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20% off Amazon Echo Devices (Stacks with Other Discounts: e.g. 2x Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $47.40 Delivered) Per Account @ Amazon AU


Kit your home or office out with the latest Amazon Echo listening devices/digital assistants by applying TELSTRAECHO promotion code at checkout.

Note: The prices of Echo devices are fluctuating. It was a historical all-time low for Echo Show 5 & Echo Show 2nd Gen yesterday. Today, due to a bug, an insane historical low price of $47.40 for two Echo Dot 3rd Gen, equivalent to $23.70 each.

Device Was After 20% discount
Echo Dot 3rd Gen (2 for 1 offer) $79 $47.40 ($23.70 each)
Echo 2nd Gen $140 $112
Echo Plus 2nd Gen $229 $183.20
Echo Spot $135 $108.20
Echo Show (bonus Philips Hue White bulb) $349 $279.20

Echo Show 2nd Gen on 3/9 was $299 discounted to $239.20
Echo Show 5 on 3/9 was $109 discounted to $87.20

Evidently it can stack organically with Amazon discounts but also check other discount stacks eg. CashRewards further 10% cashback available tonight (5/9) on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481708 may apply.

Terms and Conditions
TELSTRAECHO will apply until 11:59pm 16th September 2019 or while stocks last. See www.amazon.com.au/telstraecho for full terms & conditions.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen 2 for 1 offer valid until the earlier of 11.59pm AEST 30 September 2019 or while stocks last. https://www.amazon.com.au/b?node=6649494051

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  • It’s not working at my end

  • Hmmm, 2x echo 3rd for $47 😱

  • For clarity on my post above, it appears Amazon AU can't handle the processing of a BOGOF stacked with a % discount.

    2x Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $47.40
    Proof: https://imgur.com/nvYFFRe

    1x Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $63.20

    World's great eCommerce store, right?

  • Just purchased 2 x dot for $47, not bad.

  • Worked like a charm. Christmas gift for the in-laws solved. Thanks OP.

    • Ho ho ho.. Santa Bezos listening in, knows you've been naughty getting stacked discounts.. but nice of you to buy his products :)

  • Wow thanks …
    2 Echo Dots 3rd gen for $47 fantastic.

  • +1 vote

    Not sure Alexa is as useful as google assistant, but at 23.70 each it's worth a try. I got 1 white and 1 gray.

  • Are there any users that have them ? I got two but have a feeling they are going deaf most of the time I have to repeat my self twice. It is not a bad device when it works. I am hoping the larger one that supports zigbee will be cheaper near Christmas now have to pay off credit card before starting shopping again.

    • So they are useless? Maybe I should cancel my order

    • I have an Echo Dot 2 that can hear me in an obscure location from 2 rooms away (doors open). It's hugely helpful compared to Google Assistant on my phone.

      I've also been using Alexa Guard this week and tested the glass breaking alerts with success (not by breaking actual glass but playing the sound of it :-)

      Only complaint with Echo Dot 2 is the sound quality isn't as good as a Google Home Mini but this is meant to be improved with the 3.

      I also use the Just Watch skill to help demistify which streaming service has what content!

  • Awesome for that price how do you say no

  • FYI this appears to be a single-use code, make sure you get all you want in the one hit (or use multiple accounts).

    I suspect CashRewards won't pay out given the code is not listed on their website, YMMV.

  • make sure to tick the "this is a gift" box in case you want to gift. or it will come pre-connected to your amazon account.

    • Seriously?

      • Nope. It doesn’t come pre-connected at all.

        • +1 vote

          I made two separate purchases previously. My second order were already preset up with names on my Alexa app before they arrived at my door.

    • I didn't believe it at first either, but sirrobin is correct. My two dots from this deal arrived and already set up with my alexa account. As they weren't gifts, this was actually pretty handy.

  • bought two for $37. ( Used 10 dollar promotional code of Timex watch price error)

  • For home automation is this better or Google hub?
    Keep in mind I have an android phone

    • Far better IMO. Quicker responses to commands and mics are more sensitive and pick up voice easier and from further away than Google Home Hubs and Mini’s. I have both.

    • Not sure if it has changed since I tried them both, but the Google Home has an annoying feature of repeating your command as confirmation. Echo's can be set to a simple acknowledgement tone.


    OMG! I added 2 into my cart with my phone, then decided to use my laptop to go into cashrewards to buy to save additional 10%, and it was shown as cancelled! Thank God those 2 in my cart can still be purchased! Now it's gone!


      EDIT: I take it back. It is working again!

      • Cashrewards may not work cause code isn’t listed on their site.

        BUT - ShopBack is 8% guaranteed on Echo devices. I’d rather a guaranteed 8% than take a punt on 10%.

  • Can add it to my chart in android app. $47.40.

  • Thanks OP!
    Ordered 2x Echo Dot (although I already have a 1st gen and 2 Home mini haha)

  • I just got 2 echo dots… the main colour was gone, so I picked one of the other colours. Ended up being about $42 (thanks to the $5 credit from that Timex watch fiasco from last time).

  • I caved in..cheers OP bought 2 x Echo Dots.

  • Charcoal's back in stock. Charcoal or white..

  • Great deal! Grabbed a couple more echo dots. Great for dropping in to different rooms with Alexa.

  • can someone explain to me the difference between an echo dot and an echo? or what actually is an echo dot?

  • Just grabbed two. Regards on the spying issue… I mostly speak Mandarin at home, I wonder could it be a way to get away from its constant ear dropping?

    • If you happen to live in China, this certainly won't be an issue.

      • I believe we've got other stuff listening to us in China… but I currently live in Sydney

  • is the $47.40 for two echo dots still working?

  • What do you guys use it for? I can only think of using it for my hue lights and dyson fan. Anything else useful?

    • One in the bathroom to reduce family pinkeye outbreaks

    • My bedroom alarm clock… so you don't have to be annoyed by a bright clock in the room, you just ask for the time :) Plus I use the "rain sounds" sleep skill :)

  • Anyone know if it's worth pairing echo dots in stereo? I'd imagine that both of the speakers firing 360 degrees would mess with the stereo imaging to some extent

    • I haven’t tried stereo pairing yet cause my 1st gen Dots don’t support it but I would say that once they’re paired in stereo depending on which one you choose for left and right channel, the sound output would be adjusted to compensate. That’s the first thing i’ll be trying once my pair of 3rd gens arrive, though.

      • What do you think of the echo dots in stereo? I'm noticing a lot of tradeoffs. Haven't made up my mind about keeping them as a pair or putting them in different rooms. They do seem to keep firing 360 degrees in stereo unfortunately, which makes room acoustics a big factor

        • If you want good sound from the Echo Dots, simply connect a good pair of speakers to one Echo Dot with an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth. My pair of Echo Plus with Echo Sub is easily beaten by my Echo Dot connected to a mini stereo system.

  • Can Echos be connected within the sam system of Google Homes, or we have to choose between them to build up the ecosystem?

    • Depends what your aim is. If purely for smart home integration with switches and lights. Echos are the way to go IMO. Their microphones are more sensitive and can hear you much easier than Google Homes and are quicker to activate the commands.

      If you have YouTube Music and are after the finer detailed knowledge functions along with music integration, Google might be the way to go, though Alexa isn’t that far behind either.

      We have a mixture of both Dots and Mini’s plus a Nest Hub and Echo Plus. We mainly use them turning on lights and switches but if we were to have our time again, we’d probably stick with the Echos.

      I also have YouTube Music with a Chromecast Audio plugged into the Echo Plus for streaming music to the Plus.

      • Thanks for the detailed feedback, so they are both able to stream youtube music.

        I have two home mini, bought two echo dots, have two hue lights but not really using them much … Got home hub from the last ebay plus sale and using youtube music, guess it's a better option for me to stick with google home system then despite echo dot turns to be a better hardware.

        I also found google home is able to integrate with Mi home therefore I can control my robot vacuum, not sure if amazon echo have such option as well?

        • Echo’s can’t stream YouTube music over wifi except with a Chromecast audio plugged in. You can connect via Bluetooth though and stream YouTube music that way.

          You can definitely connect your vacuum to Alexa as I have Mi Robotic vacuum too and can tell Alexa to start the vacuum etc.

          • @Slave1: Can you ask Alexa to play music from youtube music?

            I already connect chromecast audio to a hifi system so that is sorted. Just thinking voice activated would be cool

            • @bheart: I don’t believe you can. You’d still need to tell Google to play on the Chromecast Audio. I guess in that case the Echo is just playing the dumb speaker role.

        • There is a Alexa Skill for Mi Home. It works with my Mi Robot Vacuum. I understand it has limited functionally, saying 'start' doesn't work but saying 'turn on' does. I think the skill treats it the same as if it was a switch.

  • Got my shipped email

    Thanks OP

  • Same, mine has been shipped …

  • After being a smart home skeptic for a loooong time, I'm in for two. Let's see.

  • Does anyone have a screenshot or a receipt for the Echo Show 5 at $87.20? I'd like to make a price protection claim on my credit card, but the basic price has increased from $109.

  • I put the discount code on and it's coming up as $63.20. How did you guys get it to $47? Takes $15.80 off $79 with code above

  • Bought 2 Echo Dot's. Excellent value and a great gift idea. George Orwell didn't predict that we would willingly pay to be monitored by big brother!

    • He certainly didn't predict that I would spend 45 frustrating minutes setting up my two Echo dots for the privilege of being monitored.

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

  • Ordered 2 again for 47.4$ with the second account for my friend. Code can be used only once per account.

  • Def still valid, friend acc worked

  • Just worked for 4 echo dots in a single order for $94.80. Not sure if 4 of the same colour would work. I ordered 2 white, 2 grey.

  • Brickwall supposed tb 1000 uses in total by all

  • I use home mini but wouldn't mind to try. Any echo dot 3gs <35 AU I wonder.