Paint Partner 230mm Paint Roller Frame With Cover $2.80 (Was $5) @ Bunnings


Perfect for DIY renovators and decorators, the Paint Partner roller cover and frame features a comfortable plastic grip and sturdy steel frame designed to provide premium performance during prolonged, continual use.

Suitable for staining and painting applications, this roller kit is easy to clean and can be reused for your next redecorating project.

Comfortable grip
Sturdy steel frame
Washable and reusable
Used for staining and painting applications

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    Why not but with tray for $4.30


      is that the price or are u just saying things?

      y not buy with 20L of paint for $3.63?

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    You get what you pay for. Plus if you’re doing a large room or multiple rooms, you’ll be surprised how fast a good quality roller and cover will be and how much faster you’ll get it done.

    (Just repainted my whole house)


      What's a good quality one ?


        I like the microfibre rollers they’re about $6 a piece. (10mm nap for normal painting)

        The paint also makes a difference, I found dulux to be great to work with. I didn’t like valspar.

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          Did my entire place with Valspar. Found it on par with Dulux. I'm sure many Ozbers picked them up for 60%+ off when Masters went under


            @gimme: Lols to masters. Pity they went under. Now we have to wait for random Aldi specials to compete with the jolly green giant.

            What roller material did you use? I find cleaning the rollers takes forever

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              @Worf: Are you talking about the roller or the roller cover??

              Roller cover usually throw them out after you’re done for the day, if painting a big house and it takes longer than a day, when you’re done for the day, roll it in a good amount of paint, cling wrap it tight, wrap it in foil, then leave in a not so hot place and reuse tomorrow. Applies to water based paint.

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        I used this: with a pole attachment. It gave me great results.

        Make sure you apply the paint generously to the cover, roll it up and down the tray to get rid of the excess and to get an even spread of paint around the cover, then roll in onto the wall in an up and down motion.

        Even coverage is key so refer to the paint can for specifics on how much a litre will cover but I usually roll up and down my wall 1 and a half times the width of the roller. If the paint thins out too much because you’re trying to cover a larger area with a small amount of paint, you won’t have a good result in the end.

        If you’re applying too much pressure, you’re doing it wrong, try putting more paint on the cover or spreading it to a smaller area.

        Make sure you wait at least 2 hours (longer if it’s cold) before the next coat to avoid thinning the paint or risk having the fresh painted surface flake off.

        Lastly, Good quality paint is the key - if buying from Bunnings stick to dulux, taubmans or British paints.

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    Cheap deal. Paint is expensive. Don't go cheap on the roller & brush if you want a nice finish. Spend an extra $10-$20 on one roller and you will be shocked on the difference of coverage, smoothness and quality of the finish will all be affected with a cheap roller.

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      For a big area, nothing beats a sheepskin roller.

      Holds so much more paint, so nicer finish and faster too.