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Spinifex King Single Drifter Swag $99 (Regular Price $259.99) @ Anaconda (Free Membership Required)


I just received an email for Anaconda's weekend sale and thought this was a Bargain if your looking for a single swag.

Also on sale this weekend.

Dune 4WD Odyssey Chair For $49.99

Dune 4WD Woodland Cabin Tent for $299

Two Day Deal search link

The Spinifex Drifter Swag is a tough gem of a swag. With its 390gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and 560gsm PVC floor, you'll feel comfortable braving both the wet and warm climates. Easy access and ample ventilation makes this swag perfect for warm weather. Not much beats the cool breeze on a balmy night sleeping the starry night sky.

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  • How does this compare to the one that goes on sale at Aldi for $129 tomorrow?

    Saw the price of this swag go down to $75 the last time they had it.

  • I mean, it's good but it's useless for taking hiking. 8.5kg for a single person to sleep in is just crazy. Plus if you're not taking this hiking then you're probably car camping which is usually with more than one person in which case just get a big tent because weight doesn't matter.

    • Easier to set up in a non traditional camping area maybe?

    • Nobody takes a swag hiking dude.

      • No, there are lightweight swags out there that can definitely be taken hiking. I was looking at a few myself a couple years back but stuck with the classic 1-man tent.

    • potplanty, I go 4WD and camping normally with myself in one car, sleep in the Adventure Kings single swag, it’s great.

      • A swag sure beats sleeping in a car. Much warmer than sleeping in a tent. Easier to set up and put back in your car boot too.

    • This really is designed for 4x4ing or winter camping. These canvas swags are super warm.

    • These aren't for hiking… It's made out of canvas, weighs 8.5kg like you said and they don't pack down at all.

      These are good for 4 wheel driving, or basically when you're not camping in the same place every night. In other words, in situations where you don't want to be setting up and unpacking a large camp every day.

      They're a lot warmer than a tent, setup time is basically nothing, very durable and will handle high winds better than most tents.

  • Thanks - will pick this swag up for the old man for fathers day.

  • This is perfect for guys who throw it in the back of the ute or car for just an overnighter somewhere or simple camping whilst roadtripping.

  • Price error? Showing $259 for me, with no club price.

    • its not on yet , starts tomorrow

      • Maybe. The chair (WAY overpriced at $149 and even $49) and the swag are not showing any discount in the 2 day deal search link, everything else is. Strange.

        • The Two Day sale prices won't show up until tomorrow. Some items are already on sale, I assume they will get further discounts.

  • Thanks. Looks like I have found my own father's day present.

    As a snorer I normally sleep in the car while my wife and kids sleep in the tent.

    For $100 this is worth a shot.

    • Swags aren't soundproof though, I imagine you're going to have to sleep some distance from the family.

      • He. sleeps. in. the. car.

        • That doesn't mean he sleeps any distance from his family. A hunting buddy used to have to set his swag up at least 30m away so the rest of us could sleep, and I imagine ray wants to be closer than that to his family especially if they travel in dog or pig country.

  • Take that housing affordability critics 😂

  • Use $10 off code WELCOME10 for new accounts.

  • Last time Anaconda had a tempting sale, I rushed and joined the club, next day they cancelled my order, and I’m still receiving tons of spam.

    • It's a simple job to unsubscribe. Cynics would say easier than whinging.

      • Just saying I had a bad experience with this seller, so did a couple of others on ozb. Anaconda get all my data (and time and effort), took money, cancelled and returned it after a couple of days for no reason really. That's not a scam enough to fight, true, but worth mentioning - if it keeps happening, perhaps I'll get some buddies to do something about it.

        I didn't get my snowboard, but I hope you get your swag!

        edit: here's the deal:

        • How was it a scam? Inadequate stock? Did you ring the store?

          Ah I see your point.

          • @Possumbly: Yes, I did. I wasted time. They took money for something they didn't have. They felt free to just return the money. Apparently such sloppiness is legit under Australian consumer law (because it's a common practice, from my experience). Great idea to harvest emails and interest for your "club". Some more elaborated theories (?) are in the link.

            Appreciate your interest, at least you!

            • @pizzaguy: They probably had it when you ordered. When stores like this fulfill orders from store stock (presumably they do, most do), you order something out of usual trading hours, the one you ordered probably isn't going to get taken off the shop floor and reserved for you until some point the next day.

              Problem is that something like some dirt cheap swag or whatever is probably sitting front and centre inside the door in the aisle and for every person who bought it online there is probably 10 who go to their nearest store as soon as they open and buy one.

              Next thing you know they are sold out before your stock even gets reserved for you.

              So scam? Doubtful. Poor processes and management? Certainly.

    • Just had mine cancelled too. Should have listened to your warning. Disappointed.

      • Sorry to hear that, but hey, at least you’re signed up for 5 emails a week and some regular mail from Anaconda club!

  • Can anyone see if these have the solid pole across the top? I have been told by family with the Weisshorn King Single Camping Swags from not to buy ones without it.

    • This design doesn't seem to have it. Nor does the one in Aldi. The bar that runs across is useful as it doesn't require the swag to be tied down

    • It doesn't have one across the top but it does have a pole in the middle to give it more structure. You use the guy ropes to put tension across the top.

      I've slept in one of these before with light rain, and it was fine. I didn't feel that it needed a pole across the top.

    • Presumably you're talking lengthwise? My king single doesn't have one and most swags I've seen don't. Rigidity comes from pegging the ends with a guy rope. 2 minute job. Big swags with side entry have them. Typically swags have three semi-circular hoops to create the space for airflow/comfort.

  • If anyone is interested in a top quality swag that will last you a life time and is locally made with top quality materials take a look at . They aren't the cheapest but I'd say they are probably the best!

    • Cheapest one available at the moment $650. I'm sure it will be better and potentially last longer if cared for correctly, but not everyone has this kind of money to drop down for a tent let alone a single swag.

      • Cheapest is $550 at the moment.

        I didn't say it was cheap/affordable. I did say top quality, locally made, last a life time etc. With the amount of money people seem to be fine on dropping on RM Williams around here, you'd think they might consider this a good buy as well.

        • Yep, $550, my mistake. As my first job out of school I worked in an old saddlery in Ballarat and occasionally they would get an order for a custom made swag back 35 yrs ago. Remember thinking it was bit expensive back then as were most of the quality canvas horse rugs we made and repaired. I know good canvas and leather was expensive and still is now.

          I did not want to shoot your comment down, as I agree with getting quality for things to last if you get good use out of it. Just wanted to let people know how much more to not waste time looking if too much.

    • Each to his own but if you use a swag regularly then you're probably better off replacing a cheaper one every now and again imo.

      • No. If you use one regularly, why not get a top quality extremely comfortable one that'll last you forever?

        • For many people it will not last forever as the inbuilt mattress will sag and deteriorate ( unless removable ) as well as storing it will often get mold/dampness in it that is extremely hard to kill/remove with bad smell.

          If someone is really on top of it and always dries it out quickly when whet, opening it up every few months and erecting it in the sun with fresh air etc then it should last many years, even more than a decade.

          • @ozhunter68: Pretty much what I was thinking. Most decent swags will last a long time with proper care but depending on use they will get marked and absorb "smells". Mattresses however will lose elasticity and the foam will break down. Personal choice if you want to clean and maintain on old swag for decades or use and upgrade as required. What you want now may not be what you need in the future.

  • +11 votes

    Ordered one. Trip to the Cape next year with 80 year old brother. May only use it for that trip but for this price it will be handy for my grandkids.

  • how big is this swag once it's rolled up? looking for something i can throw on the back of my bike between myself & the rack bag

    • Too big for that. My king single is 97x40 rolled. look for a biker swag. Won't have a nice thick mattress tho.

    • They're way too big. Because it's canvas, they're not compressible and they take up a lot of space even when rolled. This takes up more space rolled up than a small tent.

    • You could remove the foam mattress and replace it with an air bed. Would work out much smaller and still be comfortable I reckon.

  • Does this swag comes in a canvas bag or just a plastic bag? Thanks

    • Sold out? Many (most?) have no bag. They're rolled up and secured with two straps. Prob no great need for a bag unless you're throwing it in a ute tray.

  • If you go into the store they will back order you one at this price.

    • Went into a store 5 minutes ago. They said they can’t rain check 2 day special offers.

      They also said they didn’t get any extra stock for the special and only had 2 to sell on Friday morning. Sounds pretty sus to me.

  • Just received a refund and unfulfilled message. Eben though I bought in online early Saturday morning at the start of sale. pretty disappointed, but I'll just stick with my tent and save the $100. A real letdown from this company and I'll probably avoid them in the future.

    • It seems to be becoming an Anaconda thing to offer these "club prices" without having the stock to back it up.

    • Got the same email - to say I am an 'un-happy camper' is putting it lightly!

      Sent them an email asking what they plan on doing to prevent this kind of thing in the future and questioned the benefits of club prices if you can't buy the items at club prices due to lack of stock. Doubt I'll hear anything back though.

      • I didn’t. Just the same on and on: „We aim to ensure that our website is accurate, however, sometimes errors occur, for which we apologize.”

  • Also had my online order cancelled by Anaconda.

  • Mine was cancelled too - eBay swag it is then!

  • So I bought one of these swags early Saturday morning and being a nice guy I tell my roommate 2hrs later to do the same. My order is canceled and my roommate's order is accepted… what bs is this?!?! Do they process orders from the latest to earliest? Anyways lesson learned… Anaconda NEVER AGAIN!

  • Ordered at 2am Saturday morning and only cancelled now, so bs.

  • Real BS. A proper store would put them aside.