expired [eBay Plus] Sony PHA-2A Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier $379.10 Delivered (RRP $599) @ Bestbuy Online eBay


A great dac amp

Credit to OP who found code Panther 15% of eligible items

Cheapest i could find else where in on the bestbuyonline website for $429

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    Could this adequately power a set of HD600's?

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      Through the balanced output easily

      Though this is more suited to sony headphones as they come with a 4.4mm terminated cable


        What portable amp/dac would you recommend for HD600's and an iPhone?


          Mojo is a good choice if you can find one cheap (not worth the RRP, worth around $400)

          A cheap LG G7 is a good option as well

          a weird combo i've seen work really well is a apple 3.5mm to lighting dongle as the dac and a monoprice thx aaa portable as the AMP

          Otherwise a used Astell & kern Kann is a good option also


          Apparently HD600 is notoriously picky with its source / equipment. I would recommend doing a lot of research before pairing it with a portable amp if you want to be impressed.

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    As much as I like Sony in the past, this device looks a bit long in the tooth (~3 years old) and is most likely designed to complement Sony DAP’s and headphones.
    The build quality & design should be there, but for the 9018K2M DAC chip it’s using it should be much cheaper (9018K2M chip prices have tanked).

    This model is also lacking Sony’s S-master amplification.


      What would you recommend for IER Z1Rs?

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        Another killer for portable use is the 290g weight of the PHA-2A.

        I prefer listening to speakers. I just looked up IER Z1R, they are Sony so the PHA-2A may pair well with them.
        The PHA-2A as a general portable DAC (for other headphones other than Sony) will most likely be beat (at least sound wise) by the Topping NX4 which gets a lot of praise and goes for around $200.
        NX4 lacks balanced-output but puts out more power than the PHA-2A’s normal output, and weighs only 148g with better battery life than the PHA-2A.

        If you must have balanced, the recently released FiiO Q5S when on sale would be my recommendation. Cheapest price I could find right now was $469.90 @ TheAudioTailor.


      9018K2M DAC chip it’s using it should be much cheaper (9018K2M chip prices have tanked)

      The DAC chip itself is often one of the cheapest components in high end gear; the implementation of the circuit (especially the output stage) is arguably more important in establishing the quality of a DAC's sound. The 9018K2M is even found in some very expensive gear, such as the £3300 Parasound HINT 6: https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/parasound-hint-6

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        Yes but the most recent chips usually cost a fair bit, and that dictates the overall price of newest DAC’s that are being released.
        Your link is to an integrated amp, I am just referring to ‘DAC’s’.

        There is nothing wrong with the 9018K2M IMO. It’s just dated with the increasing pace of tech at the moment (my main criticism is the Sony PHA-2A’s price).

        I agree with you that a lot more important implementation that goes into a product than just the DAC chip. Well engineered products like the German engineered RME ADI-2 DAC uses dated chips, but due to the engineering of the unit as a whole it still out-performs and importantly will most likely outlast other cheaper options.

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      implying DACs matter
      Also implying we didn't hit transparency over 20 years ago
      Just get the damned thing if you can't hit the volume levels you need or move on, or buy something sub $100 and be just as happy. Your call.

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