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Fukuoka, Okinawa, Sapporo Japan via Taiwan from Brisbane/Sydney $682, Melbourne $643 Return on China Airlines (Oct-May)


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Excellent fares to Japan's outlying islands.

One stop in Taipei en route with no bag fees, etc.
Travel tip:

An excellent day trip from Sapporo is Noboribetsu Onsen, one of Japan's best-known hot springs. It's only an hour from the airport, and there's nothing like a long soak in the sulfurous water after a long flight.
All prices are for roundtrip flights and in AUD unless otherwise stated.

FROM: Brisbane (BNE)

Fukuoka (FUK) - $682
Okinawa (OKA) - $682
Sapporo (CTS) - $682

FROM: Melbourne (MEL)

Fukuoka (FUK) - $643
Okinawa (OKA) - $643
Sapporo (CTS) - $643

FROM: Sydney (SYD)

Fukuoka (FUK) - $682
Okinawa (OKA) - $682
Sapporo (CTS) - $682

WHEN: October 2019 to May 2020, excluding Xmas/NYE
AIRLINE(S): China Airlines
BUY BY: We think these fares will last 1-2 days

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  • This is China Airlines NOT AirChina, completely different companies

    • wow, bad typo on my part. I've flown both and far prefer China Airlines! Thanks for fixing.

      • no worries.

      • China Airline is Taiwanese but safety wise it doesn't have a good record.

        • Their safety record was bad in the 90s, however in recent years they underwent huge retraining completely changed their safety culture, and combined with their modern fleet are just as safe as any other now. I have flown them a few times and their service and on-board product is excellent.

  • Via Taiwan?

  • so technically you can skip the Japan and stay in Taipei

    • Not a great idea, you could hop off but your bags might continue. And you'd likely forfeit the return leg as well.

    • but can we actually do a stop-over in Taipei? (ie. on the way there stay in taipei for a few days -> then go to japan?)

  • Okinawa, highly recommended, especially for families because it's very easy (slow) to drive around places. IMO, it's much better than Bali.

    As for Taipei, here is a good start https://www.youtube.com/user/LyckosLukas

    • I loved Okinawa. Would go again/10

      • How many days would you spend there? Okinawa's always been a place I'd like to go but seems like something you would normally tack on to an existing Japan trip as most people only spend a few days there?

        • 3 days is enough to see basically everything on the main island. You'll need longer if you want to snorkel or dive. Zamami islands are stunning. Turtles, sea snakes, scorpion fish and phytoplankton

        • We spent 7 days there after 2 weeks in the mainland. Probably a few days too long for some people but we rented a car and drove all around and just enjoyed the general experience. Its a stunning part of the world and absolutely under rated.

          It would depend on your interest but as a guide I'd say 3 or 4 nights would do it. Make sure you go to the other islands kerama and kume if you go!

  • This is great but it doesn't look like you can do a stopover in Taipei without a significant price increase :(

  • Recently flew economy with China Airlines from SYD-BKK and was very impressed. Aircraft were almost all new (A350's). Leg room was good and the food was above standard. Comparing this to my recent flight with Etihad, China Airlines was much better. Bagging allowance was also incredible. Was 5kg over the limit with check in and they didn't care.

  • anyone else having trouble recreating these prices when playing around with the dates? closest i've got is $756 which is still an amazing deal, but just wanted to know what i'm missing

  • what's so special? i just booked my return to tokyo for $650, will fly with singapore airlines (1 hour stopover in singapore)which is considered much better than this one no? And there were plenty $550ish deals, fly with philippines airlines though.

    • To Tokyo is quite different - it's a common route. These are to the 'alternate' destinations which normally requires a connection in Tokyo AFTER the $650 you paid to get there, which could be an extra hundred each way.

      Also China Airlines is quite a step up from Philippine Airlines, in my experience (flown both, although only PH longhaul).

  • China airlines direct to Taiwan is $1200… maybe I should have played around with my flights to push that down.

    • Not if you wanted to keep your return flight… With the majority of airlines all around the world, if you miss one flight then the rest are cancelled.

      • I mean, I needed to be in Taiwan so I already booked tickets. But if I could rebook I’d prob do a multi-city, go Taiwan stay a few days, then explore japan as well.

  • Just booked 21/03~14/04 from Brisbane to Fukuoka $717, great deal for cherry blossom season