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Crucial BX500 SSD 960GB $116 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay

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    How good is this vs the MX?

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      not as good but still for the money its decent for storage or games.

      • Been wanting to get a 1TB SSD to swap out my current Evo 950 256gb.

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          this might as well be it. keep the 950 evo as a boot drive and use this as a storage/games drive. i would recmmend the mx500 for better read/write speeds though.

    • This is a great storage drive. You can get faster boot drives but for the most part, something like this is perfect for storage.

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      If you're transferring a lot of data the write speed drops down to ~50 MB/s after the first 3-4 GB's. Read speeds will stay around 490 MB/s without any hiccups.

  • Is this good for a OS drive??

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      It's fine for OS drive, it'll read fast, and be fine for day to day burst writing.

      Not so fine for sustain writes (eg. video editing).

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      Depends on what you do with it, and current OS drive. If you're got a platter drive, then yes. If you have m.2 sata, maybe. Older smaller SSD, maybe. Want peak performance, and don't have the extra 1-2 seconds for an modern game to start up … then maybe no.

      • +3

        don't have the extra 1-2 seconds for an modern game to start up

        What a time to be alive! Would love to have this first world problem :D

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    oh crap, just paid $118… sigh

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    • Sounds like this is a great deal, thanks.

  • I'm thinking as a games drive?? i have two ssd's a 120 and a 240(OS) atm? worth buying just to throw my games off both drives on to one?

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      up to you

      but the review for this drive is pretty shit.


      "This allows the SSD to store the critical flash translation layer directly on the flash instead of in a DRAM buffer. This lowers prices by a few dollars, but it also results in lower performance. NAND isn't as fast as DRAM, and the constant read/write modifications to the flash translation layer are a strenuous task. As a result, performance can be rather unflattering–even falling into hard drive territory."

  • Anyone know of good deal for 120 or 240GB drives for OS? Just wanting to put them on my staff's PCs.

    Thinking these 250GB for $40 bucks not bad - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Crucial-BX500-MX500-250GB-500GB-1TB-2TB-2-5-SATA-Internal-Solid-State-Drive-SSD/362492636361?hash=item54663eacc9:m:mF5kC1ZF5dVJnKK8ZPoWHEw:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!4510!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

    • +1

      If they're just for staff PCs using office/emails/Chrome/etc, they should be fine. If you have any designers or employees moving large files I would recommend you purchase them the MX500 (or EVO drives).

      For example I do all the video editing/graphic design/etc so I have both an EVO and an MX500 in both my work computers, though the rest of the staff are using BX500 (or WD Green) drives and have no complaints.

      • Great cheers, its only for them to run Windows, and then we connect via Remote Desktop to a server.

  • Can I just plug this into a 2.5" case and use as a portable hdd?

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      Absolutely you can. Umart is having a sale on ADATA ED600 External 2.5" SATA to USB3.1 Rugged Enclosure for 19$ + Delivery. The enclosure itself is awesome; however, shipping cost might be too much for you. Regular price is between 28$-29$. Maybe order something else along with it, pick it up from store or buy 2? Also ozgameshop is selling it for 23.99$ with free shipping only drawback is that ozgameshop ships from overseas and could take a while to reach, if you can wait then buy from ozgameshop. (Ozgameshop is selling it via catch of the day as well with free shipping)

      I personally own this enclosure and ordered 2 more because it is the best enclosure I have ever used.

    • Yes, but you would prefer one that supports TRIM over USB.

      • The Adata doesn't support TRIM over USB?

        • Dunno, I don't own one. Needs to know which chipset is used. For USB 3.1 gen 1 enclosure, you need to check the chipset to determine whether TRIM would work.

        • I have tested ADATA Enclosure and I can confirm that it supports TRIM pass through over USB.

  • $2.xx cheaper than the last expired deal…I wonder when Amazon will join the party on the price wars?

  • How would this go as a PS4 drive?

  • Will I loose any performance compared to my existing Plextor?


  • Well, it tells me "This code can't be applied to your order."

    I wonder why…

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