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Aluminium 30cm Frypan $2 @ Target


Cheap aluminium.

Useful as a disposible one for outdoor use.

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Target Australia

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  • Min $20 click and collect.
    Very good deal.
    Just need to buy something else

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      or 10 of these

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      Buy 10 and return 9 as you pick them up.

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        This should go to the description!

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          What's the weight of these things without the handle?

          Possibly can sell for USD1800/tonne at the recyclers. (Better than sending em all to landfill)

      • Why not buy 10 sell 9 taps temple

      • Why not be a total pest to society and take them all home, use them, abuse them, instagram them, and then return all 10 for the next chump and waste the shops time and money too? and then repeat with the next product whilst your in the store?

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      You know Target is a physical retail store, right?

  • Very little stock

    • Apparently Wetherill Park and Merrylands (in NSW) are showing in stock

  • Nice find! Additional $3 for Click & Collect 👍🏼

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    Should be a useful prop for a chef-themed outfit for a WWE wrestler

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      Or knock off alternate PUBG pan.

      • Lol I thought the same thing. PUBG style rampage,!

  • There is stock at Chadstone and Mornington, limited stock at Rosebud and Forest Hill.

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    Thanks. That's the wife's birthday present sorted!

    • romantic!

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    Macquarie and Carlingford NSW still show in stock. Seems you have to go physically in store and try your luck, C&C not available.
    $4.50 at Kmart btw.

    Edit: $3 18cm saucepan with glass lid also available

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    Do the planet and environment a favour and don't buy something like this as a "disposal" item.

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      Thank you, came here hoping there was a comment like this.

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      Do yourself a favor too. Aluminum cookware has potential health risk. Stainless steel and copper can do everything aluminum cookware can do and not really more expensive.

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      35 up votes means 35 people are in denial. I would posit there's not a single OzBargainer who truly cares about the environment — if they did, they wouldn't purchase so much "stuff", no matter the price.

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        what if we aren't all purchasing a lot of stuff, but on the occasion we do need something, we just want a good deal?

        • Sure, keep on telling yourself that, princess.

      • Hmmm… I care about the environment. So much so that - even in death - I’ll try to save money: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-12/forensic-scientists-a...

        Bargains and the environment can live in harmony.

      • I wouldn't say that I care about the environment. In 5 billion years its all going to be eaten up as the sun goes red giant, whether you've conserved the aluminum or squandered it.

        What I do care about is the numerous species that are dying out, and taking the treasure trove of genetic information with them. Billions of dollars worth of data traded for a few measly bucks. Not wise, financially speaking.

        I don't see why you would use an aluminum pan in this day and age. You can get a cast iron pan for $15 that is far more suitable for most people using rudimentary cooking technology.

    • Was thinking this as well. I bought an excellent iron pan over a year ago to replace an endless stream of rubbish ones like this and it will probably outlast me! Sure I could have bought dozens of these, but needing a new pan several times a year felt wasteful even for me.

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    some use this for weapons

  • Thanks

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    Not a bad pan, but not as bullet resistant as cast iron.

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      Name checks out.

  • disposable zombie weapon

  • Used one of these for a chicken dinner last night. Very effective.

    • Winner winner chicken dinner?

  • Saving lives since 2017…

  • "Suitable for all hobs except induction - electric, ceramic, gas, and halogen".

    So basically it's suitable for regular electric and camp fire only?

  • Perfect timing, Mrs birthday on the weekend

  • Good for Father’s Day