expired $15 for a $30 Optus Prepaid SIM + Free Delivery @ Optus


$15 for a $30 SIM starter kit, includes $30 recharge on your chosen plan (and 35GB standard data on first three recharges if you choose the Optus Prepaid Epic Data prepaid plan).

Note: that's a total of $30 value, not $60.

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    So this comes with a $30 credit plus an extra $30 recharge credit?

    So $60 credit in total?

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      No. Just the $30 recharge afaik.

      Ps. I can see how it can be confusing, based on my description.

      (I'll change it, to make it a bit clearer).


    I don't think these SIM starter kits can be used for recharging an existing account. When you activate, the system knows the SIM has $30 credit (so "recharge" here can be confusing as it refers to the recharge of newly activated SIM).

    These are quite frequently 50% in Coles/Woolies as well. It sucks that almost everyone is moving to 28 days validity instead of 30 days.


      Yes the term "recharge" used in this context can be confusing, but it's literally what it says on the Optus deal link page, so I left it as is.

      As for existing accounts - I'm pretty sure you can top it up or recharge it with the $30 value.

      I think a good way to think of these preloaded SIM starter kits, is to think of them as replacement SIMs for your old and damaged SIM cards.

      So, when you run out of credit on your old prepaid SIM card take it out, and replace it with one of these starter kits that include a "preloaded" SIM card.

      Then, all you need to do is activate the "replacement" SIM, select to keep your old number, make sure you've selected the right plan, and then "recharge" or top it up with the preloaded/included $30 value.

      The one thing I'm not sure about is if you'll be able to this with an old "grandfathered" plan (one that is no longer available to new customers) or whether you'll need to choose one of the current prepaid plans after activation.

      If you activate the new SIM as a replacement SIM, instead of a new one, I can't see why Optus wouldn't let you keep the old plan on a replacement SIM, but I'm not sure about this (hopefully someone can clarify this part).

      Also, I checked the CIS and the bonus data is for new customers only, existing customers will only get the normal 10 Gigs on the Epic Data prepaid plan (if my memory is right).

      I think this link might help when replacing your old SIM: https://www.optus.com.au/for-you/support/answer?id=8904

      (OzBargain has a "How to" use these starter kits for Telstra, but I couldn't find one for Optus).

      This is the way I understand it, but I'm not an expert, so someone with more experience swapping SIMs might be of more help than me.

      Ps. I edited the post again, which I hope will be a bit less confusing for anyone reading it.


        I used to call their prepaid team to manually replace my sim, but it takes quite a while to get through


    I will wait for $10 for $30 starter…


    It was $5 back then….

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