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Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop 8th Gen Intel i5 8300H 8GB RAM 128GB RTX 2060 - $1,499.00 Delivered @ Dell Australia eBay


Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster, thought this was a decent deal for a laptop with a 2060

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    I think it is

  • 128g ssd, is this 2018 model?

  • Conflicting screen size in the specs… is it 17 inch or 15.6 inch?

    • In tech spec, under subheading Display, it says: 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS 300-nits Display

      • You'd end up spending all the savings on nit removal shampoo

      • Yeah I realise that, but in ebay description it also says

        "Screen Size: 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080)"

        I'd be more inclined to think it's the 17.3 inch given the model but they really need to get their act together on spec details.

  • Is it any good? Is i7 still the best CPU?

  • but the CPU is only i5…

  • Oh man, I wish this deal was here two months ago!

    I just bought a G5 with less specs.

  • I think this is the link to same model on dell site. Full specs


    Not a bad deal.

  • how many games can you fit on a 128gb ssd primary drive with OS? you need to purchase an extra ssd for it to be a gaming machine

  • Do these laptops have g-sync screens and what’s the refresh rate? Not sure you’re going to get max benefit of gtx 2060 on a laptop.

    • You'd need 144Hz 1080p display for that.

    • It doesn't list refresh rate on the ebay link or the Dell website but the reviews list 144 Hz refresh rate. Not sure if they're accurate though.

      EDIT: Nevermind, the Dell website lists the 144 Hz display as Optional, so it's safe to say that this most likely has a 60 Hz display.

      • 60Hz display paired with gtx 2060, no deal for me.

        • And 1080p. Massive overkill, but at least it gives you the option to plug into a better display. Probably good for those who don't want a laptop and desktop separate.

  • As soon as i buy a laptop a better deal comes out lol

  • I have a better spec'd G5, some thoughts as the G Series laptops are very similar:

    • Thermal throttling is a problem if you don't undervolt, recommended to watch some guides on YouTube on this one (process doesn't take long, probably 15 minutes tops)

    • The laptop has to be plugged in at all times if you want maximum performance out of it - CPU will not turbo boost and discrete graphics card will not be used on battery.

    • Unsure if these are the 2019 G Series laptops, but if they are, highly recommended using Alienware Command Centre to set up custom fan curves.

    • My G5 had really bad thermal compound applications on both CPU and GPU, so if you know how to do it, I recommend doing repasting with better thermal compound like with the NT-H1 or Thermal Grizzly

    • Don't be surprised if it comes with coil whine, it seems to be an issue on Dell laptops, and especially bad with some XPS machines

    • Dell Support is actually super helpful, I've had someone come out twice to replace certain components relating to bad coil whine and display issues (I'm just very picky with my device especially since so much money was spent on it) so definitely reach out to them if you have issues

    • Might void your warranty playing with the internals. All the more reason why you don't go medium to heavy gaming on a gaming laptop - desktop all the way!

      • Nope, don't know where you got that from Dell doesn't void warranty and they specifically have guides for end users to replace internals.

      • Many laptops do just fine with thermals. Some people don't have the luxury/space for owning a desktop. I used to be a desktop fanboi, and I still enjoy my high powered PC, but I also see the appeal of laptop gaming setups.

    • Thank you, I recently purchased a Dell G5 with I5 & 1060GPU, you raise some significant issues.
      Wondering how & where you found out about " The laptop has to be plugged in at all times if you want maximum performance out of it - CPU will not turbo boost and discrete graphics card will not be used on battery." thanks

      • I logged a ticket with Dell, also I tested it myself. The battery itself doesn't come close to having enough power output to power a 45W CPU and 80W or so GPU together

        • Reviews of this model say that it has horrible battery life. Not sure about the throttling though but they generally do throttle most gaming laptops when on battery power. You can usually change that in bios but that kills your battery life.

  • Gut feeling is that buying the current model direct from Dell [https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/dell-g7-17/spd/g-series-17-7790-laptop/GN77D591AU] for $1874 (with 4% cashback) on a price protected card like 28Degrees miiiiggghhhttt end up better.

    Mostly because I'd imagine this one once sold out won't be offered again, although that's hedging bets…

    Though unfortunately the Dell direct one has 2x4GB unlike this 1x8GB…

  • it look like is is this laptop https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/dell-g7-17/spd/... which is $1874 +12% cash back = $1648

  • Two words.
    Thermal throttling

  • I've been researching gaming laptops in this price range now for over a week just waiting for a really good deal to come along .In my opinion you can't get anything close to this deal at the moment in this price range.This may change tomorrow though as it often does.
    Anyway bit the bullet , my gaming PC is going on Gumtree once this arrives.

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