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10% off Selected Gift Cards (Google Play / Catch.com.au / Virgin Australia / Event Cinemas / Good Food) @ Coles


Apologies for the lack of screenshot. You'll have to take me at my word on this one. Starts Aug 21. Enjoy :)

  • Google Play, Catch.com.au, Virgin Australia, Event Cinemas, Good Food
  • Limit of 10 gift cards per transaction.

Mod Note: This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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  • Google Play! Finally! It's been months!

  • Are Coles like Woolies you can't buy gift cards with gift cards?

    • Yeppers

    • It's not blocked technically but by staff. It works on self service.

      • Oh really? I will have to swing by self checkout then

        • I believe this is no longer possible even at self checkouts now. I bought Vodafone starter kit with bonus Netflix gift card at Woolies a few weeks back, and when I selected Gift Card payment and entered my egiftcard number, it said something like “payment not accepted” and then I had.to call the staff to unlock the machine and use other payment methods.

      • Depends, didn't work for me, need staff assistance for me.

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    Might be also worth a try to price match at Officeworks on Wednesday morning to get a total of 14.5% off :)

    • Hi! I’m new to price matching at Officeworks. Do I just go up to a staff member and ask if they can price match gift cards? I read on another post that someone brought a physical catalogue as evidence, so I might swing by the supermarket to get one.

      • Yep, just ask a staff member and having a physical catalogue will definitely speed things up. Last time I tried without physical evidence they spent 10 minutes trying to find it on the competitors website.

    • Just if people have done this before? Seems like gift cards is one of those things would generally fall under one of those exclusion type transactions, but maybe officeworks are kind enough not to shut that down.

  • Can you purchase something on google play and gift it to friend?

  • Can you use google play to pay for google one subscription?

  • I subscribed to Netflix back in the day through google play so I use it to play for that…

    • That's what I wanted to get these for.. but looks like I can't. Good for those who have been paying that way so far though

      'As of May 2018, Google Play billing for Netflix is not available to new or rejoining Netflix customers. If you are currently billed by Google Play, you can continue to use Google Play billing until your account is cancelled.'

  • Does Virgin Australia mean the airways or one of their other subsidiaries?

  • Great, perfect timing for a trip about to be booked.

  • Can the event cinema ones be stacked with Telstra offer? TIA

  • Event with 10% is so good never been better we gottta stock up

    • There's generally a 20-25% deal on Event gift cards once a year around November/December, I'm waiting for that one

    • Amex had better deals for events in the past. This was sometime back though, before I started boycotting events

  • May I use the AUD Google Play credit to pay for Indian YouTube premium?

  • Does anyone know if they sell $100 catch of the day gift cards please?

  • Officeworks in Taylors lakes declined to price match (first they said they didnt sell Virgin Australia gift cards. Then they said they would only price match if it was an actual dollar amount, not a percentage off). A lot of stores are low or out of stock now coz Woolworths had a discount just recently on Virgin Australia gift cards. Coburg, Preston, Fitzroy and Caroline Springs are still good though. They didn't hesitate to price match for me.

  • Officeworks online (call centre) - 3 x attempts.

    First - “Coles catalogue says in store only, so you can only do it at OW store”

    Second - “yes can price beat but need manager approval”. Then “cannot price beat below cost price”

    Third - “we cannot price beat gift cards”

  • I had a wasted trip to Officeworks (Darwin) today. Brought this screenshot, but the manager said it says Queensland at the bottom corner and I need to get a picture of a local one if it's happening locally. Also said while I'm there I may as well get it from Coles because I wouldn't get a better deal at Officeworks (which I assume is a flat out lie, their policy is to beat it by 5% right?).
    So now I kind of want to get evidence it's local and go back there just to spite him, but that would be going out of my way at this point. Annoying.

    • I'm confused. Can't you access your local coles have a catalogue online, better yet, they'd just call your local store.

      Sounds like he simply didn't want to honour.

      Makes sense, it be waaaay below cost.

      • Yeah I thought they'd maybe call Coles to confirm, but nope. Anyway I didn't have the heart to argue over a few dollars.

  • Trip to Officeworks yesterday

    1. Alexandria (NSW)
      "Oh we can only do 5 per person per day, but we won't price beat - only price match"

    2. Dee Why (NSW)
      "We don't price match gift cards.. If other stores are doing it then it is against policy" followed by "we could do max 1 per person per day as it is below cost price, and we reserve the right not to price beat at our discretion"

  • My experiences today utilising Price Beat at Officeworks stores here in WA, with a physical Coles catalog in hand:

    Innaloo, 5x $100 Virgin Australia Gift Cards
    - Challenged that the catalog shows a $50 VA card
    - Only rang me up for the 10% discount, not 14.5%, when I challenged that the manager sighed and instructed the counter operator to "just put it through"
    - Success

    Perth CBD, no Virgin Australia stock

    East Perth, 5x $100 Virgin Australia Gift Cards
    - Couldn't be happier to process the Price Beat for me
    - Success

    Subiaco, 5x $100 Virgin Australia Gift Cards
    - Challenged that the catalog shows a $50 VA card
    - Success

    All in all, pretty smooth, $1500 of VA credit for $1282.50. After each store purchase I rang the Virgin Australia contact centre and checked one of the cards to see if it was ready to use. All were instantly activated and ready to redeem. YMMV.

    Incidentally no Officeworks or Coles store I visited have had $50 VA Gift Cards, only $100.

    • And in case anybody wants details on my experience booking and redeeming a return international long haul flight with Virgin Australia with these gift cards, it all went off without a hitch:

      I called Virgin Holidays on 131516 (or 07 3333 6600) and gave them the gift card numbers, via email to save some time as I had a lot to redeem, you can also do it over the phone. The rep said they have redeemed way more than the 15 I had on one booking.

      All told took about 10mins and phone booking fee was waived, everything went perfectly. In fact my raw flight fare had inexplicably dropped by $50 from the quote I had gotten less than an hour before I called to make the booking. The OzBargain gods were smiling on me I guess.

      Also a tip for young OzBargainers who might not be aware, by using gift cards you avoid paying the airline credit/debit card surcharge on the $ amount that is redeemed by gift card as it is essentially counted as a cash/bank transfer. Obviously if there is a shortfall you need to pay, the surcharge is applied to that shortfall amount only.

      And on a final note, I paid for all the gift cards at Officeworks with my Virgin Australia Velocity Amex card (just counted as purchases) so I was able to double dip somewhat on points at least. Not quite the triple points I get buying flights direct with VA but I'll take the $217 cash discount in this instance.

  • I added the credit to Google Play, but it is still using my credit card to pay for Google Music and Netflix. Does anyone know how I can change it to use the gift card amount instead of charging my credit card?

    • I thought I would add this in incase someone else was having an issue out there… - you need to go to pay.google.com and change your payment method for the subscription. Then set the credit card as a backup so when the gift card runs out. It will use the credit card instead.

      1. Go to pay.google.com
      2. Click on Subscriptions and Services
      3. Click on Active
      4. Click manage on your Subscription, eg Netflix or Google Play Music
      5. Under How you pay, click Change Payment Method
      6. Select Google Play balance for primary.
        7 Select Credit Card for backup.