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Lenovo Legion Y540 15" Laptop, Core i7-9750H, 8GB RAM, GeForce 1660ti 6GB $1,439 Delivered @ Lenovo


Killer deal for a solid gaming laptop.

The $1,604.88 version seems like a solid deal too, +$145 for 256GB extra storage, a nicer (but still 60hz) screen, and significantly faster shipping time.

Single channel RAM so you can chuck in another stick for a decent performance bump

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  • Is this really good deal?
    No thunderbolt no fingerprint.

    But screen is ips…

    • I'd say yes as I think it's the lowest price of a 1660ti laptop… You will need a second 8GB RAM stick and more storage so really looking at ~$1700 though competitors would be the likes of metabox or Acer Helios 300 or dell g5 are all well over $2000 for similar specs.

  • I’ve been thinking about this, as I’m after a gaming laptop. Only thing is it’s 60hz, as my son plays a lot of fps. No option to upgrade to 144hz.

    • $1400 gaming desktop will bring him more joy and thankful to you….

      • That was the other option too, as to carrying a 1k laptop around school. Cheap laptop for school & A gaming desktop at home.

        • If he has no need for a gaming laptop other than to play games at home it's a bad proposition imo. Battery life is worse, it's heavier, it's bulkier, it's louder…

          Second getting him a nice desktop and a cheap laptop 😁

      • How much of the $1400 should be dedicated to keyboard and screen if I were to budget for a desktop? Would $400 be reasonable or too much? With $1000 left, would that still be enough for a gaming desktop with a good video card?

    • 100%, spend like 1.5k on a desktop and it'll set him up for much better reliability and performance. Much better than gaming laptops, try to use laptops for productivity based stuff if possible.
      I just built a new desktop recently, i say definitely go with the ryzen 3600. Currently best bang for buck out there right now. If you have any questions let me know.

    • You can always plug it into an external monitor to get higher refresh rates. At this price, 60hz is the norm.

    • I would suggest buying a gaming desktop. I bought a gaming laptop some years ago and regret spending $2000+ on a gaming laptop is wasting.

  • Would definitely buy this if my six year old ideapad is dead

  • RTX2060, 16GB and 512GB SSD was 16XX AUD before (just a couple weeks ago) way way way better deal.No wonder it went out of stock rather quickly. Too late to pull the trigger.

    Folks who want to buy this - do note battery life is utter garbage. Reviews on YT suggest mixed productivity use would only yield around 4 hours. Plenty of the people on the forum have complained way under 4 hour of usage.

    • Whats the Ge 1660ti comparable to on the desktop range?

    • Not negging you in any way but it's pretty amazing how much tech has changed in just 20 years. If a laptop had 4 hours of battery life 20 years ago the reviews would be raving and giving it 10/10 lol.

    • Building your own desktop pc is probably the way to go if you're not looking for portability that comes with a laptop. Just built a new rig myself. R5 3600, 2060 Super 8GB, 16Gb ram @3200, & 512Gb M.2. Came in just a shade over $1500

      • Could you give the full specs of your rig. I am planning to build one myself

        • Full specs. I decided to go with AMD for the Mobo & CPU, better value for money & the latest Gen is really good. The motherboard just needs a Bios update to support the CPU.

          Bought these parts from Umart

          Thermaltake ToughPower Gold 550W PSU - $109.00
          WD Blue 3D NAND SSD M.2 SATA500GB - $95.00
          Gigabyte B450M-S2H AM4 mATX Motherboard - $109.00
          Cooler Master MasterBox NR400 Tempered Glass mATX Compact Case - $79.00
          AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core AM4 3.6GHz CPU with Wraith Stealth Cooler - $315.00
          Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Windforce 8G OC - $665.00

          And the RAM from amazon

          Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200Mhz - $148.00

          I picked up all my parts from Umart, so only had to pay for shipping on the ram. just over $1500 after Cashrewards

    • Link?
      Not the HP price error ones?

  • I dunno about you guys, but I prefer the HP Omen at $499

  • Very close to pulling the trigger. Come on 12% cashrewards cash back. Currently it’s 4%.

  • what's the cooling like on these? I do a lot of number crunching on software development… currently have an acer predator that revs the fans up hard whenever things get complicated.

  • DaveLee has a video on this

  • so tempting….

    • Fot light-moderate gaming yes.

      But this laptop is designed to be gaming first, everything else second, by virtue of the fact that it is essentially a brick + the battery is way too small. You cannot bring this to work or uni without bringing your charger.

      • I'm just considering it because my room has limited space for a desktop PC (and partially electricity), so battery life isn't a huuuuge concern and neither is portability.

        Do you think that GPU is comparable to a GTX 1060?

  • The $1604 model has 14% shopback today. So it comes out to around $1380.

    • Yeah better deal. But the cashback should not include GST. Total is about ~$1400. Doesn't matter anyway as it's about to end.

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