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adidas Ultraboost Shoes $120 (Was $240) Delivered @ adidas


Greetings everyone, great prices on these shoes :)

6 colour types available at this price, plenty of sizes. Down to 2 now.

Women's Listing Here

Stack with Cashback for further savings.

As always, enjoy :)

Original deal - 50% off Everything @ adidas Online

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  • Understand it’s specific to UB however already a posting for outlet discount

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        Users are entitled to post individual items as part of a sale if they think it's a bargain. No different to eBay sales or any other sales/coupons. So no, it's not a dupe.

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    Combine with 20% ShopBack. Comes out to be $96.

    Do these run small? Some reviews recommend getting half a size up.

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      Being running shoes they'll be more snug than casual sneakers - a half size seems about right.

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      Half size up on the 4.0!

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      Yeah definitely go half a size up, they run a bit narrow.
      Or you go true to size and take out insole, which is what I had to do to make it comfortable.

      • I was pondering between 9 and 9.5 and couldn’t decide. Then when I was gonna get 9.5 boom they’re sold out.

        Settled on the 9.

        My Nike Air Presto is also a 9 - Are they comparable?

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          Yeah I think the prestos are of similar width to the ultraboosts, so if 9 in prestos are a good fit for you I think 9 in ub will be fine too. I go half up since my feet are slightly wider, but I think yours should fit okay.

          • @azndraon: Thanks for the reply mate! Glad I got this 9 UB then!

            The 9 prestos are very comfortable for me but I get holes on the top mesh where my big toes dig into the front of the shoe. Actually all my sneakers get holes like that after a year or so.

            I must have crooked toes or I walk funny?

            • @zzzman: Hahaha unlucky mate. Everybody walks differently, so I suppose your style of walking has greater emphasis on the toe. Hmmm, maybe take the insole out so that the toe doesn't contact the front of the shoe as much? That might work, but not too sure.

    • You mean cash back? What's shopback?

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      I have already got 2 pairs of them and fit as my true size 8.5.

  • Great shoes. Super comfy.

  • Can someone recommend me a shoe that has similarities of the continental rubber sole but the chassis like the Salomon 3D chassis? I like the sole of ultraboost but absolutely hate the primeknit, in contrast I like the Salomon but would like the superb sole of ultra boost, I’m looking for a shoe that fits the bill above, any recommendations? Thanks

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      Try Adidas Boston Boost or Adidas Tempo Boost shoes, both have continental rubber + boost sole (slightly less than Ultraboost).
      They're more akin to normal running shoes in the upper..
      But if you're looking for a Salomon 3D chassis you probably won't find it in the Adidas boost range because it was made to be light, unless you look for the hiking range (Adidas Terrex)

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    Wonder how long will this run for. Am trying to get Rebel to price match have some gift cards to unload

    • Let us know if you are successful

      • No chance.. Already out of stock on Adidas website

  • Finally succumbed to the UB club! Thanks Dowey!

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    END Clothing is also doing free shipping over $90, lot of items on sale

  • Thanks OP, these shoes are comfy.
    Got myself another pair.

  • Damn most sizes are already out that was fast !! :(

  • Latest model much more Comfort than this

  • +1

    I've got NMD R1 and I'm a 7. Should of go half size up to 7.5 in these?

    • Order 2 sizes and return 1. I'm 8 but ultraboost 8 is way too small for me.

      • Too slow. Missed out on the only size 7 anyway

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    is the size in the website in US sizing or AU/UK sizing?

  • These actually good for running, or just for fashion?

  • Copped too early yesterday in the END Clothing post. failed

  • Thanks OP, bought the grey UB

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed a pair in grey. $96 (with shop back) down from $240 looks like a pretty good price for these.

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    Shop back cash back was based on pre Gst amount, so I got about $21 tracked.

    • Real catch

    • Did your shopback tracking come through right away? Mines still not showing in my account, though I did sign up just for this so I’m not sure it would make a difference or not.

      • +1

        No, was maybe a couple of hours after.

        • Cool, thanks

          • @jepiterr: I haven’t received confirmation yet from ShopBack but sometimes they can take a day or two. If you don’t see it after two days just log missing cashback but check that they provide the correct amount as happened to me couple of times where after a while the cashback change to their standard rate instead of the special rate and had to contact them again.

  • Cheering. 120$ for a new pair of Ultraboosts and $21.81 cash back <3 Thanks OP

  • only white left in my size. i can look like jerry seinfeld!

    • I don't know why anyone else doesn't like the idea of the white ones. I think they look fantastic! Bright pair of shoes for summer, the sole and all white parts can be easily cleaned off, and the fabric has black marks on it, so even if you get them dirty, it won't look that bad!

      • its so 1990s though :)

      • I like it and grabbed one

        • Same! I reckon it is a really nice pair of shoes for summer, when we wear brighter coloured clothes

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    Ultraboost ST's also available. Seem to be wider. Anyone used these before?

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      I have both..i find ST more stable at the front and tighter which I like. It's doesn't have a snug fit around the ankle, which the standard ones have.

  • No colour options left :'(

  • +1
    • That's what I thought until you see that one in person and the purple is very obvious.

  • Thx OP runners and 5 water bottles - can't beat $5 plus cashback. For those interested- https://www.adidas.com.au/perf-bottle-750ml/DU0187.html kids & missus sorted…

  • Grabbed a white one thanks OP

  • Couldn't say no to the price. Awaiting white ones, hopefully they're easy to clean

  • Darn. No more 20% cash back. I was about to pull the trigger after procrastinating. Oh well saved me the cash. Certainly dun need another pair of UB lol.

  • Done got myself a pair in size 10; thanks OP

  • Done and done!! Thanks!

  • +1

    Only white ish ones in US11 left. Funny how one of the most popular sizes are still left

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    They cancelled my order :(

    • What? Why?

      • No idea. makes no sense. There was stock in my size on the website. Called in, and the guy said it was weird. Said he would email back, but he just emailed the same cancellation email with no reason. Pretty pissed off.

        • +3

          :( mine has been sent out. Getting delivered Monday. Sorry yours isn't.

        • Ditto

    • Same here, was looking forward to my first UB :(

    • So I ordered one last week for my partner, it said the order went through, my shopback was updated and the rest. I wasnt given a confirmation or tracking number so on monday I gave them a call in which they said they would give me a call and let me know what happens. No call back so I call them back on the Tuesday and they said it was an IT error but further looking into would be required and they would call me back and of course they didn't. Called back wednesday and they said it can't be determined whos fault it was so they'll give me a discount code so I can make the exact order and get the same price I originally would have paid for them. I get the code yesterday, thursday, and go to order again only to find the size (and any similar sizes I could go up to) are sold out so the discount code is pointless anyway. I call up and they tell me its probably not getting restocked and they'll check if retail stores have them and then he says he can't actually check retail stock levels but gives me a number of a store saying they can. I ask if I could use my discount code if I purchase in store, and he puts me on hold to consult his manager. Afterwards he returns to the phone to say that I cannot so I'm like well what was the point of the whole thing and ask if I could speak to said manager and he says she just stepped out and will call me later in the day (which I honestly doubt). I feel like for just getting a gift for a partner, this entire ordeal has not been worth the effort. But between submitting tickets each time and being out on hold, I'm pretty sick of having to do it. Does anybody know if they have any social media in which I can contact?

  • Looks like they still have it…Not sure if it's a bug or not

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