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KEF Q100 Speakers $299 (Was $599) + Free Shipping @ Addicted to Audio


Great speakers even at the original asking price, last of the line clearance, whilst stocks last!

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  • Dammit, just got the Q150s for my desk for over double.

    They didn't come with grilles, hoping Kef doesn't keep that up.

    • They should have, they aren't in the box but should be included!

    • Q150 is better though
      And speakers last very long time

      When it comes to audio it's better to buy something decent and use it for long time instead of upgrading couple of times

      • They are slightly different designs. Q100 is 5.25-inch front ported, Q150 is read-ported.
        Front ported is suited to being close to the rear wall therefore more flexible with placement.

        I just double checked specs @ KEF official, and the driver size is wrong in my comment in your Q150 deal.
        The Amazon AU description is wrong, Q150 has 5.25-inch mid-bass driver just like Q100.

  • Been looking for a good pair of speakers for my desktop, this will do! Purchased :)

  • Can anyone recommend the most affordable amp that is decent? Will any old used amp off eBay do the trick?

    • my man buy an amp for around the same price as the speakers. $1:$1 ratio.

    • not any amp..but second hand reputable brands without features that you might not use (hdmi), possibly 10 years old or so are often cheap on gumtree. Stereo rather than surround for these might be best.
      I have an older Cambridge audio amp with digital in … and some quality reference speakers for my computer. works a treat for gaming/music.

    • SMSL AD18

  • How is it compare with infinity bookshelf for hi res music?

    • I believe the r152 and r162 are better. I'm kicking myself that I missed the r162s when they were on sale for $150.

      here's a review comparing q100 to r152:


      • when and where was the R162 on sale for $150? Don't mind getting them at that price if it is still running.

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/463476

          They were clearing out old stock I emailed them they said they won't sell those speakers anymore.

          They aren't super well known but they are really great speakers. Performance is on the heels of the JBL studio 530s which are considered a bargain @ $300 USD.

      • believe the r152 and r162 are better. I'm kicking myself that I missed the r162s when they were on sale for $150.

        Thanks, I bought R162 for $230, it is so good for that price.

        Just want to compare I heard KEF is also very good.

        • Yea you wont miss the Q100s. When and where did you buy the r162s? I'm looking for them all over the place

          • @Bacons:

            Yea you wont miss the Q100s. When and where did you buy the r162s? I'm looking for them all over the place

            Last year from eBay ebking_aus (actually is Centrecom), since it is discontinued product I think a bit difficult to find now.

  • Workout doing any research, I'm wishing i needed speakers!

    Have B&W 685s at the back. Not sure how these compare sound wise? I'm tempted to get something smaller than my 685s. And q acoustics on the pc.

    • +2 votes

      These are honestly a great even at $599 - so even if you don't need anything it is probably a good idea to get one just in case!

    • q acoustics aren't that great compared to the q100 if you're looking at the lower end models. Q100s are really good for near field.

  • damn, maybe shouldn't have bought those DALI's last week. Wonder how much I could make back on those…

  • @addictedtoaudio
    What would be the cheapest amp you could get to run these?
    Looking at a desktop setup, was going to get some Edifiers but these are not too far off.

    • We don't have a lot at the cheaper end to be honest but they aren't overly hard to drive,

      our cheapest would be the Yamaha AS301 or RN302!

    • Also interested!

    • You could buy $20 ebay amps that would go perfectly loud…. Actually did that for ages.

      Im using a TEAC dac off mass drop for the 150s.

      Amazon has a great one under $200 (tmsl or some thing) I use for my LS50W which are extremely power hungry. Good reviews on YouTube too.

      • Do you mean an amp for your LS50? LS50W is active.

      • You probably mean the SMSL AD18

        • Yeah that's the one, wasn't home to check it. It's not a bad unit at all.

          Makes a farce out of anything much more expensive anyway… My only negative is I wish it'd turn off after a period of time… Given wife reguarly forgets.

          • @scuderiarmani: I just leave these little chip amps on permanently, bugger all energy usage and longevity enhanced also, IMHO

            • @minksta: I'm paranoid, you are probably right, I've found it was still warm after a while so that out me off a little.

              It is a very tiny unit so maybe that had something to do with it.

              Still, they are amazing compared to options only a few years ago…

              My only minor query, I haven't looked too much into it, is they say it has sub connectivity, but looking at the back I didn't notice a dedicated output, was wondering if it's a dual output option as I've seen in similar things…. Not that I need it, more just the flexibility.

  • Was considering these bookshelves about 6months ago, almost bought them. At this price though! 😱

  • Any of these left in white?

  • @addictedtoaudio,

    I have a pair of Polk T15 with Rotel A11 for music. Would I notice any difference in upgrading to the Q100? Cheers.

  • +4 votes

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  • Guess this is a good recorder player speaker.

  • Had been on a lookout for used B&W. Bought these instead.

  • Bought a set as rears for home theatre. Thanks OP

    • Yeah, I actually have 4 of these for atmos overheads too, and two for rears. They have the same drivers in them as the in-ceiling Kef atmos speakers, which sell for about 1k each
      I guess if you were wanting the kef in ceilings, you could probably dismantle these…

  • Just bought a pair as computer speakers. I wonder how these will compare with my voll speakers that I have currently

    • I have and like both….imo these destroy the volls in every way.

      • What amp do you guys use for the volls?

      • Which Volls? I've got the original B44s and just bought a set of these. Felt the low end was lacking on the Volls and was hoping these would be a bit fuller - wanting to sell my sub as I only listen to music and it doesn't pair well.

        • I have the A44's(active version of the B44 v2) they're great little speakers.
          The q100s have a much larger cabinet and a larger woofer giving more bass.
          I used them without a sub for a good while i think you'll be happy.

        • I just got my order today and my god the difference is like night and day. Definitely worth the purchase

          • @GossipGoat: Couldn't agree more. Go easily loud enough without clipping (as far as I can tell) on my tiny SMSL SA-36A (which is only about 12 real watts into 8 ohms!), and they sound like a MUCH bigger speaker than the Voll. Dunno why people online claim no bass - it's perfectly adequate for music. Looks like I'm selling my sub.

  • Nice deal but wanting them in white.. argh the price is tempting

  • I have 3 of these in a 3.1 system, awesome speakers. $300 is a steal.

  • if these were white' I'd jump at it…

  • i saw this as KFC

  • Just got rid of my old bookshelf speakers. Good timing. Bought.

  • How do these compare to audioengine a5's?

    • You mean apart from the fact that the Audioengines are active speakers and these KEFs are not?

      • These with a cheap SMSL amp compared to the audioengines.

        • Actually I'm in a similar train of thought as you. For me, I went with these KEFs and am now looking for a budget amp.

          The Audioengine A5s are excellent for what they are, active speakers with well-regarded sound and useable straight out of the box. No need to worry about finding a suitable amp or thinking about cabling or even just matching it up to get the best bang for buck sound. A mate has these as his main speakers for a compact living room turntable-based setup, and they sound excellent. The clean asthetics are great too.

          The KEF Q100s are the opposite in that they need external amplification and cables, and you could argue that the quality of sound could be affected by the choices you make there. However, judging from most of the comments here and a heap of rave reviews online, these speakers are going to give you higher quality and detail for most of the material you listen to.

          I don't have a SMSL amp but many others do here, and I think they are good for their price. The huge advantage is that if you ever want to upgrade later on down the track, you simply just need to get a better amp. The KEFs will shine no matter what.

          Just my 2 cents anyway. Either way you go, you won't regret the choice :)

  • The addicted to audio website is blocked at work…Wow. Prices so good they should be illegal?

  • Is this for a pair of speakers, or do we have to buy 2?

  • Any chance for a Q150 deal? Been looking at those for a while since I prefer their aesthetic.

  • is there white version available?

  • I just ordered a pack and any solution that I can connect this to my SONY PS-LX310BT TURNTABLE without using external AMP?

  • Hey Op, only in black?

  • How this compare with Harman Kardon GLA-55 Crystal Speaker?
    Or which model of KEF would be better than it?(within reasonable price)

  • Hey Rep, would these go ok with a SONY PS-LX310BT (not yet purchased)?

    I am looking to put together a simple little system and do not have the money to get a good rig.

    I am in Newcastle and so I would drive down to your Sydney store to pick these up.

    Cheers. 😊

  • any deals on a decent center speaker? :)

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