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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 $159 Delivered @ Australia Post (Online & in Store)


Australia post are selling the vodafone Samsung galaxy A20 for $159, it comes with a $30 Sim kit.

In stores and online


6.4" HD+ display
13+5MP main cameras and 8MP front camera
1.6GHz octa-core processor
32GB expandable memory
Facial unlock
4G enabled

This device is locked to the Vodafone network

in Store Catalogue

EDIT: 24/9 Back in stock online

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  • My mother got turned away yesterday. Visited 5 stores in Vic south East, a store pointed her to another that had 1 left, she drove there and they refused to sell it to her due to the bungle in the catalogue showing an unlocked phone.

    She still had the hard copy of the catalogue showing the unlocked phone, tried price matching at officeworks (x2) and they also didn't want a bar of it. Mum's a tough bargainer and persistent too so just not our day yesterday.

    She's going to try a couple of other Aussie posts today. If anybody has one nearby with stock, I'd happily pay the extra shipping for a U1 version, it would be much appreciated. Been trying to find a phone for the old man for ages. 😴

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      you can buy the unlocked version online for $215 delivered. think it's phonebot website. That's a very high amount of time and effort to save $55. I guess it would be annoying if a day after ordering it someone else starts selling it for $160

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        I saw your message this morning and looked puzzled at the $115 but figured it was a typo.

        All good here, she finally found a store willing to sell it to her (locked) and we got a 13xxxx/U1 version that we can unlock so happy days.

  • Mine was bought online (shipped from Werribee post office).
    IMEI is 15 (U2) and will cost $50 to unlock :(

    • did you try using the vodafone website to unlock using a non vodafone sim?
      Maybe version of bootloader doesn't matter and still free?

      • Yes and it asked for $50

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          try your luck with vodafone live chat.. ask them if they can forward free unlocking request for ur imei..

          just got my free unlocking from great vodafone agent.. and yes mine was also 15xx u2 bootloader phone!!

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            @pakspin: Thank you for sharing this! I just chatted to a very friendly agent who has submitted an unlock request for me. Said it could take up to 24 hours and I should keep checking the Vodafone unlock website until it comes up with no charge. Fingers crossed it happens!

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              @lisa651: All done! Definitely worth others giving this a try!

          • @pakspin: Ashwini from VodaFail chat won't do it.

            Will try different time…

            • @bjdchwr: Manju sent me the unlock link page, damnit haha

              • @kehuehue: I finally got it through the same unlock link page last weekend and I received mine today.

                Classification: C2 - Vodafone Restricted
                Hi XXX,

                Thank you for your query in regard to releasing the IMEI 3567761015XXXXX from the Vodafone Australia network.

                Samsung advises the codes provided below are correct to release this IMEI, another code cannot be provided to release this specific device.

                Below we have supplied the unlock code and master reset code. If the unlocking code does not work the device may or may not display “Phone Freeze” or "Network unlock request unsuccessful”, after entering the unlocking code with a non-Vodafone SIM inserted in the device.

                If you remain unable to release your device using the codes and instructions provided by Samsung the device will require being returned for manual unblocking, please visit your nearest Vodafone store and they will organise for you.

                Handset Unlock Procedure for IMEI: 3567761015XXXXX
                Your unlock code (NCK) is: 47272705
                Your master reset code (MCK) is: 38294157
                Manufacturer/Model: Samsung A205Y Galaxy A20

                1) Switch device off
                2) Insert non-Vodafone Australia SIM card
                3) Switch device on
                4) Unlock screen will populate (Screen similar to below)(This may take some time to populate)

                The NCK code worked straight away!

                • @bjdchwr: Is this message from vodafone after paying them $50?

          • @pakspin: Do you need to have a Vodafone account to get this done?

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              @TheGreatBab: No need! The live chat gives you a space to put your account details, but you can leave it empty.

              • @lisa651: She asked me for it "So I can access your account, a box will appear for you to enter in your mobile number and 4 digit account PIN."

                • @kehuehue: Damn, maybe it depends on the specific person you get.

              • @lisa651: Thanks, how long does it take for it to become free on their portal after the Chat rep gets the IMEI ?

                • @TheGreatBab: It took about 2 hours for me.

                  • @lisa651: Do you mind sharing your chat transcript? They keep asking if I'm a Vodafone customer. Asking for pin and all different stuff. Tried 2 different agents , still the same

          • @pakspin: do you need to have to use the vodafone sim to do it? currently on the kogan sim (voda network though)

            • @kehuehue: Once you have an unlock code you need a sim that isn't on the vodafone network to unlock

              • @full0085: is the code specific to a network? or to the phone?

                i cannot use the kogan sim to unlock it?

                • @kehuehue: The code is specific to the phone not the network.
                  As far as I know the only way to get to the screen where it asks for the unlock code is to turn on the phone with a sim card which is on a different network. I do that screen will appear with a Kogan sim, but am not sure.

    • When was this ordered and was this Victoria ? Thanks

      • Yeah. Ordered on 2/9 at 9:22pm

  • Will any of this work for U2 bootloader?

  • My local AusPost was kind enough to order one in for me

  • Here maps/Here Wego maps is not locking to GPS signal on my phone. Has anyone tried to us Here Wego?

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      Haven't tried to use the navigation but just installed it and opened it up and it seemed to find me ok.

      • What is your IMEI? My IMEI is 13 (U1).

        • My IMEI was 14 also U1, unlocked through the vodafone unlock link mentioned earlier.

    • I have the same issue with GPS. Seems to be an intermittent issue, sometimes GPS gets a fix in less than 15s, but sometimes it can take up to 30 mins to get a lock. On Friday, I drove from Southbank to Doncaster, the GPS didn't get a fix until I passed Bulleen Road exit on M3 … Which is kinda useless for that route …

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    Just been advised my online order has been cancelled due to no stock 😕

    • +1

      Me too 😕
      I even bought a phone case for it

      • What case did you get? EBay sucks these days, every case has a $1 bundled item

    • +1

      same :(

    • Managed to pick up a couple today (for the kids) at the Springfield Lakes & Mt Ommaney branches so there is still stock out there. Both unlocked ok. 😁

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    Just got email saying my order is refunded. Nice one Auspost.

    Out of stock>> wait for site to get stock >>> In stock >>> add to cart and pay via paypal >>> Refunded.

    (slow clap).

    • Try ordering one over the counter, my local said they could (but I didnt need two). It might be U2 but you may get lucky with Vodafone chat

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    I grabbed the last one at a post shop near my work - IMEI 14. Just unlocked it for free via Vodafone website and is now working with an OVO sim (optus).

    • how did you get it unlocked for free from voda? Nvm, it looks like phones with serial numbers starting with 14 are able to unlocked for free

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        Link from first page of comments
        When asked click that you purchased from Vodafone. From comments looks like it depends on the IMEI as newer ones with the U2 bootloader need to pay. If it works it will give you an unlock code and the steps to unlock it.

    • My serial number starts with 11 and it came up with a screen asking me for $50. :(

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    Apparently I grabbed the last one from the Parramatta Westfield post shop. Managed to unlock it for free too.

  • The phone does not see my bluetoth speakers, I can see my neighbours speakers but not my own, my Lg v20 has no problems connecting.

  • +1

    The A20 is a great phone.

  • There is still stock in selected stores. Ring 13POST (option 4 then option 4) and give them your postcode to check stock levels nearby.

  • My galaxy a20 charging stuck at 59%. I have left it overnight and it stayed at 59%. How do I claim warranty?

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      If you can find a store with stock I would try taking it back & seeing if they will do a straight swap.

    • +3

      Did you try shutdown/restart?

      • I did try restart, shutdown, wipe out to default setting. None worked.
        I have let the battery completely down. Now its stuck at 39%.

  • Anyone recommend a good case for these?

    • +1

      Of the major retailers, only BigW sells an A20 case and it's the fat flip type. I've ordered mine online.

    • got a rugged one from ebay which has a holder ring and a magnet for 9.95

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    Got mine from Northland (last piece) and it was a U2.

    Dont care though gonna use Kogan and Vodafone's chip for the next 3 months.

    The other thread mentioned this trick, anyone tried it?

    It may be possible to get this then transfer onto $35 plan then unlock for free? Then cancel the plan during the first month?


  • I unlocked my one bought from AusPost, via the VA AU unlock page. Optus sim.

    Just used this, types *#06# to get the IMEI, followed the instructions and had it unlcoked in 20 seconds!

    • +1

      Hi Bizi,

      May I know what are the first two digits of your serial number? Mine starts with 11 and the Unlock page asks for $50 unlocking fee.

      From reading the comments it seems like serial numbers starting wih 13 and 14 are able to receive unlock code for free..


    • Picked up one from Canon hill qld today.
      Unlock with your link in seconds.


  • Anybody else managed to unlock their phone using the SAM Unlock software discussed in the comments?

    Are they supposed to send us the unlock code after we pay? How does the service work?

    Thanks and sorry for the noob question.

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      They email you a license number during their business hours. The license is for the unlock program not the phone.
      Worked fine on the u1 version I got, just had to install drivers then the program and followed instructions.
      Once you're done the unlock code for your phone is set to 00000000.

      Insert non Voda Sim and unlock.

  • I picked up a clear aftermarket Samsung A20 case at Big W, Macquarie Park for $10. Gives a nice carbon fibre effect.

  • My A20 is updated to the June 2019 Release 1.

    Is it the same for everyone?

    This page shows Sept 2019 as the release - https://security.samsungmobile.com/securityUpdate.smsb

    • Same.

  • iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy A20 :D


  • what's better this or a Samsung Galaxy S7 32gb for about $20 more but refurbished because that's what I bought for my friend and I think that this is better to be honest besides it being locked to Vodafone because I need it to be unlocked to Telstra or Boost Mobile.

  • Confirmed Serial 14xxxxx can be unlocked for free.

  • Is it possible to see the serial number before purchasing the phone ?

    • Yes, IMEI is on sticker on outside of box.

      • +1

        @daydream thank you .

  • +1

    To report back I found stock and the IMEI number started with 3567 and I was able to unlock the device using the vodafone unlock link posted already (https://unlock.vodafone.com.au) .
    Doubt it made a difference but I used a 3 UK sim .

    • +3

      All the stock has the IMEI form 35677610xx… It's the xx part that's of significance re: distinguishing free unlock.

      • +1

        @daydream - Thanks for clarifying . In that case mine was 13.

  • +1

    This is my transcript with live chat. I was refreshing teh Vodafone homepage all day but it would only come up very randomly for me to click the live chat feature

    I have a long standing account with VHA so might have been abl to help me swindle as I 'loggined into' whilst starting the chat process

    Hi, You're chatting with Nitin, how can I help you today ?
    Hi Nitin. I'm an existing VHA customer but I just bought a new phone as my old one was damaged. I bought a VHA handset A20 Samsung but have discovered the handset is locked and I need to travel to some countries which VHA do not have roaming in. I tried to unlock it but was prompted with a $50 fee which was unexpected. are you able to help me and waive this to unlock my phone as a long standing VHA customer.
    Sure, I'll be more than happy to check and help you unlocking the device
    Before we proceed may I know with whom I am chatting with?
    the IMEI is xxxxxx18xxxxx

    Thank you for verifying the account.
    Please allow me a minute
    Please may I confirm as it purchased from Vodafone stores or online?
    Purchased at a store
    Thanks for confirming:)
    Ryan, I have raised an request for the unlocking fee waiver
    Within next 24 hours you will be able to unlock the device without any charges

    • Have you been able to unlock your phone? How much time did it take from that chat till you could unlock the phone?

      • Not yet, been about 6 hours thus far… so will try tomorrow.

  • Can somebody please confirm if this A20 comes with Samsung pay and it works? Thanks

    • +1

      Samsung pay works ( so does google pay)

  • some fresh stock at Sydney City, Market St store. I checked the IMEI on the unlock web page before i bought, IMEI last digits started with '16' but returned an unlock code.
    Next one in the cabinet is also unlockable for free (I checked). Maybe they have more out the back, didn't ask.
    Pro tip - avoid the staff member with headscarf - rude to person before me, abrupt with me, and rude to the person after me.

  • +2

    For those that are wondering this: I got it unlocked for free from $50. Going straight to my relative, gamble paid off.

    Get the phone.

    Put the Vodafone sim in and sign up, (it's free with the $30 credit and you need a Vodafone account for the agent to help you)

    Go to the "iPhone plan" product page https://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/iphone-11-64gb-p...


    The chat will appear (keep cookies on and ad blockers off)

    "Hi i am going overseas (some day you will, so not a lie), i love vodafone but i need to use my phone overseas and i am looking to unlock this phone. Here is my mobile number for my Vodafone account, my IMEI, my pin for the account"


    Depending on the person on the chat, you may or may not be successful.

    "We will send you a code to X email in 24 hours" - FORGET THIS, THERE IS NO EMAIL

    Within a few hours goto https://unlock.vodafone.com.au/ and put in the IMEI


    • Or just check the imei online before you buy like I did, above. New stock in stores it seems.

  • Had my eye on the A30, but the A20 is sooo cheap.

    Am I going to regret going to an AMOLED 720p?

    Currently have a 1080p IPS LCD Xiaomi phone which is near death.

    • +1

      The PPI on this display is ok, it’s not great. And the wide camera bad. Apart from that it’s 👌 if the PPI I was over 300 it would be great. The main camera is ok too. Terrible in low light. Ok in full light. If you get it for $159 unlocked you’ll be happy.

      • +1

        Cheers. Grabbed one. Couldn't resist at this price. Should be easy to palm off or sell when the next budget models come out in <12 months time.

  • None of my local stores had stock so ordered online. Fingers crossed I win the IMEI lottery!

  • +2

    I ordered online. IMEI is 16. Unlocked for free from the Vodafone website.


  • Managed to get this unlocked with the U2 Bootloader! If anyone needs help let me know.

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