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Up to 20% off Selected Domestic Flights @ Virgin Australia


Spotted this ad on Facebook - Up to 20% off selected Virgin Australia domestic flights.
Valid for travel from now until 12 December 2019 (excluding 5/9/19-6/10/19).

The Promotion Code will be activated from the date the Promotion Code is posted online on social media (Post) and will be available until 11:59pm AEST for the ten (10) days following the Post, subject to availability (Offer). The Offer will not be extended. The Offer is only valid for Virgin Australia operated flights. The discount does not apply to fees and taxes. The travel periods for this promotion are from Post until 4 September 2019 and from 7 October 2019 until 12 December 2019. The Offer is not available for flights between 5 September 2019 and 6 October 2019.

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  • If I purchase elevate tickets with this, will I still get the same number of status credits as a normal price elevate?

  • When I click on the facebook link it says it is expired?

    • I have read in other forums that if you use more than one gift voucher you have to call the call centre. But the call centre won't let you use a promo code with the gift cards.

      • Hi! Do you know if I can just use 1 gift card online + promo code then? Probably won’t make a dent to the total price, but $10 can at least cover one person’s card fee.

        • No idea, I just read this on the forums eg frequent flyer. I am going to try to use multiples later today. I just want to make sure I am aware of what may happen when I call up.

          • @minniethemoocher: Good luck and tell me how it goes! I want to use multiple vouchers too, but I hate talking on the phone.

            • @wonderluv: Can confirm that they will not let you use multiple vouchers and this code, they spent 20 minutes telling me it was for AFL packages only, even though it said different in the terms and conditions. Person on the phone told me there was no chance of using this code and using multiple gift cards. The only thing I can recommend is putting each person and flight through a seperate booking, where you can use a gift card for each booking. Doing return flights for 2 people this way meant I could use 4 gift cards.

              • @Frozen Pizza: Ah, I see. Quite unfortunate, but I guess our dreams of using multiple cards + promo code are shattered :(
                For some stupid reason, I only bought 1 gift card yesterday instead of buying multiple and using it for each flight; I didn’t want to risk my flight prices increasing since they were already reduced/the cheapest and so I booked last night. #fakeozbargainer

                • @wonderluv: This is still stupid for people who aren't booking using a promo code. After my dealings on the phone to them I'd never recommend buying VA gift cards. Seriously, who has a flight booking less than $100, it would be reasonable to assume that people might want to use multiple gift cards in a booking given international flights can cost upwards of $1,000 at the best of times. They should have it listed on the back of the card, quite misleading if you ask me.

          • @minniethemoocher: Did you end up being able to use multiple gift cards over the phone? I just rang the Velocity booking centre (Virgin Holidays is currently outside business hours) and the CS rep said she could only apply one gift card per flight leg.

            • @wavesgreen: No I didn't bother. I ended up not buying the gift cards as it sounded too difficult. I would hang up and tried another CS rep. In other forums people have said they have done it.

              • @minniethemoocher: I think you actually have to do it through the Australian call centre on 131516, ie Virgin Holidays, during business hours. I was talking to the International/Velocity call centre who I'm pretty sure were in the Philippines. It sounded like they couldn't do much more than booking flights online and she did say I should call 131516 during business hours.

                It does also say to call that number in the Terms and Conditions of redeeming multiple gift cards on the Virgin Australia website. I did call that number first but their hours are Eastern States business hours and I'm in WA.

              • @minniethemoocher: By the way, I redeemed 15 gift cards with Virgin Holidays over the phone (you can actually email them to the CS rep to speed up the process) and it was super easy.

    • I didn't realise virgin online don't accept more than 1 gift card and the call center don't accept the promo codes…….so I just bought a bunch of non-refundable gift cards that's probably going to cost me more to use.

      • I was just reiterating what others said on other forums. I have no idea if it is the case. But 10% off gift cards is better than the 9% that is offered on the dates I want.

      • Book each flight seperately and use one card for each booking, thats the only way around it that i can find

  • Has anyone found any flights that actually work with the 20% off? Often the price is the same with or without the code.

    • I'm glad I'm not the only who notices this. I gave up on Virign codes as I never found any discount on flights I looked at

      • "Up to" I'm yet to find any that exist at 20%, although I've found there is a few percent of most flights that I search for.

  • I’ve put in one date I’m interested in and I’ve calculated it’s about 8-9% off, off their regular book early promo rates. Meh. It makes it just over $20 off per way. I’m better off waiting and saving my money for now.

    Has anyone actually found one with with a decent discount off? I don’t have the patience to see when a decent more than 10% off discount is for.

    • Nope. Similar to you, the tickets I’m interested in are only 8-9% off.

    • I never understand these types of airline % off offers, I can never get the prices or discounts they advertise. Always really confusing.

  • God damn. This code was giving me ~9% off for my flights (6/9 and 16/9). Yesterday I went and got 2x $100 virgin vouchers at 10% off from Coles, one to apply to each leg. Then logged on last night to grab flights and they must have fixed the code. No longer giving me the discount! I was so close

    • Now its cheaper for me to book through skyscanner! and im stuck with these two gift cards. Bargain fail..

      • Oh well I think it's always preferable to book direct with the airline where you can if the $ difference isn't significant. Much better to have peace of mind regarding flight changes and cancellations as well as things like seat selection etc.

        Plus I have status with VA as well as a Velocity credit card so I get triple points buying VA flights and the Velocity contact centre is always great helping me out if I ever have problems.

      • I noticed that but there is another code available that works for those dates. Just google virgin promo codes