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[NSW] 25% off Your Shop When You Use The Woolworths Scan&Go App @ Woolworths (Select Sydney Stores)


Only on these physical stores:

  • Woolworths Mona Vale
  • Woolworths Double Bay
  • Woolworths Metro Pitt Street
  • Woolworths Metro MetCentre
  • Woolworths Metro York Street
  • Woolworths Metro George Street

Excludes: smoking and tobacco products, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, intervention items, donations, Carpet Care, Pre-order Kiosks or purchases on a charge account


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  • Gift cards are not a supported payment method at this time

  • Not bad if there is no " premium" added to the price….

    • Yes.. 10% on most items in Metro city stores, and Double Bay = Double Pay

      • Double bay = double pay lol hope that’s a joke? I haven’t noticed any price inflation there but maybe I should pay more attention.

      • Double Bay Woolworths is really good value. Sure the cheese room is a little on the nose … and the Black Pig Leg Ham at $25 a KG is a little $$$ (and ridiculous tastes like .. normal ham) but the prices are great .. and often better than prices in the suburbs. (As described by friends who live in the burbs but often come to DB Woolies).

  • Ive shopped at Metro stores and havent noticed any price hike vs large Woolies

    • I've noticed a lot of "better than half price specials"

      eg Golden Circle Crumpets $1.85 save $2.15 (was $4) compared to $1.85 save $1.85 (was $3.70)

      Or Greenseas tuna normally $2.15 compared to $2.

      There's some price hikes on certain items I think. None of the Woolies brand though.

  • Metro prices have all the same specials but they do not stock everything, limited selection only. But I have found they can be really good with markdowns, i.e. $10+ salads, sandwhiches, sushi etc for between $1-$2 at the end of the day.

  • Max $50… at Metros

    • **For shops over $250 in supermarkets and $50 in Metros, you will need a physical credit or debit card to complete your transaction at the Scan&Go Checkout.

      So I think potentially can still do >$50? Or will have to split up the shop.

      Someone check back in tomorrow please?

    • Max payment via scan and go. Otherwise you will need a physical card. The max per shop is actually $1000! There is no limit to the number of times you shop. Read the T&Cs

  • This seems like an insanely good deal. (25% off is huge.)

    What's the catch? There's always some catch.

  • Is this discount only one time or running long?


    There's my first $600+ shop, if WA gets the offer.
    Isn't this kinda unfair?

    • Woolies head office is in NSW which is why this stuff happens there and Sydney has the population to sustain multiple Metro stores. I remember being shocked at the facts that i) there's only one supermarket in Hobart CBD (nearest Coles is 2km away in Sandy Bay) and ii) there's no Woolies Metro in Adelaide CBD (although there is a full-line Coles and Woolies on Rundle Mall)

      Plus are you in SA like your profile says or WA? :p

  • I've always found the Town Hall/George Street Woolworths had decent variety.

    Speaking of which had a friend from Adelaide visit me (Sydney) recently and ducked in to Woolworth's Town Hall. She was so amazed that there was an escalator in the supermarket. I just played it cool and said "Doesn't yours?".

  • Will check it out for lunch!

  • good deal… will try today!

  • Did it at 333 George this morning. Super simple. 25% off the weekly specials is fantastic.

    Now for sirena tuna to go on special this month…

    • HOw many time you can use and would they give you a receipt?

      • I reckon you could probably check out, and then start again immediately. I expect them to start limiting accounts though- this has loopholes written all over it.

        Receipt is sent via email.

    • Did it at Mona Vale. Worked well. Got $220 worth marked down.
      Other shoppers found it a bit distracting, but liked the 25% off. We're a tight bunch on the Northern Beaches.

  • This sounds pretty cool.

  • Yeah pretty good but there are only six "scan & go" stores in Sydney!

    Personally being a cheapskate I mostly check the "half price items" in the Android app, select the ones I want & often the end result is %50 off so better that 25%. We use click & collect so no delivery cost. Woolworths makes little out of us!

    There are so many "half price" (often over 600 each week) but it would be so hard to do in store shopping, but then 50% plus another 25% could be great!!!

  • The Scan&Go app worked well at Double Bay, but I had trouble connecting to their free WiFi. Some of the store specials didn't seem to scan with the discount applied, but it could have been due to different bar codes on similar looking products. Be sure to check that things scan in at the expected price.

    Connecting to the Woolworths Free WiFi hotspot worked fine, but it requires clicking a button on a "Sign In" website before internet access is granted, and trying to access anything redirected me to google.com which failed to load. Seems there's a DNS redirect issue somewhere in their system.

    After manually adding '.au' to the end, the Sign In page loaded, I clicked Accept, and everything worked fine.

    I tried bringing the WiFi issue up with the manager but he didn't understand the issue. I'll try again later in the week and if it's not fixed I'll email their tech support. Most people probably just use their own mobile data, but I carry a separate device with no SIM card, linked to an empty Google account, for use with apps that can potentially harvest my data.

    BTW I was burned by looking up prices online at 5am then heading to Woolies and arriving two minutes before they opened. The products I wanted appeared at half price while I was waiting for the store to open, but 6am on the dot the pages reloaded to their regular prices. Very disappointing! I was expecting a price of 50%-25% but ended up with only a 25% discount.

    • As in you were wanting last weeks specials not the new ones?

      • Yea looks like he was looking at last week's prices

        • Yeah my wife had this cycle's prices sorted before we arrived.
          In store WiFi was a bit flakey but used some of my data allowance. It was worth it for 25% off! Did I mention I was tight?

  • I used this at Pitt St yesterday. It worked fine except for the human factor. When I tried to check out it told me that I needed staff intervention. It took about 5 minutes to find a staff member who could help. Apparently I was selected for a random audit and the staff had to scan 5 random items from my shopping, presumably to check that I had not helped myself to something I didn't scan. BTW, I passed.

  • Used scan&go (free Wi-Fi) at double bay store yesterday, all working fine. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Used today on items I needed and worked perfectly.

  • Works perfectly. A bit annoying for a larger shop I would think with the fumbling around with items/phone but if you are only getting a few items it works really well. Got some good clearance specials too, fresh pizzas for $1.30 and extra 25% off :D

    • For a bigger shop .. I recommend getting a second trolley and transfer from one to the other when scanning. It's the quickest way I find … (other than scanning it as you pick it up).

  • Worked a treat. Not sure why people kept harping on about the Wi-Fi since it worked fine with my 5G.

  • How many $50 shops can you make?

  • One thing to note. I have $10 WOW ready to redeem on my Everyday Rewards card but the 'Scan&Go'system does not seem to know this. It never offered me the chance to redeem them.

  • cANT login to the scan&go app.

    can receive the code via sms but keep loading after enter the code

  • Saved nearly $30 extra, so far, after 3 shopping trips. Thanks for posting the deal, OP.

  • Insanely good deal. Just saved $90 and was great to just load up bags as you shop. Huggies nappies down to $18 after 25% off discounted price.

  • Excludes: smoking and tobacco products, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, intervention items, donations, Carpet Care, Pre-order Kiosks or purchases on a charge account

    I assume Travel cards includes Opal card top ups?

  • Just bought one small value item and got randomly checked ha

    Was hoping to get Bellamy's formula milk, but it is conveniently "temporarily unavailable"…Aptamil was there though…so maybe just a coincidence. Will check regularly.

  • Sirena tuna and Darrell lea blocks good value this week.

  • How do you choose payment by gidt card? I can't find it in the app or during terminal checkout.

  • Stacked with 10% WOW Credit Card and egift card so a nice 40% discount today. Very nice.