore for weeks yay

  • Er. I hear Venezuela is also lovely this time of year?

  • Impeccable timing.

  • HK police won’t give you a sh!t because you are an Aussie citizen, but HK protesters will give you a whole lot of sh!t especially at the airport, no matter where you are from.

    • HK police said: be ware of their tooth! they just bite off my finger!

    • When they erect warning signs and PA broadcases everywhere to say "Danger: Please evacuate the area because we're going to use tear gas" and you just hang around to mingle and film how heroic you are on your phone, then you cry because you got caught up in it all?

  • includes free laser eye treatment

  • Any chance this clears up by first week Oct?

  • Disclaimer: no guarantee return on selected date lol

  • You’d have to be bonkers not to go via honkers

  • I would go. Where in the world can you see the protestors only target the Govt and police; with no looting? Over the last few weeks, no store has been damaged and opens up the following day. This is why the general public, lawyers/solicitors, most public sector, medical profession support the protestors.

    • I beg you to go then you will know the truth.

    • are you dreaming or just living in your own world… arson for one, assault policy for two, blocking public traffic, list goes on. You can only walk in HK…

      it is like going to Afghanistan to see how ISIS shoot people????

      However, it might be once in life experience, and if you can make it, you might be able to tell your grandkids for sure.

      • I’d be more worried about the HK Popo. Lots of stuff gets censored and is far from what some of us think.

        The rallies were peaceful, the protests were peaceful. But the HK Police changed all that. Hence, everytime they appear, they are call “black police” (which means association with Triads). They claim to “Serve and Protect”, but on their own choosing. Double standards run rife amongst the HK Police. I personally condemn all violence and 100% support Police; however, you have to question this confidence when public confidence in the HK Popo is at 0; albeit them being scapegoats for the bigger issue of a Puppet HK Govt.

        Anyway, OzB is not a forum for political debate. Most have already formed their own opinion on the topic and it’s difficult to debate in a meaningful way.

        • What I can see is lots of fake news spreading by ppl like you, conveniently forgot to mention the whole truth but cherry-picked and exaggerated incidents for your own propaganda.

      • ISIS is/was based in Syria last I heard?

    • so the bomb is faked from last week? or the video of exploding eye is fake from youtube?

    • Add oil HK!!

    • That is not true. There were a number of shops that got disturbed and closed due to their business dealings as Chinese Cross-border trades. The protestors have targeted specifically mainland Chinese people and related businesses.

      At the end of the day, it is bigotry against the mainland Chinese.

      • Well hey, if you support a regime that executes people for their political and religious beliefs and sells their organs to the highest bidder you deserve it.

        • Does that self-righteousness give you the authority to attack legitimate businesses in Hong Kong? Incite violence and anarchy? Two wrongs do not make a right.

          • @bchliu: You mean when thugs attached commuters, locals and pregnant women in Yeun Long with weapons a couple of weeks ago?

            • @Icecold5000: Or the rioting thugs that attacked Chinese mainland visitors at the airport, old men who asked them to get out of the way, western tourists that do not agree with them.. or the millions in tax paid government property that was defaced, burnt, destroyed.. or the millions of dollars lost to their economy because whinging kids don't get what they wanted and decided to block and bar legitimate civilians from employment and businesses from operating?

              You gonna say "The government made them do that" too? Lol.. take responsibilities for your own actions. If you going do it, then own it rather than hide behind face masks. You condone the violence, then just say so.

              • @bchliu: I don’t expect the protestors to win. However most of them are young and educated. These are the kind of people we need to immigrate to Australia, who want to live in a country where human rights and democracy are valued instead of wumaos who owe their loyalty to a foreign country.

                • @Icecold5000: Why should we accept those rioters. These young ignorants will cause more damage here and with what they have been doing at the airport, they should not be accepted here to stir up trouble.

        • Sell organ bullshit from the Falun Gong, pls spare me those bs.

  • wait til after CIA sponsored NGO and businessmen behind this thing ran out of drug sourced currency!


    • Hong Kong protestors: "Please help us, America.. we love and need you to help us"
      Americans: "America first, deport all the coloured people and start trade wars everywhere around the world"

      Definition of "naivety"

  • For anyone actually consider going please note that no travel insurance will cover you for any additional expenses you are likely to incur.

    • Not true. I have booked a trip to Hong Kong departing in 2 weeks. I have travel insurance. I contacted the insurance company and they confirm I am covered. If the situation worsens that may change. If so I have the option of cancelling and claiming on my insurance. Admittedly I booked the flights before the protests started, so maybe it will be more difficult to take out a new policy. I am not concerned at all for my safety.

      • Sounds unusual,most travel insurance does not cover this type of civil unrest, i would definitely check

        • I did check, hence my comment above. Unless DFAT increases their warning level the insurance cover remains valid.

      • Many travel insurers are only providing cover for policies purchased prior to August 7. I have a trip planned for the stay of October and luckily bought my travel insurance a few days before this.

      • Which insurance company are you using, my company has said no they won't cover me.

        • Southern Cross Travel Insurance. I booked the trip and took out the insurance before all the trouble began so not sure how you'd go trying to get insurance now. I have read the PDS thoroughly and am confident that I am covered.

          • @Rescue 26: I would not be confident. The "current travel alerts" section on the Southern Cross website says "if you have not yet departed, there is no cover for civil unrest or riots".

            • @StevePER: You could be right. Just rang SCTI and got a very wishy washy answer as to whether I am covered or not. Totally different to what they told me a week ago. Last week it was " you took out the policy before the trouble started so you're covered," and today it's "if it gets worse and you decide to go you're not covered", and, "if you cancel the trip that's your choice so you're not covered". WTF?! Then it was "we're treating it on a case by case basis so put in a claim and see what happens". Again - WTF??! Supposedly they will ring back tomorrow to clarify. I won't hold my breath.

      • Just to make sure, usually what you heard over the phone and what's in the PDA when you lodging a claim is different :)

  • I feel for Hong Kong people and the protesters. Hope no one is gonna hurt or die anymore.

  • OP doesn't watch the news.

  • A bargain is a bargain. This is ozbargain. There’ll still be some wanting to go.

  • just here to read the comments.