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2,000 Points Worth $10 with Purchase of $50 Netflix, Google Play & Uber Gift Cards (4,000 with Adrenaline $100) @ Woolworths


Some great value to be had with these gift card purchases. Enjoy :)

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  • Do UBER GCs expire? I haven't even used mine from the Coles offer just a few days ago

    • Just add your Uber account and they won't.

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      When you add the credit to your Uber account, it's added with a three year expiry (I added mine from the Coles offer a few days ago and it added it with an expiry date)

      • According to this

        Gift cards never expire.

        So, for longer expiry, it would be better to hold on to the gift cards, and not add the credits to the account, until one is about to use the credits.

        • I bought an Uber gift card a couple of months back, and on the back of the card it said it expired 3 years after purchase.

          • @mastablasta: In that case, there must have been some changes. Pretty sure the last time I bought an Uber gift card (quite a while back), there was no expiry.

            So I wonder if it means :
            (a) the gift card expires 3 years after purchase, and if its credits are added to the account, those credits have another 3 years before expiry - making a max time before expiry of up to 6 years?
            (b) a simple 3-year expiry from purchase date, irrespective of when the credits are added to account?

            If anyone knows, would appreciate your feedback.

  • Thank you OP. Does anyone know if this offer works in Tasmania?

    • Check the online catalogue for Tasmania? Should be out now.

    • Nope. Poor Tasmanians only have the FSC from the Vos days. Though in saying that the rest of Aus can't earn Woolies Rewards there either.

      Though it does seem like a decent program. 1 point for every $1 spent, 1000 points gets you $10 back and frequent double points days.

  • No limit to number of cards purchased? (Other than max 5 redeemable Adrenalin cards).

  • Combine this with other offers from Adrenaline?

  • Do you get Ooshies with these gift cards as well?

  • Can I buy these gift cards with a Woolworth gift card?

    • No, they changed their system ages ago

      • So what happens if I buy groceries and a gift card? does the gift card payment method get rejected?

        (I've used egift card to purchase uber gift card at coles with my normal groceries fine, just wondering if same at Woolies).

  • Can buy 2 Uber cards and get 4000 points on the 1 account?

    • Quite possibly. The fine print in the catalogue suggests a limit of 3 per customer. But you may want to check the catalogue for yourself.

  • Can anyone confirm if you can use the Australian gift cards on an account that is subscribed through Netflix Turkey and paying in TL?

  • Can the uber gift cards be used with ubereats?

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    • I added a gc to my Uber account. Could not find a way to get the app to use that balance. When the Uber eats 50% off promo came out, I was able to use the balance. There is still some balance left, I’ll try again with Uber.

  • What does 2000 points get you?
    Never mind $10 off next shop.

  • If one buy 2 uber cards on one account, will the bonus be 4000 points?

  • So if I buy 2 Netflix cards @ $50 each do I get 4000 points? Or is it a one card limit like Coles was last week?

  • does anyone know if you can stack points for buying multiple cards? I know normally they have a 10 cards limit but it doesn't seem to clearly state it this time….

  • Does anyone know if the offer works at Woolworths Metro? Just bought 2 x Google Play $50 and no points have come through.

    • I doubt they would show up that quick in your account. Might want to wait till tomorrow and then please let us know if it accepted both transactions or just 1.

      • They're usually instant. Coles is the one where points hit your account the day after the qualifying purchase

        • I know that regular transactions show up quick but wasn't aware that bonus points would show up just as quick.
          Thanks for the clarification.

    • I bought 3x$50 and it hasn't showed up either. Maybe we'd need to redeem it first in order to get the points?

  • Warning didn't work for me (VIC normal store), about hour ago. Google Play $50.

  • So is this working or not? i don't want to buy Google credits without the points because its literally means its not on sale. =(

  • bought 5X$50 uber hasn't shown up

    last time with the $100 Ebay cards shown straight away

  • bought 1x $50 netflix, no bonus points noted on the receipt or on the website. The transaction shows up in the history with 0 points.

    • Same. Now the transaction for the 2 x $50 google play has shown up in Woolworths Rewards with 0 points. So it looks like I'm not the only one with that problem.

    • I bought 2 x$50 Netflix and got the points straight away and can see that on my receipt.

  • Just spent 45mins on live chat with Woolworth rewards. Initially he wanted me to wait 14 days for an investigation to occur. In the end, my keyboard warrior skills prevailed and I got manual credit of 4000 points for the two $50 Uber cards.

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      I fared a little bit better. Just got on now (as I had to terminate the previous one due to a meeting), only took 15 mins and got a manual credit of the missing 4000 points.

    • It's pathetic that a big business like Woolworths asked you to wait 14 days for such a small amount of points.

      I am facing the same issue. Live chat refused to resolve it and the email team are asking me to wait.

      At least you spoke to someone with a brain but I haven't yet.

  • so people are saying that we need to chase up those points if we wanted it and it will not show up automatically on our cards?

  • Might wait a few days in that case

  • Just worked for me automatically. In Canberra

  • When you pay for Uber partially with the remaining gift card balance and the rest with PayPal (or the linked card), does the invoice still show 'total fare amount' on it? This is quite critical if you're claiming the expense from employer.

  • $50 Google purchased and activated this morning and no points yet, will get onto Woolies support in the morning I guess.

  • Worked fine for me. 5 separate transaction all worked immediately.

  • Can confirm the points are being credited for purchases made this morning. Purchased 2 x Google Play $50 and 1 x Uber $50, 6000 points in one transaction.

  • Can confirm also. 2 x Google Play + 1 x Netflix. 6000 points added instantly.

  • Bough 2 Netflix
    1 google
    1 Uber

    Got 4000 points instantly

    Decided to buy more, went back in bought 4 more

    They asked if I wanted to use my $40 Woolworths rewards from previous transaction

    So second 1 was only $160

  • 4x $50 Uber in 1 transaction just now, receipt shows I will get $40 off next shop.

  • Only Act and NSW is ok

  • Completely hopeless effort by WW. Wasted a lot of time trying to get this resolved by their online people. Couldn't fix it themselves! They've had to 'raise an issue' in order to have it fixed. 7 business days??? Ha Ha.

    They've spent more time/money on the complaint than the points were worth. Brilliant.

  • If you want the $10 make sure you check your settings unlike my fail.

    Thanks to DH - he had changed the rewards to qantas points so I won't be able to get $10 next shop. Great work.

    • The Qantas conversion rate is not even that good, you will have to fly business class to bring up the value enough to be better than the $10.

      • Yes, why do you think I know it's such a fail?. On the plus side, it got credited straight away!

    • What settings !?

      • Login and see settings. You can opt for qantas points instead of woolworths rewards. I think he changed it over as there was a bonus to change but he clearly forgot to tell me that nor changed it back lol.

  • @lostincanberra - same problem with me too. I dont even know if it worked or if worth buying more :(. Still waiting for a reply growl.

  • 10x$50 Uber gift card instant 20000 points

  • If you pay your Netflix via iTunes can you still load gift cards? I've never tried before…sorry for the dumb question!!

  • Bought 4x Netflix and 4x Google Play cards, instant 16000 points. Working fine in QLD.

  • No bonus points here yet, i'm in SA. bought on the 31st July

    • Based on the comments above, it is wise to not buy any promotional giftcards on a Wednesday morning to avoid hassles as the rewards system may not be set for them yet. It looks like you have to chase bonus points up.