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Ryobi One+ 18V Pole Pruner Skin Only $113.40 (Was $199), Impact Driver Skin Only $77.40 (Was $99) @ Bunnings


A couple more deals on the Ryobi One+ range at Bunnings (Skins only).

Pole pruner over 40% off is even cheaper than the Ozito equivalent.

Link to Impact Driver:

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  • Good price, good unit…

    • Be very careful this pole saw can kill batteries. Mine appears to have killed two.

      Ryobi don't appear to have proper battery protection in their battery packs. There seems to be no protection from over heating or excessive short term discharge.

      This pole saw uses a very high current. If you use it for many successive cuts in a short period or long cuts the battery pack heats up and this is what appears to kill the battery. The battery pack doesn't appear to get that warm on the outside, but that appears to be enough.

      A mega battery pack that uses two sets of cells in parallel, like the 5Ah is less likely to suffer from this issue.

      • Always sharpen any chain with a matching file with guide, plenty of youtubes. NEVER use power sharpeners, they heat the hardened chain and make it soft so it blunt ens straight away. Do not take my words ask an arborist!

  • Bunnings inter-brand Price Match maybe?

  • Looks fun, but I already got a Silky hayate.

  • Great price, especially if you already have batteries and charger(s). I have 11 Ozito cordless tools and 4 Ryobi - and 7 Ozito batteries and 3 Ryobi. Ozito numbers continue to grow with regular price reductions on various items - especially batteries and I'd happily swap my Ryobi items for Ozito and just have one brand of cordless. I hardly ever see any major specials for Ryobi (except occasional clearance items) - with this round of discounts on several Ryobi items the exception.

    The price of Ryobi batteries is generally much higher than Ozito and when Bunnings is matching Aldi specials, it is generally with similar Ozito items. When have you ever seen a 4A Ryobi battery for $30 or $40? I have several Ozito batteries that I've bought at these prices.

    What I'm saying is be wary of ending up with different brands of cordless tools because of cheap skin offers. On a standalone basis cheap skins may look like great value but if they result in having to buy batteries and chargers at inflated prices down the track then it may be a false economy.

    Hopefully however, Ryobi discounts become more commonplace.

    Nonetheless, this skin is still a bargain. Thanks OP

    • I got my Ryobi batteries in cheap bundles, and if they die, plan to replace the cells.
      The $40 4Ahr ALDI batteries would make great donors!

      • Replace cells? Interesting. Easy to do?

        • Easy compared to fixing cars :)
          Just don't remove the spot-welded tabs/wires from the cells, unless you have a spot-welder.
          A large soldering iron, like a plumbers, may be needed.

          Unlike laptop batteries (if you still have removable ones!), powertool batteries are easy to open, though you may need "security" driver bits.

      • Have you considered the battery adaptors? They're on eBay for ~$35. That way you can continue to use the batteries for both systems, if you have them.

    • Agree with what you say, but also need to consider type of tool/skin offered by that brand, quality of tool and of course the quality of the battery compared for both. I like Ozito for many years now and great value for money, but when looking for a battery operated brush cutter I went with Ryobi for better design and quality.

    • As someone owning both Ozito and Ryobi, how do you think they compare quality-wise? I've started collecting Ryobi gear, but have considered getting some cheap Ozito stuff for smaller jobs (when Bunnnings matches Aldi). How about warranty on Ozito?

    • Do you notice a difference between dark red and light red Ozito?

      I found Ryobi has a few newbies like 2 soldering irons and a sort of dental drill. Their bench blower has 3 speeds. Saber saws are stronger too.

  • This is good, but really want the Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer to go on sale.

  • ryobi batteries are way overpriced - $74 for 1.5ah https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-one-18v-1-5ah-lithium-batt...

    bunnings drop their price on the ozito pruner whenever aldi sell the $99 trimmer+pruner combo

  • Buy the pole pruner in conjunction with the blower kit to get the 5AH battery and charger

    https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-one-18v-5-0ah-cordless-blo... 107.40

    https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-pole-pruner-skin-o... 113.40

    • Both normally $199 each
    • is that blower any good? I was going to get a brushless one, but this price looks great with the 5AH battery

      • I really like it, it's really lightweight and powerful enough for my needs. I got this kit as part of the Masters price patch deal a few years ago ($90). It's my most used Ryobi tool, I use it at least once a week over the warmer months. Mine failed within the warranty period and Bunnings swapped the whole kit over which then came with a further 6 years warranty. Be sure to register and upload the receipt with Ryobi so you won't need to go searching for your receipt if you need it.

  • Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer - Skin Only - $83.40 (was $149) - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-one-18v-cordless-hedge-tri...

  • Bunnings seems to have matched current Bosch 40% off with their Ryobi line.

  • Thanks OP. I've been eyeing this exact model off for a while now. Just grabbed one at 43% off. Thanks!

  • I have one of these and it's really good. I have used it for trimming fairly large branches - highly recommended. Between this and the reciprocating saw there isn't much general garden stuff they won't handle.

  • If you have trees.. this pays itself off real fast…

  • Thanks - just picked one up from Artarmon. Was close to picking one up a week or two, glad I held out.

  • Been looking at one of these to bring down some dead palm fronds. Thanks OP!

    Anyone know if the impact driver is any good or worth getting one of the more expensive models? Won't be doing a heap of work that requires a lot of grunt but want something reasonably light and compact as I have a big DeWalt for the heavy duty stuff.

  • Pruner manual said it came with a small bottle of oil for the chain but it was missing. Back to Bunnings and they gave me Valvoline Power Armour 1L Chainsaw Bar Lube valued at $12.98.

  • Bunnings Hawthorn has signs saying this deal expires 25/08 (today) so get in whilst you can!

  • Worked a treat on the mango tree. I strongly suggest taking the drive case cover off after each use and cleaning any gunk found under.