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GL.inet GL-MT300N-V2 Travel Router $25.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ GL-Tech via Amazon AU


It seems like this popular GL-MT300N-V2(Mango) travel router is on sale again and it's cheaper than the previous deal.

If you're planning on travelling soon, this device is a must have gadget for those who regularly connects their devices to a public wifi or hotel. This device allow you to have all the connected devices to be connected behind a secure VPN connection.

Refer to this Youtube link if you want to check out the review and know more about this portable Travel router.

After applying the code '4IIVQFB7' at check out, this will come down to $25.95.

I was able to get the discount for the GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext by using 'R9E93F3W' and apply it at check out. Please note that the code will only work from 6pm 21/08/2019.

Don't forget to use Cashrewards or Shopback to get a further discount.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Don't forget to use Cashrewards or Shopback to get a further discount.

    Would CR/SB be valid? Like since we are using an 'unapproved' code the cashback might be voided?

    Other than that, thank you OP, been thinking about getting one and today might be the best time.

    • Oh yeah - I forgot about that! Its one of those habit that I have in using them when buying things.

      I mean worse case scenario if they don't allow it, it'd still be cheaper than previous deal. :)

      • I mean it's worth trying and all, when GoCashBack has cashback for Amazon again I think they would confirm it, could be wrong. (GoCashBack has no 'rules' in terms of promo codes from what I have seen)

  • how does this work if you need to enter a user name and password to connect to the hotel's server?

    • I would imagined you will need to connect to the router first and then use the web interface to connect to the hotel's portal?

      Perhaps someone that is using the Mango version will be able to answer that?

      I've just recently got the GL-AR750S and absolutely love it!

      • What speeds do you get? I found the Mango to be pretty slow.

    • +2

      Depends on the hotel but it has a web interface so you would normally connect your phone/tablet/pc to the router wifi. Then login to the router and set up the wifi credentials in there.

      For some hotels which work with just a login code, there's also a trick where you can clone the MAC address of your phone. So you can connect your phone to the hotel wifi and then clone the MAC address of your phone to the router (it's just copy and paste) and then the hotel thinks the router is your phone.

      • Oh that's a pretty sneaky trick. Somebody really wanted their mini router to work.

      • for this newbie - Am I copying my phone's mac address into a router config (where?) (Ignore my comment I see it explained below - thanks peoples)

    • I've got one of these, you can set it up in wireless repeater mode. So say you call your glinet wifi ozbargain. You'd have the travel router connect to hotel wifi, and create its own wifi hotspot called ozbargain. When you connect to ozbargain and try and go to the net, you get the web page asking for username / password, hotel room / name or whatever. Then the glinet gizmo is authenticated and you're good to go with anything else that connects to your ozbargain wifi.

  • yes I have 750 too but cant get it to connect to hotel wifi

  • +1

    Captive portal connection functionality sadly seems to depend a lot on what's in the backend.

    There are three main things you can try when having issues with a captive portal:
    1. More Settings -> Custom DNS Server -> Turn off DNS Rebinding Attack Protection then reboot and connect to the public network, then try login via device.
    2. After connecting router to Public network on initial WiFi connection to the router (Mango/Slate etc) go to
    3. Connect to the public network on your notebook/tablet/mobile and login to the captive portal on your notebook/tablet/mobile. On the router go to More Setting -> MAC Clone -> Change the MAC to that of your notebook/tablet/mobile then connect to the public network. Connect devices to router.

    Hopefully between these three it works :)

  • +1

    Used mine last week on a trip and it worked great.

    The hotel I stayed at had a captive portal that limited the wifi to a single device. It would also only last 5 days with a max of 500mb. This was in Vanuatu.

    Using the Mango, I was able to connect my phone/laptop to the mango, and then scan for the hotel wifi in the backend, connect to the hotel wifi and then enable internet.

    From there, all the other devices including chromecast, phones and laptops were connected and ready to go.

    Plugging in a USB stick to the mango, I was also able to share various media to the different devices.

    highly recommended

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    any discount code for slate? good gift for father's day

    • +1

      I've sent an email requesting if they could provide a discount on the Slate for Father's day.

      They said this code 'R9E93F3W' is active from 6pm. Click on the link above and apply the code from 6pm.

  • Nice find, thanks OP.
    Useful video for anyone who has not used one before:

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