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30% off BOSTANTEN Men's Leather Belt (Waist Size 34-46) $17.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Bostanten Amazon AU


MATERIAL: The men belts is made of genuine cowhide leather with new design buckle.
SIZE: 1.25"/3.5 CM wide belt, 45.27"/115cm length belt. Suitable for size 36-39 waist, plz buy one size larger than your waist.
EASY TRIM: Big and tall belts for men with easy removable buckle allows you to withdraw and trim the belt body to your ideal size.
VERSATILE: Ideal men accessory to wear as an everyday belt, goes great with uniform, jeans or formal wear.
Removable buckle, you can change belt sizes to match your daily style. Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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  • +3

    This belt seems to be this price every two weeks

    • +1

      They follow Big Man Tyrone's posting schedule.

  • Looks cool, bought one

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I was waiting for this deal, bought one.

  • +13

    The Ozbargain belt. Need one with an Ozbargain logo on it.

    • Ditto. Make it so, OP!

  • +2

    Spotted one in the office and for a second it felt like fight club, quite special, but then I thought yeah nah yeah everyone and their nan has one by now.

  • +1

    Great belt. Can recommend. Wearing it now.

  • The serious man's belt

  • will break after a few moths of constant use. had 2 and both broke.

    • +2

      I have been using mine 3-4 times a week for ~5 months now and no issues

    • Been using mine 5 days a week for 5 months now, no problems here.

      • Same here. I think I had mine for more than 5 months though - since beginning of Feb.

    • +6

      This is recommended for human use, not moths. Stop letting moths use your belts.

      • They eat metal buckles? Weird, because that's what broke

    • +13

      Hi,Could you please contact us by Amazon email ? We will
      send a new belt to you.We feel so sorry for that.

  • +16

    That is one ugly buckle.

    • Tacky as hell.

  • +16

    That buckle looks ridiculous.

  • +2


    Bringin back those sweet FF7 feels……

    • Knights of the round plz.

    • +1 i tried the code on that and it didn't work

    • +12

      use this - just worked for me - YBCLGB8N

      • me too, I was just about to post this :)

      • Thanks, bought one

      • Thanks, code worked. Prefer this buckle over OPs

        • Nooo sold out lol. This belt is way better

  • -2

    Screams overcompensation

    • +2

      This is just the style of belt popular in China and Hong Kong. It's tacky because you're not used to it. It's the same when I tell kids that people in other countries eat animal organs and they go "ewwww!"

      • +1

        Yes popular in CN and HK and stylish for that market which isn't a market globally known for its style.

  • I bought a couple from the last deal. felt like great quality for the price - I havent worn them yet but loved the ratchet belt

  • i feel this brand is for Hugo BOS S wanna be; agree?

  • +1

    Arn't these quite cheap on Aliexpress?

  • +1

    please don't forget shopback

  • +3

    I'll never really understand why this deal is so consistently popular. Though I say the same thing about most random Xiaomi products (besides the powerbanks)

  • Search Ali for that "brand". They are under $10 US.

  • +3
    • darn you, I saw the post after purchasing … my bad!

      • +1

        I think it's much wiser to purchase through Amazon for 90c extra. Amazon has a really good and hassle free return service

    • If anyone else didn't want to click:
      $16.50 after exchange rate + GST
      Also 24-49 day free shipping.

      • Been stung a couple times via Aliexpress to avoid them unless there's absolutely no alternative.
        Although, at least with the link above, it looks to be the official store of the OP.

      • Showing as $15.32 delivered for me when you switch to AUD on the site. Regardless I'd still pay the dollar extra for way faster/reliable shipping from Amazon.

    • +2


      Pay a dollar less to get first hand experience of the clockwork machinations of Chinese logistics, and possible scintillating conversation with a seller (whose mandarin is probably exceptional) who will do you the favour of refunding you through paypal (how kind).

      • +1

        If you're sure it's the same - sure. I've found Aliexpress to be excellent with refunds for items that never turned up, that arrived damaged, and slightly less so when it wasn't as described.

  • I've never had a nice belt, always buy the cheap one from target. I am 34 years old.

    • +8

      cool. this isn't a nice belt either

  • Why would you need more than one belt at the same time?

    • Fifty Shades of Grey

      • -1

        More like Fifty Shades of Ghey. Am I right?!?

    • I have a black one for general use, a brown one for when it suits more formal attire and a colorful fabric one for shorts. Even then I'm misplacing them constantly.

  • +1

    Cheers, got one for the kids, if you know what I mean. (:

    • Ruthless

  • "plz buy one size larger than your waist."

    So if I am a size 34, do I buy the 34-36 or the 36-39?

    • Good quality belts generally have the one size. I recent bought a Real McCaul belt, size 38" (my pants are 36).

      Those sizes you've quoted are a weird way to measure

      • +2

        Its better off to buy bigger as you can trim it down.. hence why i think they have the size range..

        I bought the 34-36 and im a 34 and im close to needing to trim it down just a tad

  • Read the feedback and comments from the past deal

    Most people not impressed

    • The last 3 deals posted, most have been positive. Yes theres the few that are saying theyre not real leather etc, but for $20 youre not gonna get real leather. The buckle is fairly solid, 'leather' feels good enough and also love the ratchet design

      • -1

        If it's not real leather, why not go for a $10 job from your local discount store?

        • not all fake leathers are built the same. Its the quality, the vibe etc etc

          lightyears better than my $15 (also ozb) connor belt and $10 big w belts

  • similar belts are on Ali express a bit cheaper

    i personally have one and they are very hard to undo as they using 'non-standard' mechanism.

    as I said before, if you want to die a virgin - get it

  • Doesnt have size ~32-33, Can you please add them amazon?

    • +2

      no worries bud.


  • Received mine the other day after buying it in an Amazon sale. It certainly looks the part and I like the buckle mechanism but I wonder whether these sales are trying to shift a big batch of them fast that got ruined - the packaging and the belt smell really badly of mould. I kind of wish I'd kept the packaging to return it since my wife complains just sitting next to me.

    Otherwise you kind of get what you pay for - a belt that you can tell uses fairly cheap materials and finish, but I'd still be very pleased with if it weren't for the smell of mould spores.

  • Are these fireproof?

  • Aren’t the Costco ones a better deal? It’s going to be interesting when Costco online launches.

  • I've been a long time fan of sliding belts, though in the past you could only purchase them online or from expensive boutique stores.

  • After buying a lot of belts over the years I tend to only focus on buying full grain leather belts now.

  • +1

    Nah, this belt is uglys

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