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[Back Order] Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker $94.52 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Got an email from the triple camel saying that this has dropped to the lowest price ever on Amazon.

Includes the Fuzzy Logic technology.

I already have one of these, and it is an amazing machine. Perfect rice every time - never had issues with rice sticking.

Highly recommended!

edit: Ooh, don't forget 8% cashback from ShopBack!

Mod Note: Item on Back-Order - Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • +2 votes

    no bluetooth

    • No Google Assistant / Apple HomeKit / Amazon Alexa integrations too

      • I'm assuming you're being sarcastic but in this day and age I'm not suprised when these features pop up. Who wouldn't want to start their rice cooking when they jump in the car to head home?!

        • so you leave the uncooked rice + water in the cooker the entire day?

          Sounds unhygienic

          • @A Banana4scale: the korean bloke I work with soaks his brown rice overnight before cooking it. he's never had any sick days due to it, so perhaps it's not.

          • @A Banana4scale: You have a good point there my friend… someone definitely doesn't like the sound of rice sitting in water judging by the downvote, but some of the reviews of various models make specific mention of setting features, which mean you can get it set in the morning and come home to fluffy rice in the evening.

        • Who wouldn't want to start their rice cooking when they jump in the car to head home?!

          ….uuuuhm… me?

    • does have band 28.

  • More seriously - there are so many cookers on the market these days. This looks pretty decent. Must say, I'm tempted…

  • Fuzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy logic!

  • Same price on Myer ebay after coupon code PMYERAUG. Click n collect

  • wonder how this compares with xiaomi or zojirushi (non induction models though)

    • Don't know personally. I always wanted a machine that has Fuzzy Logic, and with this one, the rice comes out absolutely perfect! So I'm not sure how much better those could be!

  • After buying one of the recent Philips Airfryer XL deals posted here recently we're starting to get a little choccas in the kitchen… When I think about it, the espresso coffee machine (fresh beans), breville smart coffee grinder, air fryer and little nespresso pod machine were all OzB posts!

  • +1 vote

    I have fuzzy memory .. will fuzzy logic help?

  • this or Panasonic DF181WST? i am looking to get one of those. I know Panasonic is cheaper on promotion but it has very good reviews.

    • The Panasonic has mixed reviews on productreview (3.5 stars from 27 reviewers), with a few complaining slow cooking.

      • all the good rice cooker does it so I m not worry about slow cooking. I don't like to use $13 rice cooker as it's very messy one :(

        • +1

          My first (& last) always boiled over!

          PS Recently bought a "Slow Cooker" (at Woolies)

          Who can tell me it it's suitable for making rice well,
          without "boiling over"…?

  • I've often considered a rice cooker - but this step from the instructions is the stumbling block for me:

    Wash the rice by placing it in a sieve under cold running water. This will remove any excess starch. The rice is ready when the water runs clear from the sieve. Drain the rice well before cooking.

    That's just way too much work compared to just stuffing the rice straight into a big pan of boiling water and then giving it a quick rinse with boiling water afterwards.

    Is rice cooked in one of these actually better than when manually cooked in a saucepan?

    • You're meant to do that with all rice.. in a pot, rice cooker.. whatever, because when you don't rinse the starch off you end up with gluggy rice. I don't know anyone who doesn't personally.

    • Don't let this discourage you from using a rice cooker. Washing it once is enough. I know it as I cook rice every day. The rice is definitely fluffier coming out of a rice cooker compared to a saucepan

    • As mentioned, you're supposed to wash rice no matter how its cooked.

      I don't bother with a sieve, I just put rice in cooker pot as normal, add some cold water in the sink and agitate / swirl with my hand, then pour out the water and fill it again to cook. Takes all of 15 seconds and the colour of the water goes opaque white so it's worth the effort to me.

      Regarding this deal in general, I've been using the previous gen Breville unit for ~4 years and it cooks rice perfectly every time, can't fault it.

      • I ended up ordering one anyway - hopefully it's as good as you guys are saying.

        • it is.
          you wont be dissapointed

          It takes a bit longer than a "standard rice cooker" BUT the results are worth it.

          I've used it daily for about 3-4 years. Great machine.

          • @rendo: it also cooks brown rice extremely well.
            really well

            just read the manual. 1.5:1 ratio for water, then brown rice comes out perfect.

            Eg 2 cups of rice and use 3 cups of water.
            For white rice you would use 2 cups of rice and fill up to the 2 cup line
            But for brown rice, if two cups of brown rice you then fill up to the 3 cup line.

          • @rendo: Had our first batch of rice tonight - and so far we're not impressed. Rice came out in sticky clumps and my wife reckons it was overcooked.

            Hopefully I just did something wrong - I used four cups (using the included 180ml cup) of Sunrice long grain, and 4 cups of water. I rinsed the rice about 5 or 6 times in a big bowl beforehand.

            When we cook it by just chucking the dry rice directly into a big pan of boiling water and cooking it for 11 minutes and finally rinsing with a kettle of boiling water, the rice comes out perfect, with separate grains - none of this sticking together business.

            Do we need a different brand of rice, or different variety? Do I need to wash it more? Or less? Do I need more or less water?

            I was just reading the SunRice website and it mentions using 1.5 cups water to 1 cup of rice - so maybe I should try that next time.

            • @AdrianW: That doesn't sound right, there MUST be something wrong.
              I have never had a bad batch of rice from this machine.
              I usually use SunRice medium grain, but sometimes the longgrain too.. no issues, perfect every time

              When you say that you used 4 cups of rice, using the included cup, thats good. However, you dont then use 4 cups of water.
              You fill the rice bowl to the 4 cup line, is this what you did? Or did you actually use 4x180ml cups of water??
              The lines on the bowl are the way to go. Make sure the bowl is flat when you are checking if you have the level right.

              I only use 1.5cups to 1 if I am cooking brown rice, then it is perfect. I have never had to do this for white rice.
              I wash the rice usually 2-3 times. (in the same bowl…..I use the plastic rice scoop to give it all a bit of a swirl before I empty the water, and the plastic wont scratch the bowl)

              What setting did you put it on? For white rice this is what I do:

              -I just put the rice in the bowl (& wash), swirl around with plastic scoop
              -then water in to the right level on the bowl
              -quick wipe down on the outside of the bowl to remove any water
              -then put the bowl in the rice cooker
              -turn on the rice cooker
              -press start
              -walk away
              -come back to cooked rice in 30-40mins (for about 3 cups of white rice)

              hope that helps

              • @rendo: Well, I did everything you said except I did use 4x180ml cups of water as that's what the manual says for white rice. The markings in the bowl are for brown rice. (See point 4 on page 11 of this manual, also see the table on page 14).

                I'll try 50% more water next time, hopefully that works out.

                • @AdrianW: Oh man, now you’re got me having to check my manual and see what it says. Lol

                  I agree your manual clearly states that what you are doing is the correct procedure and the numbers on the bowl are for brown rice. No dispute, but that is odd!!

                  I’ve been using rice cookers for 30+ years and I’ve never seen the numbers on the side be for brown rice. Wow. The numbers on the side have always represented the amount of water you need for the respective amount of cups of white rice. This is a no brainer in rice cooker land. It’s an unwritten rule. Haha.

                  There is no way 4x 180ml of water is enough for 4 cups of white rice. Not a chance. I’d have to test this to be sure. Thousands of times I’ve done this. I’m open to being wrong, but I doubt it. Especially since you’re getting poor results.

                  I’ll let you know what my manual says. I do have the model before yours. Let’s see.
                  “If” my manual is the same as yours, then ignore your manual. Follow my lead.

                  I get perfect rice, all the time.

                  I’ll report back.

                • @AdrianW: Ok…..SO GOOD NEWS….I think!!

                  My manual says exactly the same as yours. I think this is good, because I am calling total BS on the manual. The rice cooker is great, and to be honest I think they have the instructions completely wrong. Very disappointing on Breville's part.

                  I have taken a picture of my rice cooker bowl. I cooked 7 cups of white rice tonight, filled the water up to the "7 cup rice line" as seen in the picture of my rice cooker bowl.


                  Rice came out perfect. As always, every single time for the last 30 years. I've had this cooker for about 4 years. It's the best rice cooker I have ever had. I used Sunrice medium grain tonight.

                  I encourage you to give it a go. Put in two cups of rice into your rice cooker bowl. Fill the bowl to the 2 Cup Rice line in your bowl. Then press start and walk away :)

                  If it fails, well you lose 2 cups of rice. If it works like it does for me (and probably everyone else) then you've discovered the secret!!

                  Do report back…..I want to hear that you have had success. Its a good rice cooker! :)

                  Maybe send me a picture of your rice cooker bowl…..(and chuck that manual out….I never looked at it until tonight)

                  • @rendo: My bowl looks like this. So, the cup marks are the same as yours.

                    • @AdrianW: Thanks for the picture of the bowl.

                      Totally just looks like every other rice cooker bowl that i have seen

                      Give my method a go, I am sure it will work for you.

                      Let me know how you go, if you have time.

                      All the best, hope that helps

                  • @rendo: Well, second batch was another failure. 4 cups of rice (washed in a bowl about 6 or 7 times), sieved and put into the cooker bowl. Then I added 6 cups of water (it ended up a little higher than the 4 cup line on the bowl.

                    Turned it on and left it until it beeped. Fluffed it up with the serving spoon (like it mentions in the instructions) then close it again for the remaining 14 minutes. We then left it on keep warm for about a further 4 minutes.

                    Rice came out sticky again - perfect for sushi, abysmal for curry. Perhaps @kiitos is correct, maybe I just haven't lowered my expectations far enough.

                    • @AdrianW: Hello AdrianW,

                      Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering how you went.

                      It is frustrating to hear your results. As you know I get great results. I only wash 2-3 times, and I certainly have never used a sieve.

                      The only difference in our methods is eg if I use 4 cups, then I fill the water to the 4 cup line. Done. (try it??)

                      I guess our rice cookers are different in the sense that yours is the newer model.
                      Possible this is adding to the difference in results, but you would hope that a newer model would be better than the older model, or at least 'on par'.

                      I hope that you do get good results eventually, you certainly are trying. Usually when people try, they will get there eventually. So, fingers crossed for you.

            • @AdrianW: Maybe your expectations are different, if you're expecting separate grains of rice, generally expect the rice to have some degree of clumping which rice cookers deliver, and which makes it easier to eat with chopsticks.

              • @kiitos: Maybe, but I think my expectations are reasonable. Long grain rice especially shouldn't be sticky at all - separate grains is what you want to go with a curry.

    • "but this step from the instructions is the stumbling block for me:"
      Here are a few more thoughts:
      Potential health risks associated with the consumption of arsenic in rice.
      Rice is a high carbohydrate.

    • Rice does tend to turn out better if you wash it beforehand, but what will make more of a difference for you is using the absorption method with the correct amount of water. The method you're describing is rapid boil which will never make fluffy rice. It's maybe ok if you're cooking rice to use as an ingredient in something else, but for serving it with a something like a curry or stir fry you really have to cook it using absorption. I've found the ratio on the packet always tells you to use way too much water (especially after washing). For me cup for cup tends to work perfectly most of the time but it depends on the grain.

      I'm of the mind that you can make rice just as good in a pot as you can in a rice cooker, but it's really hard to do consistently. The cooker is purpose-built to only cook rice, and requires a lot less effort so I'm sure it'd be worth it if you consume rice frequently enough.

  • Grab it without question at this price!

  • Great machine! Been using this exact one for about 5 years and no issue yet.

  • Was going to buy a $10 KMart one but ended up going with this. Hope it is worth it!

  • I was placing in the cart and now the price increased :(

  • Back to $149 :( just as I was about to buy.

  • now 'Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.'

  • I've been thinking about upgrading the 15yo $20 kambrook rice cooker lately but getting lost in the options. I probably should grab this so I don't get carried way and spend 4-5x on a tiger or whatever.

    edit. Screw it, ordered one. Bad memories of terrible rice ruining our recent sushi roll night put me over the edge.

  • Sold, was just looking for one on the weekend too. Thanx OP.

  • can't wait 1 whole month. ended up buying from Myer with shopback. Thanks for the post I was just thinking to buy cheap 20$ rice cooker but ended up spending $95 instead. better be good ;3

  • Great machine, if you are thinking about it then stop it.

    Just buy it. Worth it.

    Been using it daily for years now (the previous model) and it is brilliant

  • Get it from Myer ebay for the same price except no cashback. No need to wait for month or two to get it delivered.

  • Just got one from Amazon.

  • I got $6.02 cash back from cashrewards for this item.

    • same here. cashrewards has the purchase amount as AUD85.93 for some reason so we've been shortchanged about 60c on the 7% cashback.

  • Speaking of rice, does anyone know where to buy sushi rice in bulk? Ideally looking for the SunRice brand. The supermarkets only sell the 750g at $3.50, and they never go on sale :(


  • Anyone who has this rice cooker be kind enough to tell me how tall this machine is?

    The product specifications doesn't state whether 22.1cm refers to the height, or the width.

  • Used this thing for the first time today and hot damn does it make a good batch of rice. As someone who eats a lot of curries I am very happy.

    Also for anyone wondering 10 cups of rice is far too much

  • I was just reading the manual and noticed that it mentions that the included cup is approx 180ml, when the standard aussie cup size is 250ml. Just something to be aware of I suppose.

  • Received it today. It's very big for me as I live alone not sure if I should return or just use it :( can't find any decent 5L rice cooker.

    • You could always cook double batches, save the extra in the fridge and then use the Reheat function the next time.

  • does any1 know how to turn this rice cooker off without plugging it out?

  • My backorder arrived today. better than the 1-2 months indicated

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