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Spend $10 Get $5 Back via Hey You App


You choose a delicious meal,
We dish out the rewards. Spend $10, Get $5 Back.
Valid 19 August - 1 September, including weekends! Promotion capped at a maximum of 10 redemptions per person.
It might be targeted?

Promotional period commences on 00:01 19/08/2019 to 23:59 01/09/2019 nationwide (including weekends) but excluding the Rockhampton area. To be eligible for this offer customers must redeem the promo code “CHOICE” and make a purchase. The offer is valid on any one purchase to the value of $10 or more made on the Hey You app. Maximum $50 voucher per person or capped at 10 redemptions. Vouchers earned will be distributed via email on Monday 2 September 2019. The vouchers will be valid for 14 days from the 2 September 2019 and any unused vouchers will expire by the 15 September 2019.

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  • I was able to redeem it via the app. Thanks OP!

  • Can theoretically stack with Amex and Shopback

  • I'm keen… but this reminded me that I don't think I ever got the vouchers promised last time for the Spend $20.


    • I had to email support to get mine as there was an issue (The app actually prompted me to contact them) and they sent me the voucher :)

      If you already applied the voucher code they will see it in their logs and should help you out.

    • They sent mine to my email

  • what's the fascination in 50% discount…

  • Thanks save me $5x10

  • I'd say only 23.2% of businesses remember to say when the food/drink is ready. I don't get how it works, but sometimes a business says it will take 30 minutes but then says it's ready instantly. In which case it may be 2 minutes…

    Of course it would be more helpful to have an estimated time before you order, but I don't think businesses can he arsed to update this information at frequent intervals.

    Thank you for listening official Hey You forum.

    • 23.2%

      Is there a statistic behind this extremely precise number? Sample size?

      • Nah, it's mostly based on personal feeling unfortunately. With a sample size of maybe 30, mostly in Sydney, but I can't give an exact number. I'm pretty good at guessing statistical trends though. I'd say my feelings are about right 84.26% of the time.

        • Come on, you know it's better to give more than 2 decimal places, especially when doing regressions and statistical trends.

    • Don't ever order ice cream with this app, unless you're in front of the shop.

  • Ooh. A few weeks of buying 2 coffees for myself instead of 1 on the way to work. Consider me adequately caffeinated.

  • 1st time use will give you $5 back in account. How does things work 2nd time. Do you use $5 8n account and add another $5 to purchase $10 item to get another $5 credit

  • Thanks OP no issues redeeming

  • Does the $5 have expiry?

    • It's in the OP, you get the credit on the 2nd of Sept and expiry by 15 September

      • Once you redeem the credit doesn’t expire though right?

        • I'm interested in finding this out too. Do the vouchers expire or the credit expire on the 15 September?

          The T&Cs state the voucher expires, so technically if you redeem it (ie. Adds to your balance) then the additional balance should remain indefinitely.

        • No idea about that I'm afraid, I'd use them before the 15th just to play it safe.

  • Wow, the service fee used to be 2c, but just putting in an order now shows up as 20c? (It's a good thing since it tips me over to $10.10, but still!).

  • I think because of this promotion,
    lots of venues just disable their Hey You temporarily in Brinbane City.
    so there is not lots of options now.

    • I assumed Hey You fully covers the costs of promotions? So that businesses would take advantage of such offers.

      In Sydney half the stores are permanently off-line so it's hard to gauge whether a business has simply stopped using the app.

  • Is this cumulative?

    Like if you order $8 today then $8 tomorrow, do you then get $5 voucher?

  • Any eligible cashback?

  • Is there anyway to know if the purchase was successful in tracking for the $5 cashback at the end of the period?

    • You can see in the order history which orders have the coupon applied.

      • I can't see my coupon applied to my order yesterday for the value of $9.90 (total transaction was $10.10). This implies that the value before the service charge needs to be $10 or more.
        I can't see that in the fine print….

        • Best to ask support. If you email the receipt to yourself, it will also say:

          Promotions & Discounts
          Spend $10 or more get $5 back on Hey You!


          • @tlai: Thanks tlai. I have emailed them - I was responded with an email that didn't answer my question and so have asked once more.

            I decided to test it once more today. So I ordered a salad that cost $11.50 today. I can see the banner for the promo on my order. Therefore, I've concluded that the $10 spend promo is BEFORE the service fee.

            Hope that helps someone.

  • can you redeem more than once per day?

  • Still waiting for my vouchers.

  • No emailed vouchers as yet.

  • Just come through at 12:58pm.

  • Now past 2pm, anyone else NOT received their vouchers?

  • Where are the vouchers?

  • Got a 20 voucher. Anyone know if I can redeem in multiple transactions? Or is the unused value forfeited?

    • It goes into your account as credit, so you should be able to use it in multiple transactions easily.

      It does expire though in two weeks.

      • I think the vouchers expire in 2 weeks, but once you have redeemed the voucher into credit on your account it doesn't expire.

        At least I hope I'm right about this or I have $40 credit to use before the 15th September.

        • I completely forgot about this until today. Was able to apply the voucher and use the credit, despite the 15/09 expiry

    • Did you have to email? Or it comes without you chasing

  • +4 votes

    Same as the guys above, I had to email to chase up my code.

    Pretty poor form from HeyYou. I wonder how many people will miss out on their credits because of this? They must be aware of this issue and just staying quiet and hoping people don't chase them about it.

  • I emailed and got the voucher.

    To be fair they said I’ve opted out the marketing promo email hence I didn’t receive my voucher email.

    Though I don’t think I can change this on app…

  • Same - emailed and replied straight away. But dodgy none the less. Unless you follow up they can reneg on the vouchers. They have our email, subscribed for crappy emails or not, no reason why they couldn't send them through.
    EDIT: From HeyYou: "As of the moment, we don't have any feature in the app to subscribe again"

    • +3 votes

      I'm still subscribed to their marketing spam and I didn't get the voucher email until I asked for it, so I don't think the opt-out is the reason people aren't getting their vouchers.

      I think HeyYou, either due to some unintended screwup or deliberate dodgyness failed to send some or all of the voucher emails out automatically.