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Formula 1 TV App 50% off (One Year $20.99) (Normally $41.99)


Get 50% off your annual F1 TV Access subscription with discount code F1TV50 and be data driven for a whole year. Billing cycle will be this time next year.

Offer ends Monday 2nd September.

If you have the time and a VPN, there maybe cheaper countries to purchase this from. For example, if you subscribe from the UK a year will cost you AUD$18.03

Edit: As pointed out in the comments you can not view the live race. Only live telemetry etc. A bit of a disappointment seeing it's called F1TV.

F1TV Pro includes live races, but unfortunately is unavailable in Australia.

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    Is it a whole year or just until the end of the season?


    If you already have Kayosport I don't think your getting much more. Maybe extra Radio calls.

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      Once my 3 month free Kayo subscription is up,this is the next best thing for me since I only use it for the F1. Good find OP!

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        F1 TV access does not include live coverage of races. It's for live timing, telemetry, etc

        Slightly tempted for $20 but not sure.

        Can you delay the data so if my Kayo stream is delayed/I'm playing on demand I can use it? Or is it live only?

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    F1TV Australia is very nearly pointless. No live streaming, no race replay, no other championships (Eg F2, Supercup) etc. All you get is the live timing scoreboards and access to the prior season archives. Kayo is the only (legal) option for live races here in Aus.


      Exactly, save your $20.99 and get a few spare mobile numbers for more free 3 months of Kayo.


      Agree - huge F1 fan but I wouldn't go near F1TV. Apart from the above mentioned limitations in Australia, even if the full feature set was available here it's so buggy that it's just been a disaster from beginning to end.


      Damn, didn't realise that. So the TV in F1TV actually stands for telemetry vision? What a stitch up.

      Deal may be useful to some, but I'll update the description to make sure this is known. Cheers.

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        Yeah we get screwed by Foxtel (again). It's a really great service in other countries, you get all the live races, can choose literally any camera you want at any time, choose the telemetry you want etc, but because of Foxtel here we get basically nothing.

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      Hopefully thats a pre-liberty-media deal being waited out, because otherwise thats a tragic state (and it feels like borderline misleading unless they're shouting the 'no races!' bit on the signup pages.

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    I find it useful to see how other drivers (eg Danny Ric) are progressing when the TV is focussing on other drivers. I also use it to see whether someone is actually closing or dropping back.

    Only for the petrolhead tragics.

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      I'm picturing a home-made pit-wall console in a living-room, complete with stool to jiggle foot on nervously, haha.

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    I use the app on my tablet for every practice, qualifying and race and it's well worth the money, just to hear the team radios alone. You get to hear a hell of a lot more than you do on the TV broadcast.

    I personally use the screen that follows a driver( you can pick one or two at a time) on the map and has his sector times, speed, gears, braking etc and have team radios turned on.

    Thanks for the heads up as I'm up for renewal and this saves me 50%.

    The other content such as replays, archival footage etc are good too.


      So you can watch replays of races?

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        Crap! No, I meant to type highlights, on board videos, other video packages.
        Messed that up in an edit as I was going. Very sorry about that.


    Greedy F1 sods. It should be free i.e. Live Timing at least.Most of the time it's the only thing that makes F1 interesting i.e. being able to track what the drivers are up to on track. Most races are soooo boring otherwise. Ok has been some decent ones recently but over the years so many boring races. Rain is what usually creates the best ones. Live timing should be free and not the crappy cut down version the offer on their site. Commercial greed and they wont be seeing a cent of my $$. But thats just my take.

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    why the hell did Renault put RIC out on mediums for 43 laps without pitting at all. the strategist needs to get fired!


    I subscribed through the Apple store and it looks like you can't use this with that???


      You'll have to do it through the website and make sure you're logged into the same account on the app. The apps don't let you input a code.

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