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Borax 1kg $4.99 @ ALDI


Power Force Borax 1kg $4.99 @ ALDI (Starts Wednesday 4th September)

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    Love Borax. This stuff authentic and made in Kazakhstan?

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    It's (slime) party time


    This stuff is useful as a washing booster, increasing a pool's ph, and killing ants.
    (Did not know about slime, that's cool!)

    Speaking of killing ants, they have pretty much taken over my house, mostly on the outside, but I'm worried about when summer comes along. Apart from move, what can I do to get rid of them completely?

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      Find the nest, kill 'em

      I use cotton wool soaked in a solution equal parts borax, sugar, water them place them under an up turned pot next to the nest, replace cottons twice a day for a 7-10 days.

      To find the nest, find out where they coming in and follow them back. Little black ants usually dig a hole in the ground, ours like near the concrete edges, (footpath, Telstra pit, etc)

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      Dad of a 7 year old girl. All I knew about was the slime use !


        You might want to rethink your daughter using it for slime
        'Boric acid is an acute eye and respiratory tract irritant, which is quite toxic if ingested. In addition, it is unavailable in parts of Europe because of concerns that it caused birth defects and problems with the reproductive organs of children. It is recommended that pregnant women and children in particular do not have exposure to Borax.'


          Sorry, miscommunication… she asks for it to make slime, I've never bought any.


            @lolitsme: All good, its crazy how many kids are using it for slime and how many parents will go buy some for that reason without knowing the cautions around that one.


      Amdro from Amazon US

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      Don't kill ants. Ants = no termites.


    I bought some Borax from woolies on the weekend, apparently it’s ok for cleaning decks too. It’s about 5 bucks for 500 grams there.

    A cheap source of oxygen bleach would be good if anyone has one.


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    Can also be consumed in small quantities for various health benefits (ie for treating rheumatoid arthritis and also for de-calcifying the pineal gland)….apparently.

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