RAVPower Solar Charger 16W Solar Panel $49.99 Delivered @ Sunvalley Amazon AU


Long time user, first time posting.
Been waiting a while for the price to come down and just received an email from Camelcamelcamel to say the price has plummeted. Not sure how long it'll last but I've already bought.
Small lightweight and 2.4a out of both USBs. Haven't personally used it but seems like a great deal for those on the go.

Previous price was $70-80+. Now $49.99 from Amazon '+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend).

RAVPower Solar Charger 16W Solar Panel with Dual USB Port Waterproof Foldable Compatible iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus, iPad Pro Air 2 Mini, Galaxy S8 S7 S6 Edge Plus, Note 5 4, LG, Nexus and Camping Travel has dropped at Amazon and is now $49.99 with prime The current price is the best price as it is the lowest price i've seen on this product.

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    Hmm… I'm curious as to this sentence in the ad:

    "Important Note: Please DO NOT lay the solar panel directly on CONCRETE, SAND, ROCK or other high heat conduction surfaces in direct sunlight – this will cause the solar panel to overheat and significantly reduce the conversion rate and output wattage"

    So where does one lay this thing down so the sun can actually hit it?
    The only example provided in one of the pictures shows SNOW as the ideal area to lay it down.

    Being that normal ground would have similar properties to concrete, sand, rock etc, then is it expected that output wattage isn't going to be as claimed?
    So unless I'm snow bound, where can I actually use this thing and obtain the actual advertised output?

    Sounds like a cop out to me.

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      it's basically just saying dont put it on a hot surface otherwise the panel may overheat.

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      Dirt, grass, on a tree?

      C'mon you really didn't think.


        On a tree? And how would it work efficiently with the sun at that angle, in the shade?
        or are you suggesting climbing to the top and hanging it there?

        And wouldn't dirt get just as hot as say sand or concrete on a very hot day?

        C'mon you really didn't think.
        (Doesn't sound nice when someone's being needlessly rude now does it?).


          And wouldn't dirt get just as hot as say sand or concrete on a very hot day?

          username checks out, lacks familiarity with basic Earth environments.

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      A newspaper.
      Plenty of surfaces that don't radiate significant heat.

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      Hang it on your pack while hiking.

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      The keyword is directly, as in nothing in between. Simply elevate one edge and the panels are no longer placed directly on the hot surfaces.

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      Sounds like a cop out to me.

      Not if you understand the basic operation of photovoltaic panels.

      Efficiency of solar electric panels drop as the panel temperature increases. That is the opposite of solar heating panels for hot water etc, so people can get confused.

      So don't add to the panel heat by placing directly on anything hot (eg provide an air gap or choose a different location with less heating from other surfaces) - to get the most energy from the panel.

      Hanging a panel vertically will also lower energy output, unless you are near the Poles. Greatest output will occur when the panel is in good direct sunlight incident (ie 90°) to the panel. So face the panel towards the sun, best angled at around your lattitude from horizontal (but this angle changes with seasons). Near flat will be OK, especially in Northern Australia.

      Otherwise, as they correctly state "this will cause the solar panel to overheat and significantly reduce the conversion rate and output wattage""

      If you were curious as you state, you could have Googled that information. It's useful when installing / using photovoltaic panels anywhere.

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        I understand completely… it's you that's not understanding the premise behind a portable solar panel array.

        I get the air gap thing. But other than putting it on a nice lush cool lawn (or snow as shown in the ad), exactly what use is this portable ray going to be? Certainly not at its advertised wattage… which it'll NEVER achieve because as you've rightly said, there will be significant losses when it heats up.

        That's why I made my comment in the first place. Not for Google hero's to have a quick jab at a comment without reading it properly.
        To let people know that it's going to be highly unlikely that it'll achieve its advertised output wattage.

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          What sort of troll are you posting misleading, contrived & inaccurate information. I hope no one took you seriously!!

          Fortunately, no one responding to your warning believed your unbelievable scenarios.

          I understand completely… it's you that's not understanding the premise behind a portable solar panel array.

          Nope! You obviously don't understand completely. You just think you do - which is far worse.

          From my own experience (no need for Google!)…
          Portable panels are more susceptible to the effect of heating, than fixed panels with adequate insulation (eg air gap) to limit heat transfer from surfaces beneath them. In addition, a convection air current should cool the back of fixed panels, due to that air gap.

          Portable panels like this are coated in black - worsening the heating effect if sited on a hot surface. The back of fixed panels much better reflect heat with light colours. Users are likely to place portable panels directly on an already heated surface, without considering the need for insulation.

          So the seller's warning is very valid. Your contrived response & ridiculous warning was not valid.

          You are saying because the seller gives accurate advice on the siting of a panel (to avoid direct placement on an already hot object to maximise energy output), that they are dodgie!

          Reputable suppliers should provide that information, especially for portable photovoltaics! Especially so when users most likely would not understand how to best use photovoltaic panels for maximum output.

          It is your warning - due to your lack of understanding, that is highly dodgie!

          Not for Google hero's to have a quick jab at a comment without reading it properly.

          Again, nope!

          I read it but just couldn't see how you reached your ridiculous conclusion.

          The only reason seened you don't understand - but you claim you do!! That means you set out to mislead - far worse.
          It defied logical reasoning - up there with other conspiracy theories!

          Your contrived & fatuous response to the valid warning was just ludicrous!

          That's why I offered my differing opinion.

          Didn't need Google - I went by my years of experience using photovoltaics. I've had fun in the Electrical Engineering lab, putting solar cells through testing.

          Having installed & used photovoltaic panels over decades, in both fixed & portable applications - I do understand!

          If you had simply doubted the claimed output - that would have been a very valid question. No need for the hyperbole!
          Stated output is always under ideal conditions. So may vary with use etc. Some may overstate the output (may be at maximum obtainable voltage, before converted to lower delivered voltage - which involves losses).
          That's something to be wary of!

          Have blocked your useless & misleading comments.

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            @Infidel: Jeez mate… you're going to give yourself a stroke one day!
            Either that or RSI of the fingertips.

            So much anger, so much name calling. So much opinion that I actually didn't want to waste my time reading most of it so I skipped through it all.

            Ok… you win. Just relax OK. I'd hate to read that you died in your sleep or something over this. Jeez!

            I hope your significant other/loved ones have learned to live with this type of over the top argumentative demeanour? Decades of solar panels!?!?! Cool. Enjoy retirement before its too late.

            I'm dead serious mate, you really need to calm down for the sake of your health… you've tripped a major fuse on such a minor issue and I'm genuinely concerned for your welfare.

            Block away bud… it might actually be good for your health. Take care tiger.
            My goodness.

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    RAVPower 16W Review from Outdoor Gear Lab is mixed but positive for the price.

    eBay price is $99 so this seems like good value.


    24w is on special in amazon for $68.99


    Having used this for 2 weeks can say I'm pretty impressed considering it's not even summer. About 1100 ma charge during middle of day. Was charging inside and it was dismal. Use it to top up devices. The 24w one had an extra USB but not necessarily that much faster apparently.

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