expired Dell XPS 8930 Desktop i7-9700 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 2TB HDD GTX 1660ti $1519.20, with RTX 2060 $1679.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


This is an excellent home all-rounder computer. Pretty good at gaming (not awesome). Awesome at home office, photo editing, video editing. Ok at Chrome… ;)

Best of all, it doesn't look garish like many "gaming" pcs.

You couldn't build a computer like this for this price.

With RTX2060: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-XPS-8930-Desktop-9th-Gen-Co...

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      I saw that, but for people who don't game (like me), the extra $160 isn't worth it imo because the 1660ti is already overkill.

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        why are you spending $1500 on a pc if you don't game

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          Decent photo and video editing requires good CPU, SSD and ram, and an ok graphics card.


            @mooturner: Is GTX or RTX better for photoshop/illustrator/premiere?

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              @blaze: From what I've read, a basic graphics card is good enough. There is a pretty decent jump from onboard graphics to a discrete card, but then jumping up to a top of the line RTX has diminishing returns.

              So, to answer the question, the RTX will be better, but not noticeably. The bottleneck for the Adobe suite is the CPU.

              Again, this is just from what I've read. I don't have an RTX. My recent build was just a 1650 because I figured I didn't need anything more.


                @mooturner: Thanks for explaining it. Bought a previous generation of one of these PCs 8700k + gtx 1060 and it’s sluggish on big 2d graphics (big Illustrator etc) files. Did all sorts of stuff to improve performance like checking drivers, windows settings, app settings, installing an extra 32gb of ram without luck. Just wondering wtf you’re supposed to do to get good performance for this sort of thing. Only thing I can think is a faster nvme but again it seems like a bandaid that might not work.

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    But I've added it in the 2060 in case ppl want it :)

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    16GB RAM

    Not sure if enough for Chrome


    Not bad.
    Currently doing a build of:
    Ryzen 3700X = $400 - $460 (depending on cashback)
    MSI Mortar Max = $150
    G.Skill 32Gb RAM 3600Mhz CL16 = $313
    V21 Core case = $90
    Corsair 1100W PSU = $110
    M.2 SSD = existing (hopefully the existing Windows 10 can be activated on the new mobo?)
    Vega 64 = existing
    Fans = yet to buy

    If I didn't have an existing GPU, would have jumped on this.


      Yeah, I did a build last month with a crapper graphics card for a few hundred more than this. The CPU and GPU alone is almost $1k.

      To be fair I bought top tier in each category… but still… generic vs top tier doesn't matter much to performance specs.


        Top spec has faster RAM and better cooling and durability.
        Top spec should last longer?


          Better ram makes minimal difference for Intel.

          Maybe lasts longer… but the warranty isn't necessarily any better, so not sure.

          I just like having a good brand for each component. But if this deal had been around when I built my compy I probably would have gotten this and saved the couple of hundred.

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    You couldn't build a computer like this for this price.

    Hmm if you put your mind to it I think you can and save $180…

    516 i7 9700
    473 RTX 2060 6G
    110 16GB Kit 2666
    75 480GB
    85 2TB HDD
    95 80+ Gold
    100 Mobo
    50 Case
    1,504 Total


      Well played.


      • Windows and optical drive (if you care about one).

      Also, this is nvme. Can you get 500gb nvme for $75?

      Plus the hassle of having to deal with many different retailers.

      But still, well played.

        • Optical drive $20
        • Windows 10 license (ebay) $10

        Still save $150.

        You sure the SSD is nvme? It says m.2 (which could be sata).

        The dell is going to come with a weak PSU with proprietary cables, locked down motherboard, and the shittiest most generic GPU that money can buy.

        If you have the time, it's easily worth building the better system and saving money.


          "512GB PCIe M.2 Class 40 SSD". Pretty sure that's NVME.

          Is $10 eBay Windows licence legit? I thought the cheapest legal copy you can buy is around $100.

          I agree with you re the generic parts. But you can buy extended warranty if you're worried about that.

          Not everyone has the know how or patience or time to build own. Plus they want the peace of mind knowing that if anything breaks they don't have to trouble shoot each component themselves.



            Not everyone has the know how or patience or time to build own.

            You couldn't build a computer like this for this price.



            @mooturner: Depends what you mean by legit. It will activate fine, but it's being sold outside of its licence terms (it will be a volume licence of some kind). Microsoft might deactivate it at a later date, and would be within their rights to.

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        512Gb NVMe is $23 more. Still have plenty of change from the $180 variance

        Windows and optical drive

        Windows? have you seen the techfast deals? Optical drive? Lol you are too funny

        Well played.

        ERR no. I think you just lost

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        And a warranty.


    any idea what mobo these use? are there 2 free ram slots?
    details list 3 drive bays, but how manay sata ports free?

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      From specs page:
      Up to 4 total 3 HDD/1 SSD; ODD
      4x PCIe expansion slots (x1, x1, x4, x16)
      4x DIMM slots (supports up to 64GB)

      Not sure how many spare sata ports there are. Pretty sure the ram is 2x8, so there should be 2 free ram slots.


        thanks mate.
        So hard to decide. Had started buying parts for an r5 3600 1660 build, but with the Ti here hard to resist..

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    I bought one with a RTX 2060 a couple of days ago. Compared to the Dell website price of $3,099, this is a bargain even without the 20% off. With that as well, this a stone cold winner.


    mainly for photo/video editing, but which one is better? the RTX version of this one or this


    How many FPS will you get on Minesweeper?

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    Bought a couple of months ago and returned. Got super loud under load and CPU temps hit above 95. (Apex Legends, Video rendering)
    Other than that thought it was good value for money.
    looked for solutions first but tough case to change fan or add water cooling. Google it.

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      I also read about this issue upon researching this before purchase. I discovered that nearly all the complaints related to the previous 8930 model (often referred to as “special edition”) and weren’t relevant to this configuration.

      There is apparently an upgrade in fans that occurred when Dell started using the K versions of CPUs and although this model isn’t a K version, it’s at the higher (highest?) end of the XPS range and as such comes with the same kind of fan you can see if you search “XPS 8930 sound update” on YouTube.


    What a computer would need to be excellent with Chrome?


    Dell or Lenovo?

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