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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi 1st Gen Robot Vacuum $279.65, 2nd Gen Roborock $482.80 Delivered (OOS) @ Myhomesmart eBay


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Decent prices for a couple of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners. Looks like nearly the best price for quite a while on the Gen 1, it doesn't always get under $300 when on sale. Under $500 seems pretty good for the Gen 2 with mopping function, only 4 left at the moment though. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Original-Xiaomi-Roborock-Robot-V...

I've got one of the originals and love it, and now want a second one but haven't kept up with all the latest models. I've spotted 4 Xiaomi models so far, and they seem to go by different names so it's hard to keep track of it all. Not sure what to pull the trigger on, but one of these should be coming my way soon.

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    1st Gen Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is amazing… ours is going after a year of daily use! Works really well on our hard floors.

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      Yeah I think mine is about 2 years old and is used at least once a week. It's been rock solid so far.

      • Use mine every day for almost 2 years now. Happy addition to the family

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      My 1st gen is rock solid too. Also 2+ years old as well.

  • Is the extra $200 justified when comparing the two models?

    I plan on using the robot vac to pick up pet hair on a tiled area only.

    • It'll be perfect for that job. Not so sure about the cost if that's solely what you will use it for.

      I have a 2nd Gen and it is amazing.

      • Do you use the mopping function on yours? If so, how is it?

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      I have the first gen and bought my grandma the second gen. She never uses the mop function because you need to fiddle with it before and after the clean to remove the mop.

      So TBH, i'd probably just stick to the gen 1 and do a quick mop later.

  • Is this the cheapest ever for gen 1?

    • yes

  • Code doesn’t work 🙁

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    I purchase my Xiaomi vacuums exclusively from Roboguy.

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        Cause he is the best and always delivers on his promises.

  • Bought a gen 2 for the office - hopefully will make up for my staff who avoid vacuuming like the plague >.>

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    Please don’t let it be roboguy

  • Been watching the Xiaomi 1st gen for a long time. Got a Roomba 680 over 5 years using EVERY DAY and still going strong. The last 2 years been expecting it to die any moment hence been watching for a replacement. Only ever replaced the brush roller once and battery once. Unbelievable that thing!

  • Gen 1 or Gen 2 is Gen 2 worth the extra?

    • Kind of depends, but for the price difference Gen 1 IMO.

      Gen 2 has a mopping function. A small water reservoir with a micro fibre style cloth.

      Everything what is comparably the same.

      • Actually, the Gen 2 also has better suction, increased size of the waste receptacle and allegedly enhanced smarts for mapping. Other comparison below.

        Was worth the extra for me even though a never use the mopping feature.

        Features 1st Generation 2nd Generation
        Mopping No Yes
        Dust Bin 420ml 480ml
        Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
        Rated Power 55W 58W
        Suction (Pa) 1800 2000
        Designated Point Yes Yes
        Clean a particular Space Yes Yes
        Scheduled Clean Yes Yes
        Infrared Sensor No Yes
        Washable & reusable Filter No Yes
        Climbing 1.5cm 2cm
        Self Recharging Yes Yes
        Identified Carpet No Yes
        Digital Virtual Walls Yes Yes

        • A bigger bin and suction is pretty good, not sure worth the extra money, IMO.

          Thanks for the direct comparison.

        • Yeah, it's a bigger jump now than it used to be. The 2nd gens I got a year ago were only $100 more than the originals I got just a couple of months prior at $430 v $330 (they were my go-to gift for the family for a year or two - I've only ever owned and operated the 2nd gen for myself and never regretted paying the extra). Since then, the price differential has doubled making the decision to upgrade less clear cut.

          I was reminded of one of the other enhancements in the list above - the carpet sensing is great if you're like me and have rugs (and pointless throw pillows!) tossed randomly through your house. Apart from being able to handle a slightly higher step (2cm v 1.5), the 2nd gen can automatically increase suction whenever it enters a rugged/carpeted area. On the hard floor, you get away with a less powerful - and less noisy - suction.

  • Damn looks to be sold out

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    I've been having my girlfriend over a lot lately and my gen 1 seems to be choking on her hair a lot. Short of shaving her, does anyone have any tips on reducing hair tangles on the main brush?

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      Maybe your GF could use a brazillian wax?

    • +3

      tip 1: pick your GF off the floor before starting the robot.

    • Haven't noticed this problem, is it pretty long hair?

    • Same problem here. Not much I can do about long hair. It wraps around the brush,just gotta clean it every few days with the blade comb you get included.

    • Maybe stay at her place more often

  • I wonder longterm user reviews of the ecovacs ozmo 930, any user here or an idea??

  • If you buy a roborock from ebay, where does one send it if it goes bad - within or after the warranty period?

    • Gear bite dowarranty in au

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