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Seagate 4TB Backup Plus 2.5" Portable Hard Drive Blue $125 @ Officeworks


Great price for local store/warranty. I find this drive to be slightly quicker on read compared to the Seagate Expansion equivalent and much faster when transferring large amounts (TB+)

This Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive is perfect for keeping your important files stored and organised. It comes ready to go with automatic backup functionality from the Seagate Dashboard, so you can protect your documents, photos, videos and more against loss of data.
The compact hard drive design means you can easily carry it on the go.
This hard drive comes with a large 4 TB capacity so there is plenty of room to store and backup your videos, photos, music, documents and more.
The hard drive comes ready to go with your Windows PC and you can install the NTFS driver to also use the drive with your Mac.
It connects to your computer via USB 3.0 for ultra fast data transfers.
This drive is powered directly from the USB connection so you don't need any additional batteries or power cables.
It comes with access to the free Seagate Mobile Backup app for your smartphone so you can backup data from your device onto your hard drive or to the cloud.
It has a blue design so you can match your hard drive to your other accessories and easily identify which is yours.

They are possibly clearing this line make way for the so called 'slim' version
* Was $159 not too long ago Ozbargin Deal

*And priced to clear at $149 on my last post
Ozbargin Deal

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    Good deal, stock a bit hit and miss around Brisbane.

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      At this rate it will be around $100 by early September

  • "Temporarily out of stock, please remove from your cart"

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    5tb is $118

    • Is that instore only?

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        If it's not on the website anymore, then yes most likely. Sold one today.

        • Just called and bloke said he didn’t have a clue, was it just a clearance item?

        • Thanks el cheapie. Can you let us know the sku please?

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            @mingofmongo: Hey mate, if the sku for the 4tb is SGBK4TBBLU, then the sku for the 5tb should be SGBK5TBBLU.

            The one I sold was a 5tb in the red colour. Customer came in wanting the 4tb for $125 but we only had the 5tb and I scanned it out of curiosity since I knew it was on clearance as well.

            The sku for that would've been SGBK5TBRED or SGBK5TRD i'm guessing. Black colour also exists so the sku for that may be SGBK5TBBLK or SGBK5TBBK.

            Same thing applies for the 4tb, the black and red does exist and stores that do not have the blue may have it in other colours.

            I can confirm, check stock levels and get back to everyone in this thread later today.

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              @elcheapo1: Just rang up and had them scan up SGBK5TBRED and its $239 :(

              Cant find the SKU that you mentioned …

              • @CountParadox: My local had model Stdr500030 5tb in silver on clearance for $118, but out of stock

    • Can't see it on the website.

    • At?

    • That's a bargain

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      SKU please?

    • what's the model number for the 5tb? can list stores with stock more than 2 (1 or 2 could mean none)?

  • Temporarily Out of stock

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    I love these 4TB portable drives (and the 2TB that preceded them); they are much more convenient to use than full sized drives (performance is inferior of course, but for archiving videos, music, game installers, large gaming mod collections, they are fine). 4 different colour helps with the ordering, and you can always paint different coloured strips over them or decalize sticker them if you have more than 1 in a certain hue.

    • How would they fare with travelling? Looking for a photography back up drive

      • No different to any other similar portable drive. So, fine.

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      do u mean it has a slim drive inside like the 2TB portable, instead of a thick one inside the 3TB?

      • These 4TB are "fat", which is fine by me because the thickness helps differentiate from the 2TB models. Still very portable compared to a full size drive requiring a power brick to drive it.

      • No it will be the thick. All 4TB/5TB Seagate 2.5" drives are 15mm.

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      Thanks, 👍

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      Can you do one for the 5TB which "associated" mentioned above? I'm ready to put my underwear on and run to the local store…

      • Model is silver Stdr500030 5tb $118 - my local was all out (Ballarat) and I couldn't find it on that website.. but they had the tag up which is where I got the colour/model from. Good luck!

    • Great work

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    Thanks op. Price matched at JB.

  • Thanks, got one this morning!

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    Stock levels across NSW:

    Campbelltown - 2
    Coffs Central - 5
    Dubbo - 3
    Gledswood Hills - 1
    Lismore - 17
    Minchinbury - 1
    Mittagong - 8
    Mulgrave - 4
    Old Guildford - 1
    Orange - 3
    Punchbowl - 1
    Taren Point - 4
    Tuggerah - 1
    Wagga Wagga - 12
    Warners Bay - 1
    Wentworthville - 1
    West Gosford - 1
    Wetherill Park - 1

    *numbers are approximate (give store a call if they have low stock)

  • Can these (or the 5tb ones) be shucked?

    • I did several 2TB ones, this supposed to be the same.

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    5tb blue- SGBKBLU5TB $118
    Auburn 1
    Blacktown 2
    Greenacrr 1
    Hoxton park 1
    Mittagong 1
    Mulgrave 2
    Pitt st 1
    Taren point 1
    Tuggerah 1
    Wentworthville 1

    • +2

      Thanks for the info elcheapo.
      South Yarra in Melbourne had 2. I grabbed one. Should be one left. You have to quote the sku otherwise they won't know about it.

      • Thanks mate.

        I think I picked up the last one. Had to ring up and the SKU isn't in their computers.

        • I'm a bit late in checking these, but seems the price has gone back up to $239 on this SKU in blue, black and silver, no red available. Just rang Officeworks.

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    Red 5tb SGBKRED5TB $118

    Auburn 1
    Greenacre 1
    Hoxton park 1
    Minchinbury 1
    Mittagong 1
    Mosman 2
    Mulgrave 1
    Tuggerah 2
    Wentworthville 1

    Black is not on clearance and not sure about silver.

    Someone can probs make this a separate post and rake in the votes

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      I dont have info about other states unfortunately but you can call your local store and provide the above sku

      • Thanks for this! Tried my luck at Loganholme QLD, gave them the SKU and they had two behind the counter. No blue unfortunately (and they said there's none in nearby stores), but took a red; should be one left. Silver was still full price.

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    Anyone know - is my better option this one or the External for $99 posted today.

    I’m looking for a HDD to USB into a NVidia Shield for movies and TV with Plex

    • I use a 2TB Seagate Portable with a Nvidia Shield; absolutely no issues. 4TB would be the same (the 2TB limit is only an issue for pre-Vista operating systems like Windows XP).

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    Got 3 of these. Much better than the bigger hard drives!!

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    $15/TB soon baby I can feel it.

    We really living in the future.

    • We are living in past actually. SSDs are the future and aren't cheap.

  • Great Price! Lots of stock in Hobart. Free delivery with online order.

    • Did you see any 5TB's there?

      • Ordered it online, no 5TB's listed online.

  • any of these are rosewood hdd ?

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    Just got two (probably last ones at the store) of the 5TB ones mentioned for $118 above.

    Note that there's also a 4Tb one for $100 that's black.

  • I bought too much! I bought 4 of the 5TB one and only needed 3. I have one brand new one for sale which i bought from Wenworthville Officeworks - $140 pickup from Five Dock - Blue in Colour 5TB Seagate Backup Plus 2.5"

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