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Kogan 32" Android TV Smart TV Chromecast 3 Bundle $289.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Just got this in my email, being an old fart I have no idea if its good, but im looking for a basic Smart TV at a low price.
Says for a “ Limited time” only, could mean anytime i guess

Im not really into buying online but it seems a good price ?
Any comments ?

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  • +1 vote

    don't bother

    Resolution HD 720p

  • +2 votes

    Resolution is 720p. No thanks


    Anyone able to get there android Kogan TVs to actually connect with other Google devices - other than via Chromecast

    Ive been trying and trying to get my Kogan tv, integrated with my google assistant devices to be able to control it (ie volume, turn off etc)

  • -1 vote

    No price, and no discount that I can tell. How is this a bargain?

  • -3 votes

    must be a premium experience at this price! My name is Hogan and I am from Logan and I am a Bogan, I shop at Kogan!


    Resolution 720p?

    Can anyone explain to me ?

    Thanks guys

  • +3 votes

    Better off waiting for an Aldi deal on their TVs….

    They seem to come around every couple of months.

  • +6 votes

    I would avoid a smart TV and get a separate android box or a chromecast. Once your 'smart' TV is a few years old you would need to replace the entire thing. If you have a separate box any TV can be a smart TV.

  • -1 vote

    720p is enough for 32 inch.

    Play xbox on 720p get more fps.


    Im confused. Doesn't a android TV support casting on an OS level?? Why do we need the chromecast?


      Because Kogan didn't re-up their licence of android. So it can't run netflix or 100s of other apps. So to get around the ACCC going after them for saying it is a smart TV, they include a chromecast.


        .< I just purchased an android TV from Kogan. Can it not run netflix and kodi?

        Is there a way to load other ROMs to these TVs if not?

        Can you install APK's from unknown sources on it?


          Nope. You can't sideload apps to it. The netflix app just says incompatible when launched. There is no way around it. Took me 4+ weeks with the help of fair trade to get my money back.


            @curtturtle: It is a smart TV without being smart


            @curtturtle: I wonder if I can reject the TV on arrival and get my money back without having to contact fair trading. However if possible could you please dm me any information and other helpful advice on tackling kogan through fair trading on this matter?

            Thank you in advance


              @Spellbound: I get "User Spellbound does not accept new conversations."

              I just contacted NSW Fair Trade through the complaint form on their website. I filled a complaint that the TV was advertised as an Android TV and that is was a "smart" TV. However, it did not have many of the functions of an Android TV, such as you could not install or run most of the most popular apps on the market place. You also can not cast said apps either. That at the time there was nothing on the product listing that said Netflix would not run. And it also didn't say that the chromecast was because of the lack of functionality in the TV, just said it was a bonus. That the TV is therefore not fit for its advertised purpose.

              And given Kogan doesn't have any proper way to get in contact and raise such concerns (no phone number, and an inefficient email system) I needed Fair Trades help. They were more than happy to help. They get tonnes of complaints about Kogan and their crap service and know the drill.

              Fair trade handled everything. Kogan tried to make me pay for the return, but I stood firm and they eventually took the TV back at their cost. They are basically scammers pushing crap product out there and hoping that people won't fight back.


                @curtturtle: Thanks so much! I will word it similarly and hope for the same outcome.

                I have purchased many products from Kogan and this will be the first time I have had any issue.


    Been some good prices on Amazon.

    Soniq F40FV17C @ $249 delivered.
    40" 1080p purportedly with WiFi browser,etc.

    Have a much earlier model,same size,that is used in a spare room as a PC monitor,etc.

    Most of my viewing is on 1080p PJs,however used it to set some PVR movies on SBS last night. Surprisingly good picture.


    It is pure garbage. It only has a couple of apps that work. They have not renewed their android license. So you have to use the chromecast for everything. May as well buy a non-smart TV from another brand and use a chrome cast. Typical Kogan lying saying it is a smart android TV.


    Only 720p HD
    Might kill the deal..

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