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BlitzWolf BW-S10 30W Type-C USB-PD & QC 3.0 AU Plug Charger $9.89 US (~$14.74 AU) Delivered @ Banggood


Another AU plug charger from BlitzWolf on sale and this time it features one USB Type-C port with 30W USB Power Delivery and 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Thanks to the 30W USB-PD this is suitable for charging laptops with USB-C charging and the Nintendo Switch.

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  • I have a thinkpad and a mac book. Would both of them be chargeable by this? (not simultaneously of course) what would be the speed compared to the normal supplied chargers?

    • That all depends on the specific model of each.

    • +1

      What models and screen sizes do you have?

      • macbook pro 2017 14 inch…. Thinkpad yoga 460. The chargers that come with them are MB: 61W and TP: 45W

        • -2

          Nope, only does 30W. You need 45W and above to charge your MacBook.

          • +3

            @Sean8802: Are you sure? This will hit 20V, so I thought it should still change it, if just a bit slower?

            • +5

              @incipient: 30W would charge but not quite as fast as 45W.

        • +2

          Can confirm that it does charge MBP. If you have external screens connected and some compute intensive tasks, it won't produce enough charge to keep up though.
          The convenience is in it's compact size if you're on the go.

        • +1

          I have a BW-S11 that does PD at 30W, and it charges my T480 with extended battery without a problem, albeit slowly. So you should have no issue regarding your Yoga.

          Just bought two of these, can't beat their compact size.

  • +6

    Bought 3 of these about 20 days ago, took 2 weeks to arrive. Excellent results when charging iPhone XR and XS Max. Saves time when charging PD capable devices. USB C to Lightning cable required. Highly recommended. Can also use USB C to USB C cable to charge PD battery bank. Very happy with product. There might be GST, shipping insurance etc, with free shipping at $15 is very good price.

    • +2

      My price is inc GST with the shipping insurance unticked.

  • Good one. Plus.

  • -1

    Are these safe-ish? I bought one on eBay recently that smelled burn-y. Not branded, though.

    • +7

      BlitzWolf chargers are fine and if anything they'll run hot under load. Looking at the controller used in this charger it has all the necessary protections required for USB-PD/QC3.0.

    • Adding onto Clear's message, these also have an 18-month warranty.

      An 18-Month Warranty:
      We believe in our products, join BlitzWolf to get what you want. We back them all with an 18 months warranty and provide friendly and
      convenient support.

    • +7

      I have quite a few different blitzwolf products (chargers, cables, lighting stuff and a macro lens for phone camera) all purchased from banggood and all of their products are very good quality right down to the packaging. They really are premium quality at very affordable prices.

  • +1

    Really hope they bring back the BW-S11 with AU plug.

    • +1

      Me too. I have been eyeing off this charger from kmart which is essentially the same thing but with an extra port


      • +2

        Fairly different product. This has up to 20V which means it'll charge a lot of the larger usb devices (eg a laptop) which the kmart one wont. This also supports QC3 which will do a lot of phones noticeably faster.

        This one however does only have one port, which is annoying.

  • +7

    A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

    Or a charger with a USB-C port and a second traditional USB port…

    • +1

      belkin make one
      i bought one today at JB

      • +3

        Thanks mate - appreciated. Glad to know they exist, just not sure I'm ready to trade a kidney for one!

        • +1

          eh, it’s not that bad, reputable brand, australian retailer, warranty etc.. and if you ask for a discount they will cut some fat.. also belkin webstore does have sales semi regularly
          dodgey usb c chargers ain’t a joke
          (not implying post in OP is dodge)

          • +5

            @RR88: But for that price only usb C 5v @ 3A output is pretty lean, and no QC2/3 on the A port.

      • +2

        Nothing wrong with thr belkin one, nice and compact. But I'd of gone something like this for roughly the same price.


  • +1

    Was there one with both a usb c and regular port, or am i thinking of the car charger version?

    • +3

      BW-S11. It seems BW aren't making these ones anymore.

  • how do you enter the code? I comes up as "This coupon only applies to specific products." and does not apply discount.

    • +1

      Make sure you select the CN warehouse. The AU warehouse is not part of the promotion.

      • thanks that worked

  • Is it just a mistake that the photos say it is 24W?

    • +1

      Reusing photos as that's showing the BW-S2.

      • Got anything compatible with Oppo Super VOOC charging?

        • +1

          No chance of finding a 3rd party charger with SuperVOOC. Even VOOC/Warp charge can be a struggle.

        • You can buy the Super Vooc charger directly from Oppo Australia.
          I think it costs around AUD$35
          However AFAIK Super VOOC won't work as a WARP charger - it will do max 25Watt (5v x 5a)

  • +1

    Does anyone know a good safe / reliable charger that would simultaneously charge at full capacity Galaxy S8+ and a Samsung Chromebook Pro?

    Bonus points if it can charge a Dell XPS 15 9560 (obviously on it's own), but not essential as I've heard charging through the USB-C port on this is not amazing.

    Happy to wait for a good price for the right product.

    • What wattage is the Chromebook charger?

      If 30W or less, there is a charger brand called Yojock that manufactures a charger with a 30W USB-C PD port and a type A QC 3.0 port. I bought mine off Aliexpress.

  • +2

    any recommendations of USB-C to lightning or USB-C to USB-C cables?

    • +1

      I don't have any of these exact cables, but have plenty of the blitzwolf chargers/cables and would expect this one is very good also.


      • Any idea the difference between that one and this one:

        • I was trying to work that out also

          CL2 = Rated Current 2.4A
          CL1 = Rated Current 5V/3A Max

          CL2 = Cable Connectors USB-C Male to Lightning Male
          CL1 = Cable Connectors USB3.1 Gen2 C Male to Lightning Male

          CL2 seems like the older model, but its currently pre-order. CL1 is in stock.

          Anybody more knowledgeable on this type of thing??

  • Thanks op. But boo, I could only use once lol. Oh well!

  • Scrap my last comment, had to select CN warehouse

  • Will this work as a Nintendo Switch charger?

    • Yes, I have used this on mine. I'm getting another.

  • +2

    I have the BW-S11 (has the same C port with PD+QC3.0 and a standard USB-A). Using the C port, it chargers my Samsung Tab Pro S (AFC) very slowly.

    When I charge it using a USB-A QC 3.0 port, or a powerbank with Type A QC 3.0, it charges a lot quicker.

    I have not tested the C port on other Samsung devices, but I suspect it will be just as slow. There is something about the C port that these Samsung devices don't like, despite the devices supporting both QC and PD 2.0.

    • Just checking, are you using a cable that supports higher amps or voltage?

      • Of course. The same cable can charge my laptop at 60W.

        • Thanks champ, i was on the fence with that adaptor.

          • @XII-19: What device(s) are you looking to charge with it? I only speak for the devices I tried, not all of them. I'm sure they will play nice with other people's devices.

            What I have found is, if the device came with an A-C cable for charging, you're better off using an A-port.

    • Just looking at the pictures and specs of the EU version, it seems like only the Type C port supports PD and QC and the Type A port does not.

      • You'd be correct.

      • I'm using the type C.

        It is slow for my Samsung devices. Or at least some of them.

        Type A is faster. But I'm using the Type A ports from a different charger, one that supports QC 3.0.

        I believe AFC is based on QC 2.0, but QC 3.0 is backwards compatible with it.

  • Any benefit for Type-C chargers? I have Type-C devices and lots of A-C cables, no C-C.

    • +2

      You don't have to plug it in the wrong way first each time.

  • Trying to find an appropriate cable for this…can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 cables:



    Even the guys from BG have no idea (which doesn't really surprise me tbh)

    • +1

      Specs for each cable from the BlitzWolf Site:

      Difference in Wire Gauge, Rated Current, and Cable Connectors (USB3.1 Gen2 vs USB-C)

      • Which would you buy?

        • +5

          If you're only using for charging, then the BW-CL2 is sufficient (and cheaper).

          If you planning on Charging + Data Transfer then the BW-CL1 would be best (assuming your laptop/desktop supports USB3.1 Gen2)

          • +2

            @RichardL: Thanks mate! Very helpful, go to bed!

          • @RichardL:

            (assuming your laptop/desktop supports USB3.1 Gen2)

            Just so you know USB 3.1 Gen 2 is now known as USB 3.2 Gen 2.

  • 30 watt PD?
    Call me when it can do 45 watt PD

    • +3

      Waiting the Blitzwolf BW-PL4 with AU Plug, which does 45W PD.

      • Me too. That's a great charger.

      • This is the one I'm waiting for to go cheap. 60W USB-PD in one port and 18W in the other. Next cheapest is Amazon US at $59.99 US but won't ship to Aus 😭

        • I've been eyeing that Helpers Lab one too, hopefully it goes on sale soon!

        • +2

          Jesus. I still keep thinking you're jv whenever I see your posts.

      • That's expensive. Might as well get a charging station that will do 60W and have some type A ports. Price would not be much extra.

      • Get the Xiaomi Mi 3-way power board and you could plug these directly in without an AU plug.

    • I have a Xiaomi 45W one, which runs very well.

      • That's what I've got, plugged into a Xiaomi power strip…house is yet to burn down, so it must be due.

  • Give me 2.5amps for the new Rasi Pi and you have a deal, blitzwolf!

    • Will it? I'm thinking of getting it for the rPI 4. It's been having a bit of a sulk at me for using an old Galaxy S3 charger…

      • +1

        No, this one's only 2 Amps, alas.

  • I bought this one instead: BASEUS Speed PPS Intelligent Power-off Digital Display Quick Charger PD3.0+QC3.0 45W (Type-C+USB), not AU plug, but I have adapter.


    Postage is about $7.xx, so I decided to buy 2x and make the postage to $9.xx, and also applied the $2 Off $20+ code 19Q3TVC2U. In the end is $52.52 total for 2 of them.

    • Since that has PPS it should charge the new Samsung S10 series at 25W when paired with an e-marked cable. Would be interesting to see.

      Downside is no AU plug of course.

      • Received them today, only has Samsung Note 9 in hand. Tested and runs well. Will test the 45W charging for my laptop tonight.

    • I like the look. And it seems cheap. Has a voltage reading. Does it also have current and power readings?

      If so, I might want to get one for traveling since it has no AU plug.

      Is this site trustable?

      • It reads Voltage and current, and also can setup the charging hours.

        I never ordered from this seller before, but it seems already running for years. Anyway I paid through Paypal so sould be protected.

  • Picked up one of the $20 Kmart 2 port USB-A and 1 port USB-C chargers today.

    So far so good.

  • Has this expired? Code says 'This coupon only applies to specific products'

    • Still valid. Make sure you choose the CN warehouse and not the AU warehouse.

      • Amazing, thank you!

  • +2


    No-fluff benchtop review of the BW-S10.

    TL;DR: it exceeds all the specs for delivering power, and consumes zero watts in standby.

    Kinda jealous of his test kit, TBH

    • It's already bad a bad charger because it uses Quick Charge (aka non compliant) proprietary charging method.
      Quick charge sends power to the connector before any resistor or draw is connected to it. Other issue with quick charge is that it will output the same voltage from the previous device (at t=0), so if I plugged it to a 20v/3a laptop, then into my phone, the instant I plug it to the phone it will experience 20V, hence destroying the phone too.
      Avoid QC, stick with usb PD.

  • +1

    I am getting - Coupons can not be used on the products labeled with the “PROMO” or “VIP” tag." when trying to apply the code :(

    Am I doing anything wrong?

  • Anyone with exp dealing Banggood customer service?
    My BW-S10 arrived dead, cannot charge any device. I was asked to post a photo and a video after contacting [email protected]. I recorded a video with my iPhone Xs Max. Here's the reply from Cheniller:
    It is for iPhone 8 8 Plus X. Hope for your understanding.
    After checking, we find that the product you received is in correspondence with the one we selling in our site.
    So sorry about that, for this case, you buy wrong item, so we could only send BG points or 6%Coupon to you.
    So BW-S10 is not compatible with Xs Max?
    I replied that I tested it again with iPhone 8 and it doesn't work neither. Cheniller kept sending me the same message as above, saying I bought a wrong item.
    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    • PayPal dispute

      • Thanks, unfortunately used CC to pay. Very good lesson.

        • You can do a dispute with your CC.

  • mine just arrived toay

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