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[VIC] Free Health Check Up (valued at $159) @ HealthMint Medical Centre (Cranbourne North)


Be in control with your greatest asset…your health!

FREE Health Check Up (valued at $159) that may include:

• Risk assessment of Skin Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes risk assessment
• Hearing and vision check, Glaucoma screening, Oral health
• Osteoporosis risk
• Lung function, kidney and liver function
• Chronic illnesses
• Cholesterol check
• Reproductive health, sexual health screening, contraception, family planning
• Prostate screening + lots more!
*For new patients only

Head to the link below to find out more and request your appointment!


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  • Good deal - you'd have to pay me serious money to conduct a prostate screening.

    • +1

      Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer affecting Australian men.
      Up to you to weigh up the cost/benefit of having one done!

      • Oh, i see how you've taken it - what i meant is you would need to pay me serious money to conduct a prostate screening on someone else, but then i'm not qualified. Not exactly the highlight of a medico's day.

        I personally get my prostate tickled on a regular basis, even though she seems to be reaching for my tonsils.

        • Must be something you said.

  • Interesting…these have always been (and still are) free with bulk-billing GPs

    • So if you go in and ask a bulk billing GP for a health check, he will do all the above tests for free?

    • Definitely can be bulk-billed, and most private billing clinics bulk-bill health assessments because MBS renumerates well for the service.

      Appears they'll bill medicare a 703 (as they advertise 30min with doc, 30min with nurse)
      Medicare pays the clinic $140.10 for this service

      They're normally charging you $159 out of pocket
      Therefore ~$300 from 60min work

      A strategy to bring in new patients no doubt

      • How do you know it's a 703? Maybe it's a 705? Or a 707?

        • That'd be cheating medicare as time is doctor is 30 minutes. 705 + 707 are >45 minutes with doctor

          • @agent0: Nope, it's combination of doctors and nurses time that count towards the time limit

      • Hi agent0 - this service is not a health assessment as rebated by Medicare (the item numbers you are referring to) it follows a different framework, one which we created ourselves by condensing the recommendations under the red book preventative healthcare guidelines into a series of templates, and isn't limited to the age/population groups that are eligible for health assessments under Medicare. We therefore do not/cannot bill the health assessment item numbers for this.

    • -3

      The HealthMint health check up offer is a unique service provided by our GPs and nurses to collaboratively go through a range of factors relevant to your age and gender.
      You get 30mins with the GP and 30 mins with the nurse.

      Our practitioners follow the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioner) preventative guidelines.

      We constantly see that a person can have health issues, sometimes serious issues, that either haven’t been noticed by that person, or the person has noticed symptoms that “aren’t quite right” but hasn’t yet had the diagnosis and treatment they need. Sometimes these issues aren’t detectable without clinical testing, and if picked up early, can be managed before they become harder to treat.

      It's a proactive initiative that many …especially Bulk Billing clinics do not provide.

      By getting a comprehensive Health Check through HealthMint, we can fully measure, assess and diagnose your current state of health. We can tell you how well your body is doing, what personalised risks are relevant to your future health, and what can be done now to optimise your health – including any conditions you might not even realise you might have.

      But to answer your question simply, no - BB GPs do not offer this service "free"

  • yeah i dont understand this, basic health care as a deal, what is this, america?

    • +1

      I dont think your normal bulk-billing health checks are as comprehensive as the one posted here.

      Since this is free, i think it's a good deal.

    • Hi Iggemo, to clarify: what our team has done is spend a significant amount of time analysing the RACGP red book guidelines on preventative healthcare to come up with a system and a template for running through a comprehensive preventative health check based on each individuals age, stage, gender etc. This isn't something that is 'standard' in a medical centre, as it is a process we have developed ourselves. Normally the reliance would be on each individual GP to remember all the relevant preventative / screening available to the person sitting in front of them, and due to the time pressures of a consultation, this doesn't always happen. Our goal is to have a specific appointment structure for patients to focus on the recommended preventative health checks / screening so that we can work towards creating healthier communities, as opposed to the usual 'go to the doctor when you're sick' approach.

  • +4

    Advertising one off discounted medical services to attract new patients is against AHPRA advertising guidelines and is illegal

    • Where does it say this?

      s 133(1)(b) is qualified: "unless the advertisement also states the terms and conditions of the offer".

  • +2

    IANAL but I am fairly certain this contravenes AHPRA's guidelines for advertising regulated health services and section 133 of the National law

    • +2


      quoting directly from here:

      This advertising directly or
      indirectly encourages the
      indiscriminate or unnecessary
      use of regulated health services.
      This advertising claim is not
      linked to management of a
      particular condition or relief of a
      specific symptom. It links regular
      check-ups to a therapeutic
      benefit for which there is no
      acceptable evidence – being
      actual prevention of disease.

      This statement is not acceptable in advertising, so it will need to be removed.
      Pay particular attention to:
      • advertising that encourages consumers to use a regulated health service when there is no clinical indication
      to do so and is likely to encourage the unnecessary use of health services.

      • Maybe - that's s 133(1)(e) they're on about…

        EDIT: Hang on, these guys are in Victoria, and the equivalent Victorian law essentially imports the QLD law via s 4, which in turn imports the National Law without modifying s 133. Makes no difference as s 133 appears equivalent to that in NSW that i'd orginially linked.

  • Hmm says expired but the website still has the offer

    Also why was the description modified? Wanted to see what was being offered

    • Sorry Kehuehue I had to expire it because the team was getting flooded with enquiries from this platform and asked me to slow things down. The offer is still available, we just didn't realise how popular it would be and couldn't respond fast enough to the volume that was coming in! I also changed the description because I thought that if I expired it and left the description the same that we may still be getting a high volume of enquiries. The original description was an extract from the website though, so if you follow the link the information is exactly the same. Sorry for causing any confusion!

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