expired Easy off Bam Power Cleaner Universal Degreaser Spray 500ml $2.50 @ Woolworths


Hahahaha i am getting old :(

Who gets excited to see Easy off bam half price? sigh! When you live with grubs this stuff is gold. You degrease the car so why not degrease the kitchen?

The rest of the spray range seems to be half price also.

Easy off bam power Cleaner Universal Degreaser Spray Is the best cleaner for dirt and grease in the kitchen just don't use on stainless surfaces learnt that one the hard way.

Easy Off Bam Soap Scum & Shine Trigger 500ml

Easy Off Bam Bathroom Cleaner With Bleach 500ml

Easy Off Bam Bathroom Cleaner Active Foam Lemon Zing 390g

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    You've changed

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    Ohh it's "BAM"… All this while I've been thinking it's 8AM


    This doesn’t work.


    Who uses this for cars? And which part of the car would you use this?

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      Why not get SCA $1 degreaser cans instead?
      Any surface which gets icky, cleaning small fluid leaks or spills, cleaning oil dip stick handle for example.

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      Any degreaser will be okay for cars. Funnily enough the bottle shows a push bike crank being cleaned. Should work good to clean up oil and grease in the engine bay.
      You can also use it on wheels should help take of brake dust. Try to avoid the paint.

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      I would use it in the boot to transport it from the supermarket to my kitchen.

      Aggressive cleaners have no place on cars which can have sensitive paint or trim. You should always use the least aggressive method first. You wouldn't clean a TV with bleach but you might use an ammonia free window cleaner.

      You can buy degreasers like Meguiars D108 4L can be mixed from 10:1 to 1:1 for $50

      Optimum Power cleaner is a better option again.

      Or my favourite CarPro Multi X. I use it mostly at 10:1. It is design for and safe on all car pain and trims


        Ooops…I was thinking of using it diluted as a degreaser instead of IPA before ceramic coating on the paint.

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    does anyone know how to actually clean the grout in between tiles in the bathroom? I need something to work on that, i can never quite get it as clean as i would like. Most annoying thing to clean in the house.


    so spray on stoves and grease gone?


    Prefer wham bam

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    good for KFC zinger pies


    Any ideas for a good cleaner for SS? Thanks for the post, but I usually get by with just dishwashing detergent for most stuff but I’ll admit that something for the oven top would be nice after it gets covered in oil.


    Do these things work? I'm considering getting a set of this.

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    Dish-washing liquid and white vinegar does the best trick on shower screens and tile grout for me.
    Mix them 1:1, microwave it for a min (not sure if this is needed… but that activation!?), spread it everywhere and let it sit for an hour, then light sponge scrub and rinse away.
    This always seems to work significantly better than any spray stuff I've tried - including BAM products.


    Billy Mays here, with another fantastic product!!


    will drinking these de-grease my arteries?


    Thinking this would work well on my SS BBQ. Thoughts?


    Will this clean rust? They do a dip a coin test in the commercial

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